Monday 28 March 2022

Window views and Critters!

Julie: Hi friends and happy Monday!
I had a pretty good weekend with mum.
We had some pretty good weather too.
It was sunny, overcast, drizzly ,cool and warmish.
I went out briefly but did not stay  as there is no grass yet.

When the sun is out this window is a great place to sit. 
                                               It is so nice to sit  in the sunny window and feel those
                                               warm sunbeams on my black furs!

Mum was happy to see this groundhog.
We wonder if this one is a female as it would be fun
 to see babies. We have not seen baby groundhogs
for a few years.

 We do like to see critters in the yard!

Saturday 26 March 2022

Peace for Ukraine

Julie: I wish for PEACE  for Ukraine.
I wish the humans would stop fighting and 
make peace instead





Friday 25 March 2022

Window Setting for Supper

Julie: One thing I like about my place are the wide windowsills.

They are a perfect place to sit and look out the window,
lay in the sun and eat your supper.

Yum! I like dinnertime!

Mum gave me a few crunchies too. They were good so I 
left  her a smile.
Now that was FUN!
Mum was surprised when she saw it too.
Naturally she had to take a picture. 
No, mum did not arrange these, I did!!

Do you know what's really FUN?
It's the weekend!
Sadly we will have rain so I will not be able
to explore the outside for grass.
Mum says the rain will help the new grass grow
if the temps stay above freezing.
They may do that during the day, but it is still cool at night.
At least I will be warm indoors and I will make 
sure to have FUN!!!
How about you, my friends?
What FUN will you be having this weekend?

Monday 21 March 2022

Spring is here, but it's still COOL!

Julie: I wanted to go outside.
Mum said it was pretty cool.
I wanted to go anyway.
As you can see, the grass is not growing yet.

Oh yeah, mum was right... it was quite cool outside.
Gee, Spring takes a long time to warm up!
At least it's always nice indoors.


Friday 18 March 2022

Vet visit and No Grass!

Julie: Well, yesterday, mum came home and  and
put me in a PTU and said we were going to the Vet.
She did not ask my permission either!
She said she wanted the Vet to check out 
a tiny lump on my belly.(We will keep
you posted)
When we got home, I had my supper and mum let 
me see what it was like outside.
Yup, it is a bit chilly!

However, I was curious and wanted to see outside.
I don't see those ducks or squirrels.
Mum said they all went home as it is late(7PM)

Gee, is there any grass?! 

What FUN is there if there is no grass?!!
Not to mention  that it is a bit cool out here.
Mum said it will be a couple of weeks before
it gets warm and the grass grows again.
I say darn!!!!!!!

 I went back indoors and mum gave me a treat.
Now that was FUN!!!!
It was warmer indoors too!
Mum says Spring comes this weekend.
I hope it brings grass!
Have a FUN weekend friends!

Monday 14 March 2022

Critters in the Yard

Julie: On Saturday, we had a wild, windy and rainy day.
It is not too easy to see the wind and rain, but you can see
the big puddle!

On Sunday, it was more sunny but much cooler
and very windy!
That did not stop Earl from getting his seeds or 
Mr & Mrs Mallard from coming for seeds.
You have to look closely to see Mrs Mallard as
she is brown in colour. The males are much more

This was another Mallard getting some seeds
 at the end of the ramp.
It is always fun to see critters in our yard.

 Sadly it is still too cold to go out.
Mum  is not bothered that I cannot get outside.
I wonder why?

Friday 11 March 2022

The Weekend ...Warm and Cool is Here!

Julie: I am pretty happy that it is Friday.
Mum will be here all weekend. I like that.
I love to hang out with mum and I think she feels
the same way.  She always likes to know where I am
and likes it when I am near.
I also like to know where mum is and I love to 
hang out with her.

Here I am helping her with my blog.
When we are done, I will hop onto her
lap for hugs and scritches.
Is that FUN or what?!!!!
I think it is and never tire  of her giving them to me.
Good thing too as I don't think I could stop her,
not that I would want to stop her.

 Mum says we are expecting a wind and rain  event
on Saturday.  She is glad she will be home.
Sunday will be cooler.
This time of year the weather is up and down between
cool and warm. I am glad we will be heading toward more
warmer weather as Winter comes to an end.
Mmmmmmmmm, grass will be back!
Now that will be FUN!

Monday 7 March 2022

Wet Start to a Sunny Week

Julie: I am dining in the kitchen window.
As you can see, my view is not too good.
It is raining. I am pretty sure it will make the
snow we have pretty heavy.
Mum is hoping it will take away some of the snow.
Moving wet snow is not fun as it is heavy!
Did I mention I am happy to be an indoor cat? MOL!!!!

The good news is that this week should be  
mostly sunny and warmer!
Mum says that will melt a lot of snow.
We like that as we are ready for Spring to
 come along.
We also get to change our clocks again so
the nights will be longer!

 At least indoors it is climate controlled.
I like that as I am comfy all the time.

Now, after supper, I will get mum to give me some
brushings. I love getting brushed!
It's like a body massage.

Friday 4 March 2022

More Light,Fluffy Snow We Didn't Want

Julie: Well, we had a snowstorm yesterday.
The good thing was mum came home early.
We got a bunch of snow, but mum said it was 
light and fluffy and easy to move.
We are both happy that March is here.
That means the snow will not last especially
as we have rain and much warmer temperatures
coming over the weekend.
We are looking forward to Spring!

This is the front yard

Another view.

 The best thing is that we are warm and cozy indoors!
Have a pawsome and FUN weekend friends!!

Wednesday 2 March 2022

Hay Dr Seuss Day!

Julie: Today is Dr Suess Day.
Mum found our little Cat in the Hat toy
and I agreed to pose for the picture.

 I think I did very well too.
After all, I didn't wap him off the table!!!!
Happy Dr Seuss Day!!!!!