Monday 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


From Tillie,Georgia,
Tiger, Treasure and JJ

Today, we also observe the 2nd Wedding Anniversary
of our dearest angle kitties!!!!!!
Dear Mickey and the lovely Misses Peach.
We know you two are very happy at the Bridge
with so many of your friends!!
Happy Halloween you two !
We know you have fun there, but
we still miss you.

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photo shoot??
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Sunday 30 October 2011

Halloween Photo Shoot with Georgia

Mom thought it was a good idea to 
have a Halloween costume photo
shoot. When she suggested I be a Mummy, 
I agreed. After all, I do like to be
So!! Here are some of the pictures of the shoot.


Do you see glowing eyes??

Yup, I don't mind this at all!

Those glowing eyes again!!!

Mom tried and tried,but,
the glowing eyes...
are on the wrong cat!!!! 

Have a happy and safe Halloween !!!!!!

Friday 28 October 2011

Friday Close Ups

Hi friends. Today is a cold day!!
Some places might even be seeing 
snow flurries! Mostly in higher 
elevations.We have rain...yuck!!
Poor Mom,she is the only one that 
has to go out in the rain ;)
We get to stay indoors and this weekend
Mom will try to get us to pose for Halloween pics.
Hahahaha!!!! Good luck Mom,heehee
Have a fun, fun weekend and if you see your
beans with Halloween stuff...hide!!!!






Bonus Pic: Echo River beside our home.
Martin Lake feeds this river,
and it empties into Lake Echo.
The river goes under the road/bridge that Mom
is standing on,taking this picture.

With some of the rain we have had recently,
you can see that the river is running quite fast!!!

Note:  We are having computer/internet problems.
Mom posted this on her sister's computer.
We hope we will be able to visit you this weekend.
Keep your paws crossed!!!!

Monday 24 October 2011

Monday Musings with Georgia

What a great weekend we had!!
It was sunny and very warm on the porch.
Oh...I just need to check this screw.

Humph, not very interesting.
Now,where was I? 
Oh yes, the sunny porch and thoughts of

Mmmmm, this feels pretty good,

Oh,the sun came back out,
I'll snooze this way.

Oh yes!!!!!!! That sun feels SO good
on my tummy!!!


Tillie also enjoyed the sunbeams!
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Friday 21 October 2011

Friday Close Ups

Hi friends!! It's Friday again and sunny too!
Yesterday, we had BIG RAIN!!!! All day!!

We had  85mm (over 3 inches) by mid
afternoon and the rain was still falling!
We are so happy to be indoor kitties,heehee
Today is sunny so we will be watching
Bird TV.
We purr you all have a fun weekend!!!!






Thursday 20 October 2011

Tocks for Derby

Today is our friend Derby's 8th birthday.
As a present, we are showing our tocks for him :)
Enjoy Derby and Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!



Monday 17 October 2011

Monday Musings with Georgia and 1000Posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi friends, Georgia here. 
Can you see the sunshine on the floor of the porch?
We had a wonderful sunny,warm weekend !!

It was SO nice to lay in those warm sunbeams!!

Mom had some fun too.
She went with her sister to this event.
It was not in sunbeams,but in moonbeams!!!
Yup!!! They went in the dark!!!!!!!
They walked around for hours!!!
Beans are strange, heehee

There was lots of interesting things to see
Mom told me Lots of people too.

This was a plastic tent and people could
draw on it  and it was lit with a special 

Look at it glow!!!!

This light flower was made with velum and fabric.

This display was pretty cool.
You could go inside. 
There was a bathroom in there!!!
It did not work but had a sink,toilet and shower.
It made Mom and her sister laugh lots !!!!

Like I said, beans are strange.
Speaking of strange, pop over to 
House Panthers and see Tillie.
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Oh, one more thing.
We finally reached 1000 posts!!!!!

Friday 14 October 2011

Friday Close Ups

Today  it is raining, but now we will have sunshine
for the weekend. We were supposed to have rain
but the weather beans changed the forecast!!!
That's good, because we like sunshine.
Really, what kitty,woofie or any other animal
does not like sun??
What ever your weather, we purr you all
 have fun,fun,fun and good foods !!!!






Tuesday 11 October 2011

Tuesday with Georgia

Hi!! Georgia here.
Way back in the Summer, there was  an open
house at out Vet Hospital. 

They had fun things 
to do and as well as draws for prizes.
Well, Mom won one of the prizes,
and we are just getting around to showing it to you.

Mom won a block of note paper .
and a cute toy. I purrsonally think
Mom is a bit old for toys!!

It looks like a little Vet doll

The arms and legs move.

You can even remove her head!!!!!
When you do this, Mom says that 
it turns into a flash drive. Mom likes it 
and thinks it will be useful.
It's a good thing Mom likes different toys than I do !!
This way, we do not fight over them!!!

Monday 10 October 2011

Thanksgiving Day with Georgia

It is Thanksgiving Day here in Canada.
 That means we are thankful for  having
a wonderful place to live,good food and 
lots of love and friends!!!
It is a wonderful warm day and after
a great meal,we love to relax!
My brother JoyJoy makes a pretty 
good footrest too! heeheehee
We hope you are having a great Monday too !!!!!

to our Canadian friends !!!

Why not pop over to 
House Panthers and see what
Tillie has to say.

Friday 7 October 2011

Friday Close Ups

Yesterday and today ave been colder
than normal! Brrrrrrrrr!
Mom says that more seasonal temps
will come this weekend.Sunshine too !
It will be a long weekend for Mom.
Here in Canada, we will be celebrating
Mom will also be celebrating some birthdays.
Her nephew(Oct 11)  and her Mom(Oct 13)
There will be a get together Saturday.
We hope we get some goodies,heehee
Three days with Mom,woohoo.
We purr that you have a fun weekend too !!!!






One day after some rain,Mom saw these
decorated webs. Mr Spider is home.

Mr Spider got scared away.
Guess he does not like the flashy box either!