Monday 31 May 2021

Thoughts on a Rainy Monday

Julie: Well, today it is raining so I will not ne able to go
outdoors. Darn!

So, since you are not doing anything mum, you can devote
 all your attention to me. OK?

Friday 28 May 2021

Random Picture Friday!

Julie: Spring is a really pawsome time of year.
It is getting warmer and the grass is growing!
You know how much I love grass!
This grass is so young and juicy!

Thankfully mum let me out just before supper. 
I had a good chew. I enjoyed my time outside
but when I heard a car on our little road, I
decided it was time to go indoors.

The sun was shining on my table so naturally
that's where I went.

Mum liked the light too.
She said it made good dramatic pictures.
Um, OK mum!

Mum and I have noticed that the Mama duck and 
her ducklings come around suppertime too.
Mama and one of her babies. The others
must be in the tall grass. 

Mum  is not cutting the grass until the dandelions
stop blooming. That way the bees can come and visit.
We are doing our part to help save the bees.
Besides, we don't have a mower at the moment!
Have a good weekend friends!


Monday 24 May 2021

Visitors and Training Mum

Julie: Hi friends! Sunday was a wild,
windy and rainy day.
The rain would let up at times and when it did
we had visitors!

Mama duck and her babies and brought them over!
OK, so I may have chased them if I was outside.
I may have been afraid of them too.
I am not used to being outside and seeing strange critters.

When I went over to may table, I tried to convince
mum to brush mw. You know I love getting  brushed!

I did get my brushing, but as you can see, I wanted more!
I'll work on her a bit as I know she will give in
and brush me. She knows how much I love
the brush and it feels so good.  

One more thing, what does addiction  mean ?

Friday 21 May 2021

Views From the Front Yard

Julie: This week I was able to get outside again!
It is quite  nice to see and hear the sounds outside.


I also like all the different smells too.

I had some good viewing too!

I saw these birds at the feeder.
They are American Goldfinches.

This is a Downey Woodpecker.
It was looking for bugs.

I like being outside and watching the wildlife.
I don't try to chase anything as that would make
mum take me inside. I'm content to look. However,
I think mum is looking at a harness, just in case ;)




Monday 17 May 2021

Julie's Addiction !

Julie: Oh! You are standing next to the table.
The one where I get my brushings!

Wait!! Don't move!
I'm coming over!

OK! I', ready.
I'm always ready!
I LOVE getting brushed!
Wait! What are you doing mum?!

I want my brushings now!!!!!!!
Please don't go!
Wait, what did you just say?
You think I'm addicted to brushing?
Well... I guess I am.
So, could you please brush me?
I can't help myself!

Oh goodness Julie...OK.

Thanks mum!

 *Julie really does love getting brushed.
If I walk anywhere near the table, she's right there.
She comes running . If I'm not near the table, she 
will sometimes sit and stare at me, willing me to
come over and brush her furs.
What a girl!

Friday 14 May 2021

Random Shots , Tattle Tales and Photo Fails!

Cherry Blossom. Mum figured that taking pictures
just before dark was a good idea.
It's not! She had to use the flash.

She did, however, pick some grass for me!!!

 Once again instead of BRUSHING me she has to 
take a picture. Black Cat, white mat.
Direct light from a window.
But the worst of all? Yup! She was NOT brushing ME!!!!
That is not FUN!

Do yo know what saved her?
Yup, a good long brushing session!!!!
Now that was FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am liking this Lockdown 2.0

OK mum, put the camera away and brush me!!!!!
Have a FUN weekend friends!

Monday 10 May 2021

Sunshine and Ducks and Julie

Julie: Saturday was nice and sunny. 
I was allowed to do outside for a while.

It felt so nice to have the sun on my furs!
I really like to sit on the deck.
Sometimes I see critters.

 Mum took this picture on Sunday.
It was raining lightly off and on.
She saw these two ducks.
Maybe soon there will be a new bunch of baby ducks.

These ducklings are from June 2020.

Friday 7 May 2021

Cats and Critters #2

Julie: I have some windows that have a wide
windowsill that I like to sit on .
I also have a yard that is friendly to other critters.
Here we see Mr and Mrs Duck and in the background
is...a groundhog!

Here he /she is in another part of the yard.
Still munching as you can see.

I am  in the windowsill that looks out on the porch.
This is the front of the little home.
The birds and other critters come to the feeders 
in the front yard.

This is the kitchen view. From here I can see the ducks.
The birdfeeders can be seen from here.
Great viewing I say!
Also good for dining. 

In the back we have a deck and a lot of trees.
No grassy backyard, just trees.
I would love to chase this squirrel, but mum won't
let me out! That's probably why he is so calm.

I think it would be FUN to chase him.
Sadly, mum does not agree!
Oh well, that won't stop me from having, a
FUN weekend!!!
I hope you do too!!!!!

Monday 3 May 2021

Midnight Monday with Julie

Julie: Sometimes when mum is busy I like to have a snooze.
I like to sit in this chair by a window.
As the light is bright and and I am black
I tend to blend into the background.
It does not bother my nap, it's just that
you can't see me as well.

A nice sunny day is purrfect for a nap!

 I hope you all are enjoying a fine Monday!!!