Monday 27 August 2012

Monday Musings with Georgia

Hi friends.I am enjoying yet another sunny day.
I have some toys so I am all set for a while.
While the days are warm, the nights are cool and Mom
likes that as she says that she can sleep better.Gee, I never
 knew sleeping was hard for humans! Itis not a
problem for us kitties.
 JJ was also enjoying the morning sun and Mom took this
 picture. It's cool because it has highlights and shadows.

Treasure was watching from on top of a table.
He was not in the sunbeams,but he did not mind.
He got some sun later,on the porch.
 Tiger likes to sleep on the porch and get lots of sun.
It probably feels good on her old body. She is 16 and
has arthritis and asthma.

Julie likes the sun too.She also loves to be where Mom is and that
 drives Tillie nuts! Hahahahaha!
She is getting used to us, but still does not get too close.
 There is progress however.

Want to see Tillie
Want to see more Julie?
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Friday 24 August 2012

Finally Friday

Hi friends. It is Friday again and it is finally a bit cooler.
That is a good thing as Mom was complaining all week about
 it being too hot to blog! We know she was really playing
 games and reading!!!!  Mom is out of control! She is not the only
one either.Tillie and Julie are still having hissy fits.
They both want to be  "Top Cat". Let them go at it,
we all know that I am the Top Cat around here! Hahahaha!

Georgia,what are you talking about! I just need to teach Julie
 the rules around here and that she is the junior kitty.
Oh, and I am the Top Cat, so there!!!
Besides, that Julie is not being good! She chewed out
 one of her stitches after Mom told her not to!!
That girl will not listen and thinks she can do anything
she wants!!

Ha! Look who's talking! Let Georgia and Tillie fight over Top Cat.
I'll just go and snuggle with Mom. She likes me.
As for Tillie squealing on me for taking out a stitch, well I
have a nice raspberry for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note from the Mom: Yes Tillie and Julie have spats but so far not
too serious. However, it will need monitoring.
As for the stitches, I do not think they are doing anything as
they are so loose. She is healing very well. I am sure they just want
 to see this pretty,very friendly  kitty again, and who could blame
them, and the visit is free.
I will try to help my kitties visit you this weekend.
Have a fun one !!

Oh!! Guess what I forgot??
Happy 5th Blogoversary kitties!!!!
Silly me. I thought  it was Monday the 27th !


Tuesday 21 August 2012

Remembering Miss Peach

Today we are remembering our "sisterkitty" Miss Peach
who went to the bridge a year ago.

 Miss Peach was a lovely kitty who married our brother Mickey
( this beautiful picture was made by a great friend,Dragonheart,
who is no longer blogging)

 We will always love and remember them and we are comforted
knowing they are ttohether and that we will see them
again one day.

Please drop by and offer purrs to Miss Peachs' family.

Monday 20 August 2012

Monday Musings with Georgia and Julie

Hmmmm!! A lump. I wonder who is under here. 

 Georgia!!!!!! Hi snoozy girl!
Hi Mom.It really is a nice ,quiet place for a snooze.

 I am going back to my snoozing and will turn the  blog over
to Julie.

 Thanks Georgia. Like most of the kitties here I like to sit in
the windows and look at the great outdoors. I must say,
 it looks better  from this side of the glass!

As you can see ( when Mom is able to get the white balance
 right,heehee) my furs are growing  back ! There are lighter
patches, but there is fur on them! Pretty soon I will be a lovely
black like Tillie!!

I am settling in quite well. I like being indoors.
There are so many warm and comfy places to nap and
it is safe indoors!

 I also love belly rubs! Mom gives great ones and I love Mom.
I am getting less hissy with the other cats, but I do not get
too close yet. Tillie is the only kitty I am wary about.
That is going to take some time. She is bigger,
 but she does not scare me, she just trys to !!

 Maybe I will give her a run for the title when my stitches come out!
In the mean time,I am going to enjoy hanging with Mom
and getting those belly rubs!!!
Oh Tillie, I own Mom, heehee!!

Want to see was Miss Diva Tillie is up to?
I am there too!!
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Friday 17 August 2012

Day After Spay Day !

Hi friends!! I am happy to say that you were right,
the spay operation went OK and I am fine!!
While I was waiting for Mom to come get me, I was
giving headbutts to the wonderful,friendly Vet techs!!

Look what I got!!! Stitches!!!! Mom says I will have to make
one more trip to the Vet to have them removed. Darn.

Maybe I can remove them myself !!

JULIE!! Stop that, or you might have to wear a cone !!

 But Mom, they are itchy! Oh well, I might lick them
when Mom is not aroung. Heehee.
Other than that, I will just take it easy.Mom moved
me into the room with the computer so I will not be able to
jump up high like I do in the bathroom The other kitties
are not too happy as Mom closed the door and they cannot get
in here. Mom will let them in later when she is around to
 snoopervise, so that should make them happy.
Well, bye for now. We will get Mom to help
us do some much needed visiting this weekend!!!!!
Purrs , Julie

Monday 13 August 2012

We're Back !

Hi! Tillie here, and I am happy to say that Mom is done her
staycation !!! That means meals will be served at the regular times!
Also, I am NOT bothering Julie!!
I am just telling her that I am the diva kitty,heh,heh,heh!

As you can see, Tiger and I are not getting involved in kitty
disputes! We did a lot of this last week and it was great.
Mind you, we do this every week!! Heehee

Yup, Mom was out lots and overnighting some, but it was OK.
We  got to see lots of Mom as she did not have to get up
before the sun!
She did get a new computer and is working on getting info from
one to the other. Good thing she has good help as she is
NOT computer smart!! She IS computer frustrated though!
She needs to nap like we do, it's very relaxing!

Hi, Julie here and I am still trying to figure this place out.
I am still not too sure about all these other cats, but they are not
 too bad so far. They do not try to get too close. All except Tillie!
She is constantly trying to tell me she is the boss kitty!
Mom looks out for me though, so I am happy.
Some of my furs are starting to grow in!! Maybe I will have them all
in place for something called Halloween.
Before any of that, I need to have an operation. My spay day
is Thursday August 16. Mom and I are a bit nervous and we
hope things go well with no problems!!! I will be happy when
 it is over so I can recover and learn to deal with that Tillie!!

We have a little post over at House Panthers.
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Friday 10 August 2012

Finally Friday

Well friends, another week has passed and it is a new month.
Mom told us something really exciting too !!!!
She is taking next week off!!! A staycation!!!

Her sister in Ottawa is here visiting. She and her family 
are staying with a sister  near  a town called Wolfville.
 Mom has 3 sisters and 2 brothers. They will be getting together 
and doing things in Halifax and other places as they choose.
I will choose to be here ,having glorious naps!!!! Heehee!!

Yeah Georgia, napping sounds like fun!

I will nap in this chair. I am happy Mom will be around, 
but not happy she will still be gone most of the days.
However, I will be able to wake her up by making biscuits 
on her belly like I do most mornings!!! She will like that.

Gee Tillie and Georgia, this all sounds strange to me.
A staycation?? Oh well as long as Mom is still around!!
I am still not sure of you kitties yet!

I do not want to be nervous. Oh dear, I need to lick this leg!

Hi Mom! No I am not licking off all my fur!!
I am still hoping they will grow back.
The Vet thinks it could be an allergy. 
Maybe I am allergic to the other cats!!!!

Julie, I don't think so.We will figure it out ,but for now
you just enjoy yourself. My staycation means I will not 
be getting up SO early for a week. That makes me happy!

We purr you all have a good and fun weekend too!!!!