Tuesday 27 February 2024

Hello from Winnie

Winnie: Well, it has taken me a while to convince Mum
to help me blog. Good thing too as she had to remember how
to do things on a laptop as opposed to a desktop.
I am not sure what that means as I am  cat.
Anyway, she finally got this post done.

Life is pretty good and we are enjoying ourselves.
Still no pics of my housemates but Mum says
there will be in the next post.

I will make sure to remind her.
After all, it seems she needs the practice! MOL!!!


Saturday 24 February 2024

Winnie trying to have a quiet drink

Winnie: I am enjoying a nice drink of water.
Mum is in the background fussing with the laptop.
Apparently, using it is a bit different than using a desktop.
It is taking her longer to figure this blogging
thing out.
Guess that happens when you don't blog for a while.
Anyway she finally got it so here I am.

                          Here's hoping we can do this more frequently...I like seeing all of you!

Friday 16 February 2024

Hello again from Winnie

Winnie: Hi all! Mum finally got around to helping me
with this blog. I think she is enjoying this human thing
called retirement.I am liking it too a I get to have my
purrson home all the time!

                                                       This place sure beats the SPCA !
                                                       Things are going a bit more slowly with the two
                                                       cats here. We are not best pals, but we are
                                                        not fighting either. We are all just enjoying life.
                                                        I really look forward getting mum to help me visit 
                                                        with you. It is such fun to see SO many cool cats
                                                        and other critters :)
                                                        I just have to get mum to do this more often!
                                                       So, until next time...cheers!

Sunday 11 February 2024

Playtime with Winnie!


                                                                  Winnie: Hi friends! 
                                                                    It has been fun with mum.
She is getting more used to the laptop, but her
senior brain does not wish to help her getting 
things done smoothly. MOL!
We are having FUN and I am really liking my
new home.
                                                       I am really liking playtime too!!
                                        Now all I need to do is get her to post more often.
                                                         That's something we both want.
                                          OK,that will do for now...I gotta play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!