Saturday 31 October 2020

Friday 30 October 2020

Happy Halloween Weekend!


Julie: Happy Friday my friends.It is Friday again and
mum will be home for the weekend.
Not just any weekend's Halloween weekend!
A purrfect time for we black cats!.
I am helping mum with the computer to get things done.

I am happy that mum's desk is not too messy.
That would be embarrassing to show and there is
room for me to sit and guide her.
Why she is complaining I don't know.
She seems to think I am in her way and that she cannot 
see the monitor. Pickey, pickey!

Anyway,we are happy that Halloween is on the weekend.
There will also be a full moon too!
It will be quiet at our place(it always is) as we are
on a road with few houses  and no streetlights.
We are the first house and we can see the main road.
Down that road from us is another road that goes up a hill 
to a trailer park. That is probably why we never get any
trick or treaters ;)
That's OK, as I do not like scary people coming to the door.
I will be happy to just have mum with me.
Together we will have FUN!

We wish you all a Happy Halloween!
Be sure to have FUN!!!!

Monday 26 October 2020

Julie's Sunny Weekend

Julie: We had a really nice  weekend!
Saturday did have a bit of rain.
 Sunday was the sunny and perfect for.laying 
in the sunbeams!
Here I am in the kitchen window.

This was on the porch! 
What a great place for relaxing and snoozing.
The sunbeams were so cozy and warm.

I also spent some time window gazing.
It is fun to watch the birds even if I would
rather chase them. Heh,heh,heh!

 I got lots of scritches and belly rubs.It was a great weekend
and I am a lucky cat to have so many great spots where
I can relax and snooze and play.
I hope your weekend was good too !

Friday 23 October 2020

Finally Friday with Julie!

Julie: I am waiting for my treats and mum wants 
to take pictures.

I am not one that likes to pose, but sometimes I
humour her.She gets her pictures and I get my
treats! I really like treats.

So, I posed. You may give me my treats now.

A cat could get used to this.
Maybe I will suggest a good brushing session
or maybe some belly rubs or both.
I do love belly rubs! That is such FUN!!!

Do you like belly rubs?
 Maybe scritches,pats or hugs.
Whatever your pleasure, I hope you enjoy some
this weekend  and that you all have FUN!!

Monday 19 October 2020

Julie in the Sunshine!

Julie: October is moving along quite nicely.
The weather has been pretty good and there has been
lots of sunshine. I like sunshine.It feels so good
on my black furs. The view from this window is 
nice and I get to watch the birds at the feeders.

I also like being on the porch. The sun is strong
there as well and I have a comfy place to sit.
There are also lots of windows if I want to watch what
is going on outdoors. It is a good life I have
and I know I am a lucky cat.

From the bedroom at the back of the house I can see 
the deck.There are a lot of trees there.
Maybe that is why the squirrels like it so much too.
I would still like to chase them,but mum says "No"
Oh well. Such is the life of an indoor cat.

 Happy Monday friends!

Friday 16 October 2020

Profiles and Poses with Julie

Julie: Mum sometimes is sneaky with the camera.

She aims it and I am not always sure I am the target.

Sometimes I am farther away and don't think she is framing me!


When I know she has the camera, I often do not look.
I figure she only wants my face. I am wrong.
She says my profile is nice and she likes the contrast
of my black furs against a background.

She even likes my ears!
How about that!?

OK mum, I will look right at you and that camera.
After all, I must say "Hi" to my friends.
Now we can get on with the business of starting this
I may even do more posing!
How about you? What are your plans for the weekend?


Be sure to have FUN with whatever you choose to do!! 

Friday 9 October 2020

Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada!!

Julie: Try as I might, mum will not let me out.
I really do  not know what  being "dark outside"
has to do with me !
What do you think?

Since I can't go out, perhaps you could give me
some treats, or play with me, or give me some
belly rubs! I am actually easy to please.
I vote for treats and belly rubs.

This weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada.
Mum will be spending Thanksgiving Monday
with family, but I am sure she will bring me some
special treats.Yes, I think I like turkey.
It tastes like chicken,right? I like chicken.
I like the extra mum day and so does mum.
So! Let's get this weekend started!!!!!!!!!

Best of all, it will be FUN!!!!

Monday 5 October 2020

Freedom for Some, But Not Me!

Julie: Mum, I want to go out!

 How come I can't go out?
Being busy is not much of an answer you know!

Mr Chipmink was surrounded by lots of birds!

Later in the afternoon, mum heard a noise on the deck
as she was working on the computer.This is what she saw!
A deer!!!!

This is the first time mum has seen a deer on the deck.
It did not seem to notice her taking pictures.
It was quite calm.

I still think I should be allowed out.

Friday 2 October 2020

Finally Friday with Julie!!

Julie: I'm sitting on mum's desk helping her to do my post.
Humans require lots of direction and I need to make
sure she does as I wish.

I am pretty happy with what she does.
She managed to get some decent pictures of me.
We are both looking forward t the weekend.
We are happy that it is October, a month good
for black cats ! MOL!!!!
 OK mum, let's get this FUN started!

 I hope you all have a FUN weekend.
What will you be doing?