Saturday 31 December 2022

Happy New Year's Eve!

We have a really pretty sunrise today.
It will change to rain this evening, so people out
celebrating might get a bit wet.

Naturally, I will be cozy indoors!
I do not like to get wet.
I also have some goodies(treats) for celebrating.

                                                       While I wait for the FUN to begin,
                                                     I am watching the squirrels on the deck.
                                                I might have a nap or two as it will be a while
                                                                before the celebrating starts.
                                              It will be a bit damp for people celebrating,
                                                           but it will be cozy indoors!

 Mum and I wish all of you a safe and very


Friday 30 December 2022

Julie Snooze and Ducks

Julie: Mum puts out seed for the birds.We live close to a 
river that feeds into a lake. The ducks like the seed.
The boys...

The girls.

I was having a nice snooze and mum wanted a picture.

Hi mum.Yes you can get some pictures for the blog.
As you can see, I am doing well after my first treatment.

Ok, I'm going back to my snooze.
Happy weekend friends!


Thursday 29 December 2022

First Chemo Treatment

Julie: Well friends, I have had my first chemo treatment.
The Vet said I did really well.
After conferring with an oncology Vet, it was
decided to use a smaller bore needle.
That worked really well and the needle stayed in the vein.

I was glad to be back home though!
I was super hungry too!

It seems I now have toxic poo! MOL!
Mum needs to wear gloves to clean my box
and when handling things(like my dishes) that
I may have saliva .

Hey mum!! My bowl is empty!


Monday 26 December 2022

Sunday 25 December 2022

Merry Christmas from Julie!


Do you see that tree stump?
That is what we got for Christmas snow!

You can see it better on the ramp.
Yup, a very light dusting on raised objects but not
on the ground.
I must say that neither mum nor I am
It is too cold for my paws so I am  snuggling
That white stuff is cold on my paws.

I do hope you are enjoying your Christmas!!!
Be sure to have FUN!


Saturday 24 December 2022

Christmas Eve Deer!

Not the best shot.
Deer are quite skittish.
Maybe they are getting ready for Christmas!

 Well, the rain has stopped and the wind is gone.
It should be a good day for Santa to do his thing!
We might even see a bit of sunshine :)

from Julie and mum

Christmas music...Trans Siberian Orchestra 

Merry Christmas !

Julie: Mum says I have to drink more water.
The needle will not stay in my vein so I cannot 
get my treatment. 

Mum and I will work on getting me
hydrated and try again  next Wednesday.

 I suspect my wet food is going to be super wet
for the next week.
In the meantime...


Friday 23 December 2022

Julie Update

Julie: Well I went to the Vet but did not have ant treatment.
I am a bit dehydrated, and the needle would not stay in my vein

So, for the next week, mum will try to get me to drink more
and try some things to het me hydrated so
we can try hext week.

 All suggestions welcome

Window dining before the storm!


Yum!  Nothing like dining with a view.

It is pretty dark at suppertime these days. That is OK
as I am indoors. It is cozy inside and safe.

These pictures were from supper last night.
Today, we are having a storm! It will be very rainy
and very windy!
We night have thundershowers too.
Gee, I hope we do not lose power!
At least Mum and I are indoors.
If I do not visit you, you can assume we did lose power.


Monday 19 December 2022

Julie : Showing my belly after the big operation

Julie: This is how my belly looks.
I hope my furs will grow back soon.

The dark spots you see are furs starting to grow.
I guess it will take time.
It is pretty much healed so it does not bother me.
Mum likes to touch it a lot.

Other than that, I am doing well and back to 

 The mum here: I have decided to give chemo a try.
Her first treatment will be Dec 21.
Wish us luck.

Friday 16 December 2022

Early Morning Treats!

Julie: Mmmmmmmmm! Nothing like having
a few treats in the early morning sunshine!

Somehow treats just taste better.

OK, treats taste good anytime you can get them.

 Why yes, I am a spoiled cat.
I just let mum think she is in control when
she wants me to do things like posing for

Monday 12 December 2022

How I spend most days.

