Friday 28 April 2023

I love getting scritches!!!!!

The crow says "Thanks for the seeds human!"

Julie: I love this mat!
When I want to get scritches or a good brushing
this is where I go!

OK Mum!
Enough with the pictures!
Grab that brush and brush my furs!
OK Julie, since you said please :)

Scritches feel SO good!
Mum is good to spoil me too!

has sadly crossed his Bridge

Monday 24 April 2023

Good spots for taking pictures!

Julie: I like to help mum do my blog.
She complains that I sometimes get in the way!
Can you imagine?!!!
I need to  be sure she is doing it properly.

I also have this nice spot where I go to get
a nice nap or  a good brushing.
Getting brushed  really feels good!
Do you like getting brushed?

Sunshine on panther furs feels SO good!
I often lay here or in the kitchen window.
The kitchen window is better as it is in the kitchen(mol)
and the views are better.

 This is one of my views. 
A groundhog. About this time of year we will often
see groundhog babies. None so far, but they have been out
more often lately so  we might  get do see
littles ones. They are timid critters so
mum has to be sneaky to get any pics.
Usually I see ducks.

 If we see any other cool critters we will  try to get a picture.
If not, there will always be ME !

Monday 17 April 2023

Waiting for warm, sunny weather!

Julie: We have had a mixed weekend.
It was sunny and cloudy and there was
rain in the forecast for Sunday evening and into today.
I got to sit out for a bit, but it was kinda cool.

It is pretty hard to see but there is a duck
by the tree and she is enjoying some seed. She blends
in well with the surroundings as nothing
is out yet and things are still brown. Also, it is overcast.
Sometimes we see deer!

I often sit on Mums desk when she is at it looks good her 
computer. I can give her some help when she
 is doing the blog. I like to be sure it looks good. 

It will be a bit rainy until mid-week so I guess
I will have to  be content to stay inside.
I hope the rain makes the grass grow.
I cannot wait to have some nice tender, juicy
blades from the lawn!
Mum and I also look forward to the temps
going up and  feeling the warm rays of the sun.
For now, we can both look out the window and watch 
the ducks, chickadees and squirrels and maybe a deer or two.

Friday 14 April 2023

Happy Friday with Julie !

Julie: As you can see, we have had some pretty nice days!

It is nice to sit on this windowsill and feel the sun
on my black furs!

I also like to sit on mum's lap and get scritches
and cuddles.
I must say, my life is pretty good and pretty soon
there will be nice juicy blades of grass!!


Monday 10 April 2023

Sunshine feels great!!

Julie: Oh boy! The sun was really nice this weekend!

It was pretty warm too and I loved the heat on my
black furs!
It is so nice that the days are getting longer and warmer.
That means the grass will grow too!

While I wait for things to green up more, I can watch the birds 
at the feeder. It is hard to tell in this picture, but
there is a chickadee  at the feeder.
They really like the seeds.

We also get ducks. They like seeds too so mum
puts seed on the ground for them.
She will have to be sneaky to get those pictures !
I think I will relax here for a good while!

Friday 7 April 2023

Deer in my yard!!

Julie: Spring in Nova Scotia is unpredictable.
We can have multiple seasons in a couple
of days. We had a snow day...

Then a sunny day. That brought out the viscous deer!
I wad glad to ne indoors!
Mum assures me that deer do not eat cats.
All the same, I was happy to be inside as
those deer are way bigger than me!

They had some fun near the birdfeeder.
There was seed on the ground.

After a while, they decided to go back to 
their home in the woods.

I think they will be back at some point!
I will be watching!


Monday 3 April 2023

Waiting for the lawn to grow!

Note: Blogger has decided that this post needs a warning
because I mentioned "Grass". I am only referring to the lawn!

Julie: We had a pretty good weekend. 
It was nice and there was sunshine.
I even sat outside for a bit.
I still have to wait for the grass to grow in the yard.
It is getting nice and green and soon it will be ready to taste!
Yes, I do love eating fresh blades of grass!!!

While I am indoors, I like to lay on my mat.
That is the signal for mum to brush my furs.
I live getting brushed as it feels SO good!
Just like a body massage!

The sun and warmer temps mean that the green grass
will start growing faster. I cannot wait for some
fresh ,new tasty grass!!!
I am excited and mum is too because that means 
warmer weather is coming!
Today is nice and sunny but mum says
I will have to wait for Friday to see it again.

Yup! There is rain for the middle of the week.
Oh well, rain does make the grass grow!

Sunday 2 April 2023

Spring means crazy weather!

Julie: Well, Spring is here!
Our weather is crazy. Sunny one day,
snow the next
then rain the following day!

Saturday was rainy.

Today is a mix of rain and maybe some sun.
The week ahead will be rain and sun.
At least there is no snow in the forecast!!
I really want that grass to start growing!