Friday 29 January 2021

I'm Real and I'm

Julie: There are 5 cats in this picture(kinda)
Only one is real.
Yup! It's ME!!!!!
Like me, the cats on this rug are soft.
I like to lay on this rug because it is soft.
Mum says she likes me because I am soft.
She says my furs are very silky.
She collects fake cats but loves real ones!
Is your mum(person, human) weird like mine?
I'm OK with it because she gives pawsome belly rubs
and she loves me.

 Wishing all of you a happy and FUN weekend!!

Monday 25 January 2021

Snow on Monday with Julie

Julie: One thing about Winter is that the air is dry.
That makes it important to drink lots of water!

We had some light fluffy snow on Friday.
On Saturday morning the sun was shining and mum
took this picture from the kitchen..

Looking out the kitchen window, 90 degrees
 from the other window, this is the view.
The footprints in the snow were made by mum
last night.

Mum went out to shovel and cleared a path to the
bird feeders. The snow was light and fluffy(powder)
So it was easy to move.

Our windows are old, so we get frost in them.
The morning sun made the frost sparkle!

 Mum asked if I wanted to go out in that
cold snow. Can you tell that I said NO!

I'm not quite ready to test out that snow because mum
said it was cold outdoors.
For now, I am happy to be an indoor cat!

Friday 22 January 2021

Weekend Means FUN with Mum!!!!

Julie: Mmmmmmmm! Nom,nom,nom
Excuse me while I enjoy  a few treats mum gave me.
I like treats though I don't think I get enough. MOL!


OK! Now that is done, I am ready to play!
I have some toys ready.
Mum and I will have some FUN playing  with these
toys and when that is done I will get some
belly rubs! I love belly rubs!!!!
Don't tell her, but I have mum well trained! MOL!!

 I hope you all have a pawsome and FUN weekend!!!!

Guess what? Mum said it is supposed to snow Friday.
Not a big storm, but about 5-10 cm(approx 4 inches)
Gee, I wonder if I will get a chance to see what snow
feels like on my paws!

Monday 18 January 2021

Squirrels Drive Me Squirrely!

Julie: Oh darn! I wish I could bet out on that deck!!!

Mum: What are you looking at Julie?

Julie: Those silly squirrels!!!! 
I really want to chase them!!

 Just ignore them Julie, they will go away soon enough.
They also have teeth sharper than yours!

OH MEOW!!!!!!

Friday 15 January 2021

I Love Fridays!

Julie: So! It's Friday once again and both mum
and I are HAPPY!!!!!!!
Me because I missed having mum around all the time.
Mum because the 1st week after vacation is tiring.
She is looking forward to time with me too.

 During the Christmas holiday season, mum was looking
at Amazon. They have lots of movies.
Mum saw a Disney movie that is quite old, 
but one that she loved a great deal so she ordered it!
When it came she enjoyed it as much as she sis
when she was a child.
The movie?
The Three Lives of Thomasina.
 It's a Walt Disney production.
 We highly recommend it!!

It arrived on December 31,2020 just as mum
was starting her vacation. Purrfect!
Was I jealous? NO!
I know how much she loves me.'s only a movie!
I am real!
(and soft,and warm,I purr and snuggle
and love the attention and being close to each other.)
 I  am looking forward to a FUN weekend!!
What are you doing friends?

Monday 11 January 2021

Alone Again as Mum is Back to Work

Julie: Well, I am a bit sad today. Mum's vacation is over!
I have enjoyed having her here all the time.
Well, she did go out sometimes but not all day!
We did have FUN though and I did get lots
of attention and belly rubs!

I got to see Earl on the back deck,but mum
would not let me out to chase  play with him.

This is the front yard. As you can see,we do not have
any snow.We did have some, but it got washed away by
rain and sun. In the lower right corner, you can
see tiny bits of snow. Temps are close to 0C and go up and down a bit.
This is good for all the birds that come to eat
the seeds mum puts out.
We have about 68 days until Spring!
We just have to get through the rest of Winter.
Guess I may not see too many days outdoors.

Have a good week friends!!!!!

Friday 8 January 2021

Happy Friday from Julie!

Julie: Hi friends. I'm just having a little relax.
It has been a pawsome week with mum at home.
I got lots of scritches and brushings and we had
lots of FUN!

 Mum goes back to work Monday.
I will not like that.
I like having her around.
Oh well, at least we still have the weekend!!!!
That will be  FUN !!!!

Monday 4 January 2021

Happy New Year Friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julie: This picture was taken on New Year's Day.
No I am not suffering from too much celebrating,
but I am glad 2020 is gone!!
I hope 2021 will be kinder to us!!!!

 On Saturday, we had some snow!
We did not get a lot, but it was wet and got crunchy
from the cold overnight.
This little bird is happy for the seeds mum put out.

You can see some ground through the snow.
We were lucky as we did not get a lot of snow .
This week we may see some flurries and some rain.
The weather still cannot make up it's mind.
That's why I like being an indoor cat!

Gee mum , where are you going today?
I thought you were on vacation this week?

I am Julie, but I am going out with my sister.
Maybe for lunch.

Are you going to celebrate your birthday?
Yes,  we will have a good lunch.
Will you get presents?
I don't need presents Julie...I have you!

We wish everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 
and all the best in 2021!!!!!!!!!!!!