Friday 31 December 2021

Julie says Happy New Year!

Julie: So, mum says that this year is coming
to an end tonight. Tomorrow will be a 
new year after midnight. 2022 in fact!
As  a cat, I tend to not pay.
 attention to such things.
All I know is the humans tend to celebrate.
I suspect that there may be some
travel in the works too.
Mum has a birthday next week and is
taking a few days off and that will be the travel.
I am  not crazy about travel, but as long as I am with
mum I am happy!

So! To all of you I say...

 You just know that will be FUN!!!!

Friday 24 December 2021

Merry Christmas from Julie

Julie: Mum and I wish all of you a very

I am sure it will be FUN!

Monday 20 December 2021

Christmas is getting closer!

Julie: I am trying really hard to  imitate the light block.
It is a contrast between light (the block) and dark (me)

With all the presents mum has wrapped, they are
taking up space on my table!
I hope mum leaves room for me so I can
still get my brushings!

Our little tree with some presents.
We don't put up a big tree as we do not spend
Christmas here.
Oh noes! I bet that means travel for me!

Gee, in the dark, the light from the tree shines through
the little pewter fireplace.

Once again we are getting snow.
It is gently falling and the flakes are big.
There is a saying here "big snow 
 little snow"
That means that when the flakes are large, the snowfall
amount is not very large.
Mum calls this broom snow as she can sweep it
away with a broom.
Small flakes usually mean deep snow.
We will have temps above 0C this week
before it cools off by Christmas Eve.
There may be snowflurries on Christmas Day.
Mum and I will already be where we need to be
for Christmas.
Dang, I think that means road trip!

Friday 17 December 2021

Hanging with Mum!

Julie: Gee, mum's desk is a bit messy.
At least there is room for me to sit.

Sometimes I need to sit here to remind her that
she needs to pay more attention to ME!

 Good thing that is not hard.
Mum likes giving me attention...and scritches,
and kisses and hugs and... OK, you get the idea
...she loves me !
Well, I am a lovable girl and I love mum too!
I love to  be near her all the time. OK, most of the time.
We both enjoy being together because it is FUN!!
We both like FUN too!

I purr you all have a FUN weekend!

Monday 13 December 2021

Wild Weather Weekend!

Julie: Guess what? Saturday night we had a big
thunder and lightning show! It rained pretty hard too.
the rain lasted so long (overnight) that it took away all the 

How about that?
Mum thought it was OK and I bet the birds that come 
to the feeders liked it too.

I don't think anything would keep Earl the Squirrel away 
from the seeds though. Critters still
have to eat...right?

When we had the big snow, I showed you a 
picture of a "snow bird"  on the railing of the back deck.
It was on Friday's post.

Our pawsome friend and fabulous artist
Ann(Zoolatry )  saw it and made this
fabulous arty picture!!!
It's really cool right?!!
Mum and I really like it too!
Thank you Ann !!!!!

 This week will be sun, some rain near the end of the week
 and Saturday...flurries.
It's that time of year when the weather is cooling off
and  winter is coming.
 For now, we will enjoy as many snow free days as 
we can get!!!

Friday 10 December 2021

Lots of Snow!!!

Julie: Guess what? We had a snowstorm Thursday night!
Mum was glad to be home before it got bad.
So was I.

This is what it looked like in the morning!
Lots of snow! 
Mum was glad it was light and not heavy and wet.
She said it was not too bad for shoveling.

The snow did not stop the Earl the Squirrel!
He just burrows through the snow.
He really wants the seeds mum puts out.
So do the chickadees.

In the afternoon, the sun came out.
Mum and I saw a really strange bird!!!

OK, it was the way the snow covered the end cap on the deck
but the cap is not that high!!!
I think it really looks like a snowbird!
 Today is sunny, but we will have rain for the weekend.
Yup, strange weather  in Nova Scotia!
Strange weather, but this weekend mum and I will
be sure to have FUN !!!!


Monday 6 December 2021

Snowfall !

Julie: Good morning friends!
As you can see, we had some snow on the weekend.
This is what we saw Sunday morning.

It was sunny but pretty cold!

In the afternoon I went outside to check it out.

Gee!! his stuff is pretty cold!
Not only that, it covered the grass!!

Time to head indoors where there is warm air blowing
from the furnace!

Do you know what the weather is today?
Mum says it will be rain and flurries all week
Such is life on the East coast!


Friday 3 December 2021

Evening Routine

Julie: I'm sitting here waiting for mum to finish up
with her evening routine and give me some scritches.
I like getting this attention before I go to sleep.
Love and cuddles really makes me sleep better.
I think it works that way for mum too !
I love to snuggle up to mum at night and I know she likes it too.

So mum, are you done yet!!!?

Yes Julie, I am done.
Time for our evening routine!

Woo Hoo!! I just know this will be FUN!!!!

 Have a pawsome and FUN weekend !!