Saturday 29 November 2014

Remembering Tillie, One Year Later

It was a year ago that my little Tillie passed away.
This is her last picture I took before acute renal failure
claimed her. I do not know why, it does not matter.
She is gone.

She was charming and a real diva kitty.
She had such pretty big eyes.

She also loved grass,one blade at a time.
Yes, she was a bit spoiled.

She loved her box on the porch and enjoyed many
snoozes here,especially on sunny ,warm days.

Thank you Tillie, for allowing me to share in your life.
I will always remember you and love you.
May you always enjoy sweet grass and sunshine!

Friday 28 November 2014

Finally Friday,Staycation Over

Georgia: Slurp,slurp.

Oh hi! We have been enjoying our week with Mom.
It's been great and we wish it would not end.
I got scritches and brushes and lots of Mom time!

JJ got to spend  time  with Mom fighting over space
on the desk and laying on the mouse and blocking
the monitor. He loved it!

Julie loved being in the kitchen window.

She pretty much follows Mom everywhere she goes.

Treasure had a great week too.
He likes checking all the food bowls.

Bonus! He found a crunchie that was left behind!
Hey! That's MY bowl. Did I miss that crunchie? Rats!

It was a good week and now it's the weekend.
We purr you all have a fun weekend !

Monday 24 November 2014

Georgia Hangs with Mom on Staycation

Georgia: I like having Mom home when she is
on vacation. I get more scritches and cuddles.
I like to lay on her hoodie when she puts it down too.
No Mom, you can't have it back yet. 
I'm not done enjoying it yet!

Julie likes having Mom home too.
See her at House Panthers

Friday 21 November 2014

Fishy Friday

Georgia: I am really happy today is Friday. 
That is because Mom will be home all next week!
Yup, she is on staycation with us!.
Oh boy,cuddles and scritches. I can hardly wait.

Because Mom will be home, JJ and Julie will be 
looking forward to more porch time.

Treasure will be looking for lots of attention too !

Way back on November 3, we posted a lot of bird pictures.
We know our friends ,The tabbies o trout towne
are not fans of "stoopid burdz" so we present
the following tasty fish pictures!
Yup, Mom cooked up some mighty fine,fresh haddock!

Then she put it on this big salad.
Yes, she shared with us and it was good!!

 We purr you all have some fun this weekend too !

Monday 17 November 2014

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: I like to relax on this bed with a blankie on it.
I do not like when Mom disturbs me with the flashy box.
I especially do not like it when she cuts off my ears in
the picture!

There, this is much better.

JJ is either waiting to go on the porch, 
or hoping it is close to suppertime.
I am thinking suppertime !

Treasure is hoping for supper too.
See how intent he is?

Julie enjoyed a nice day on the porch.
It was sunny yesterday and warm on the porch.

Want to see more porch pics of Julie?
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Friday 14 November 2014

Finally Friday with Guests!

Georgia: The weather is getting colder, but but we  have 
not had any snow yet,  only flurries one day.
We still get out on the porch as it is not too cold.

 JJ: I like being on the porch too.
I can look outside and see what is going on,
or have a snooze.

Julie: I like the porch or anywhere I can keep an eye on Mom.
I always have to know where Mom is.

Treasure: I like this kitchen window.
I do not sit up her very often, but I like it.

Mom and Auntie N and Uncle E went to see an exhibit
They got to meet Gus, who was out having lunch before 
enjoying a walk around the museum.

Gus is about 90+ years old and is a Gopher Tortoise.
He was raised in Florida and brought to the museum in 1942.
He is eating his lunch of lettuce leaves(he ate 3) and 
half of a banana.
After his walk, he went back to his enclosure and snoozed 
under his heat lamp.

Mom also got to meet a new kitty.

This is Oscar and he belongs to Auntie and Uncle bean's 
son and his girlfriend. 

He is full of energy as he is only 9 weeks old.
He already wants to play with Mom's laces.
We do not mind Mom playing with Oscar because
she did not bring him home.

Have a fun weekend friends!

Tuesday 11 November 2014

Remembrance Day

 Today is Remembrance Day.

Today we  remember those who fought for our freedom.

In Flander's Fields ,
by John McCrae

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa.

After a Remembrance Day ceremony people place their poppies
on the tomb.

We are thankful.

We remember.

Monday 10 November 2014

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Oh dear, Mom has that flashy box and I know
she wants to take my picture. Where to hide?

I'll hang out here in the fireplace nook.
That will make mom work really hard because
I blend in with the bricks.

Ugh! No flashes Mom !
Laser eyes and a raspberry for you!

Oh, OK. Take my pic.
Nope, you got the colour all wrong.
Change your settings!

OK, this is better. Bet you still had to  adjust with
PSE * didn't you ?
That's OK. As long as I look good after all this.

* = Photoshop Elements

Want to see what Julie complained about?
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Friday 7 November 2014

Friday Close Ups

Today is pretty rainy and Mom is looking forward
to the weekend. We are too as we can count on
lots of Mom time. We should see some sunshine,
so that also means porch time!
Today we present our close ups.





We purr you all have fun this weekend too !

Tuesday 4 November 2014

Dona Nobis Pacem

We are purring for peace !
Join the peace movement around the globe.

Tweet it

Blog it!


your Peace Pics

Monday 3 November 2014

Georgia Sees Lots of Birds!

Georgia: I love to get wiffies from the porch windows.

I also love to look out  of the windows to see all the
critters that are out there.

Lately, I have seen lots of birds!
but we get a lot of birds.
Sadly, we do not see fish from our windows.

I saw this Blue Jay yesterday.
Can you see the rain? 
It was very windy with heavy rain.
That did not stop the birds though.

The crows stopped by for the cracked corn.

  This Mourning Dove was waiting for his chance 
at the cracked corn.

 He appears to have invited his city cousins the

Earl the Squirrel was zooming around, but I did not
get his picture.
I also saw two ducks back for the Winter,
but Mom was too slow to get their pictures too.

Julie saw a Woodpecker!
She will show her to you at House Panthers.