Julie: The days have been a bit cool and today 
was -5 Celcius pretty much all day. It was 
I did not bother to go out as the grass is not very tasty 
at this time of year. Also, my paws get cold.
We do not have any snow yet, just cold cloudy

I spend a good amount of time sitting on mum's lap.
She is either reading or on some electronic device.
That is actually good as it means she will not disturb me for a while!
She also manages to get a few pictures of me.

I am still not a fan of posing for pictures.
Not sure why, I just don't like the camera
even if it is a phone.

 Well, that's all for now.
I must go and see if mum has her lap 
ready for me to curl up on and snuggle.
I love warm laps! 

Friday 9 December 2022

Snoozy Time with Julie

Julie: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

I see you mum! What's up?
Well, it's time to do your blog.
You want to do that before your nap...right?
Oh yeah, I do!!

Hi friends! Happy Friday!
I'm just doing what we cats do best...MOL!
Since I am awake, I think I will get mum to
give me some brushies!
I love them and it feels SO good!

                                                                        I love scritches too.
                                                               Glad you woke me up mum!
                                                Now I can have lots of brushies to keep my furs 
                                                                            nice and shiny!
                                            Kinda like a body massage too with that Zoom Groom!!
How about you? Do you like getting brushed?

Monday 5 December 2022

Oh boy ,brushies!

Julie: Oh! There's mum. If I hurry to the table
mum will give me brushies!! 


Gotta get going!!

You just know I love getting brushed!!!!
Ok mum, put the phone down and brush me...please!
Mum: Ok Julie

I am such a spoiled cat. MOL!

Friday 2 December 2022

Julie says you need to pay the toll to rub the belly!

Julie: As you can see, My belly furs are gone.
That's OK because you don't notice that when I
walk around.
I do, however, like when mum rubs my belly.
She has nice warm hands and it feels good.
I can never have too many belly rubs!

Ok Mum...enough with the pictures!
You need to pay the toll!
Time for a treat!!!!!!

 After the treat, you may continue to rub my belly!!!!!!

Monday 28 November 2022

Just Hanging out and a question

Julie: I agreed to pose as mum seems to like 
taking pictures of me.
See...sometimes I will co-operate!
This is a really nice place to relax. It is soft and comfy and 
nicely lit in the evening.
I just like to hang around, keep mum company
and relax. Life is pretty good.

 Question from the mum:

 The Vet called to say that the  lump removed from
Julie is cancer. The Vet says
"removing her other mammary chain or doing chemotherapy 
can dramatically increase her survival time."
The chemotherapy that is used for this is doxorubicin and I have used this several times in dogs with lymphoma. It is given by placing an IV catheter and slowly infusing the medication. We usually keep them in the hospital for the day and monitor an ECG. This is done once every 3 weeks for a total of 5 treatments. Cats and dogs tolerate chemotherapy better than humans and don't tend to have as many side effects.

Any thoughts or advice if anyone has gone through this?
Julie is about 13 and I am not ready to lose her.
I also so not want her to be stressed.
I want her to be happy with whatever time she has.

Friday 25 November 2022

Friday with Julie

Julie:  So, here is my scar. The stitches are out so
I just need to wait for things to heal.
Mum is happy that I do not bother the incision.

I am super happy that is over and I can get back
to doing important things...

                                          like snoozing!!

We have gad a busy time in the yard .
Fall means a lot of food sources dry up.
The ducks know mum puts out seeds and 
they come to enjoy them.

We also had a visit from this very fine looking deer.
Good thing I was safely indoors!!!!!

Monday 21 November 2022

Getting used to missing furs.

Julie: Oh no, you have that camera again!
I'm not ready!

Mum: Julie, you look just fine!

Julie: Really! Even with the furs missing from my leg?
Mum: Yes Julie. Your pals know you had an operation.

It won't take long before your furs grow back.
Maybe we can show a picture of your incision
Julie: Ummmmmmmm, maybe next time.