Monday 27 February 2017

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Mum says I spend too much time snoozing.

I think it's because the only time she has a camera in her hands
I am laying down!

See mum! I do get up and about!
I do like that nice blankie a lot though. MOL!

Do you remember the BIG storms we had
that left us with all this snow?
It was like we got Winter in one week!

Well, we had a lot of rain Saturday night and it washed 
a bunch of snow away! More of it melted as we have
had mild temperatures this past week too.
Mum says this week will also be sunny and mild...
at least until Thursday. Then it might cool down again.

Earl the Squirrel was enjoying the sunshine yesterday.

He was enjoying the sunflower seeds mum gave him.

He was also afraid she was there to take them back!

As it was sunny yesterday, you know what that means.
Yup! Julie on the porch!

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Friday 24 February 2017

Getting Ready for the Weekend !


Georgia: Oh boy! Another Friday is here and I am looking
forward to two days with mum.
See, I have some toys all ready for playing.
Let's play mum!

JJ: Mum, back away from this computer screen and play with me!
I will even settle for belly rubs  and ear scritches.
Oh...some treats too would be nice.

Julie: I love weekends with mum too.
I also like weekends with mum on the porch.
Sadly, mum said it is going to rain all weekend.
Mum may do some reading.
Good thing I love sleeping on her lap too!

What are you all doing this weekend?
Whatever it is, we purr you all have

Monday 20 February 2017

The Blur That Is Georgia

Georgia: What was that?

Am I hearing things?

Where is that sound?

Oh wait...

Was that you mum? Were you trying to take mt picture?
Yes Georgia. And now I have a nice one. Thanks,
OK mum. Happy to help you out.

My sister Julie was sitting th the kitchen.
Then she heard sounds. Where did she go?

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Friday 17 February 2017

After the Storms(s)

Julie: Hi friends. Are we ever happy that it is Friday!
This week, it felt like we had Winter in one week.
We had a storm Monday that went into Tuesday,
Then, we had a storm Wednesday night into Thursday!
Today we are seeing the sun, but with lots of flurries.

This is Monday.
You can see the trees being blown about.

 This mourning dove was not happy about the wind
and snow. It kept covering his cracked corn.

Mum went out to shovel.

The first job was to make a path to the birdfeeder.

Then she put down lots of bird seed.
She continued shoveling as there was a lot of snow.
Behind the trees are stairs that go down to the road.
The truck belongs to a neighbour.
He had not started moving the snow yet.

Later on Tuesday, the sun came out.
These birds were very happy and hungry!
The storm Thursday  added a bit more snow.
It was very messy as it was windy and the temperatures
were warmer.That made a lot of slush.

While the weekend will have lots of snow flurries, the
temperatures will be on the plus side even if it 
will be only +1C. (33.8 F)
At least it is above freezing!

No matter what your temperature, we wish you all
a FUN weekend!

Tuesday 14 February 2017

Monday 13 February 2017

Stormy Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Sunday I was enjoying the sun streaming into the kitchen.
It was warm and felt good.
I could see the door to the porch was open,so I decided
to go out to the porch.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm,this feels good.

I spent a good long while  enjoying the sun.

 JJ also enjoyed the sunny rays.

So did Julie.

It got a bit warm, so JJ moved into the shade.

We had to enjoy the sunny purch yesterday as it is quite
stormy today!
This is what our yard looked like yesterday.
The weather people are calling for a blizzard.
We should  get 30-60cm of snow with high winds!
(That is 12-24inches for our American friends)
This is a snow day for mum.
She will have to carve a new oath to the bird feeders.

As you can see from the picture above, the
Porch Queen (aka Julie) was on the porch.
To see more pictures of her,
pop over to House Panthers.

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Friday 10 February 2017

Close Up Friday

Georgia: We are glad it is Friday.
We are having a big snowstorm.
Mum was relieved that we got furnace oil in our tank.
One day, the oil company was busy.
The next day, the truck broke down.
Finally on Thursday they came!
Just in time before the storm.
We will be nice and warm and I will be able to
snooze on top of the heater. 

JJ: Even though it is Winter, we still manage to get on
the porch if the sun is shining.That is because the sun warms up
the porch quite nicely.
We are supposed to have sun on Saturday, so maybe  I will
have some porch time.

Julie:  I like sitting on windowsills. If we get sunshine on the
weekend, I will be  on the sills. The sun will shine on my furs
and warm them up. I like that.
Too bad it is stormy, but maybe this afternoon when
 the storm is over the sun will come out.
Mum says it might.

Whatever your weather, we purr you all
have a FUN weekend !

Monday 6 February 2017

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: As you can see, I am in the computer room 
sitting by the floor vent.

Normally, you see me by this vent.
I had to move, because mum was doing some
cleaning this weekend.
You know how disturbing that is!

That is why I am here.
She already did some cleaning in here.
However, that did not include her desk! Heehee!

JJ was also relaxing in the living room.

As you can tell but his expression, he is waiting
for mum to take the pic so he can go back to sleep.
JJ is a pretty accommodating cat.
He says it's just easier to pose and then she goes away faster .
Smart boy.

Even Julie spent some time catching up oh her sleep.

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Friday 3 February 2017

Finally Friday

Georgia: We are happy  that it is Friday.
We always like it when mum does not go off to work all day.
It is more fun when we get to snuggle in bed
 for a nice little while.
She gives me scritches and I really like that.
Weekends are fun.

JJ: I also like weekends. I like scritches too.

I like it  when mum feeds us.
Mum, this bowl is empty!
This, I don't like!

I like having mum home too.
When she is home,she turns up the heat a bit more 
and I am super cozy in my bed. It is close to the heaters.
I also love snuggling with mum and following her around.

We all purr that you have a good weekend.
Your weekend may not be Saturday and Sunday, but we hope
you and your folks get to spend some days together.
Above all, we purr you all have FUN!