Monday 28 January 2019

Monday Musings

Georgia: I got lots of good naps this weekend.
Mum was busy doing other things so she did not
take as many pictures. This  was a good thing as
she was not chasing us around with the camera.

JJ: We did get a lot of sunshine this weekend.
It was really nice too and made the porch nice
and warm.

See, I'm telling mum how warm the porch feels.

I decided to join my little sister Julie on the couch..
We had a great afternoon in the sun !

Julie: JJ is right. The sun was warm and cozy.
I really enjoyed my time on the porch.

I also enjoyed laying in the sunon the end of the 
kitchen counter.(Mum knows I get up here and has
lots of cutting boards that she uses so she is not
constantly washing the counter. ( MOL! )

When I went on the windowsill do you know what I saw?

They dropped by as they know mum puts out seeds..
The seeds are easy to find as  the snow is gone!
We had lots of rain last Thursday and it
washed away lots of snow.
Mum liked that as snow and ice can be very
slippery.She has slipped and fallen 3 times so far. MOL!
All in all, a pretty good weekend.

Friday 25 January 2019

Let's Get This Weekend Started!

Georgia:  Part of this week we spent snoozing.
The weather was pretty cold. JJ is a great snuggle buddy.
Then  on Wednesday, the temperatures warmed a bit
and there was snow and that changed to rain!

Thursday was rainy and most of the snow is gone and
only patches of ice here and there remain.
Friday is sunny and the temperatures will slowly fall
by evening.Not too bad at all and mum is happy.
The weekend looks to be sunny.

That will be good as we will have mum home and
maybe she will play with me and toss  my toy around.
This pawsome toy is from the wonderful crochet lady Ellen Pilch!*

Sunny days always mean porchtime and Julie is looking 
forward to  spending time there.

She also loves looking out of the windows.

She can see Earl the Squirrel at the birdfeeder,

and also Earla the Squirrel on the ground.

We are pretty sure it will be a FUN weekend!

What will you be doing this weekend?
Hope it involves FUN !

* Note: Ellen and the family had to say goodbye to
their sweet Tallulah on Thursday.
You can drop by to leave condolences  by clicking here. 

Monday 21 January 2019

Catnip Fun!

Georgia: Mum got out some primo catnip and decided we
should have some fun.
Boy,did we ever!

Ohhhhhh! I love this stuff!

JJ loves it too.

He proves you are never too old to have FUN!

Julie went crazy, but given her purrsonality,
how could you tell! MOL!

The wild child!

On Saturday, we had sunshine and the scene looked like this.

Sunday, we had a storm and it started off looking
like this.

Then it started raining! It got really windy too!
Hope we don't lose power.
It is still windy today too.By the time mum gets home
tonight, the temps will be dropping. She is hoping we don't get
 a deep freeze like we did with that last snow fall.
Everything froze and it was pretty slippery in our yard.
We are very lucky to be indoor cats.

Friday 18 January 2019

Finally Friday

Hi friends! We are happy that Friday is here again.
We love having mum home to snuggle with.
Sometimes we like to snuggle together on the bed in the computer room.
We can keep mum company and she can give us scritches.
This weekend we will be watching  to see what 
kind of storm will be hitting us on Sunday.
Mum says it could be a BIG one with lots of SNOW!

In other news, the results of Georgia's tests are in
 and the Vet is pleased !
Georgia is doing very well and the kidney values
have improved  and the thyroid is the same so
no adjustments to her medications!

Guess that means we can all snuggle this weekend 
and engage in lots of FUN!!!
How about you?
What will you be doing this weekend?
Hope it will be FUN!

Monday 14 January 2019

Monday Musings

Georgia: Well, I had my annual exam on Thursday night.
While my Vet is nice, I have seen more of her than I really like.
However, she is pretty pleased with me.

She stole a lot of things from me though.She took some pee,
some poop and some blood!!Then she gave me a rabies shot!
Whew, I was glad to get back home. Mum picked up a selection 
of food to try and we all liked some of them.
Mum has not heard about the results yet.
However, I am happy again and using the box too.

JJ: As the oldest kitty here, I must admit that my
greatest pastime is snoozing and eating.
I am back in my spot in the living room.
As you can see, mum has a nice spot for me and it is
mighty cozy and warm. I like posing too.

Julie: I like to be anywhere mum is.
She took this picture Sunday morning.
As you can see, the sun was coming up and shining on my furs.
The rising sun makes my furs look red.

I also like to hang out in the kitchen.
I love to roll on this matt and rub my face.
I rub my face when I'm happy and whenever
mum is around I am happy!

Happy Monday everyone!

Monday 7 January 2019

Monday Musings

Georgia: Hello friends and happy Monday!
The weekend is over, but that only affects mum.
We spent our weekend relaxing and keeping mum company.
Mum says my annual exam is on Tuesday and even
though I was at the Vet twice already,she is still
taking me!!! I am a little bit miffed but maybe it
won't be so bad this time.

JJ: I have decided to move my snoozy spot. I am back 
in the living room in front of the fireplace that does not work.
Mum has lots of blankets piled here for me.
It's a good spot as I can keep an eye on anything going on.
I also can have a good sleep too.

Julie: Usually I like to follow mum around the house.
Sometimes though, I just like to sit for a bit.
This chair is comfy and faces a window at
the far end of the living room.
There is an old,dead tree outside and I can watch 
squirrels sitting on it and looking inside.
If they ever got inside that would be fun! MOL!!

Friday 4 January 2019

Finally Friday!

Georgia: Well friends, I decided to end the year on a
disturbing note. My battle with constipation settled in
for another round. Mum quickly took me off to the Vet
on New Year's Eve.
Yup, I was a little blocked up, so I got an enema.
The Vet got 80% out and sent me home.
Mum got me set up in the bathroom for the night.

I took advantage of this opportunity to decorate the bathroom.
I did a pretty good job too.
I put some poop everywhere except the litterbox.
It was clean, so that is where I slept.
Sadly, mum cleaned up all my decorations.
The day after New Years day, I went back to the Vet
and she was happy  with how I was doing.
Mum's New Year resolution is to watch my eating and pooping.
Mums are really strange,right?
Really mum, I'm OK!

JJ: Mum says I am  great eater.
Just because I am heading into my 22nd year is no reason to
turn my nose up at food. I happen to like food and enjoy eating it.
Good thing too as it makes mum happy.

I am hoping she is happy enough to give me a little treat!
I like treats.

Julie: Mum giggled when she saw this picture.
She says it makes me look bigger than I really am.
I sat it is because of the lighting,camera angle and
my luxurious black furs.

I give her the stink eye as I think she should put
the camera down and  give me a little treat and a LOT of
scritches. I love scritches! And belly rubs... I love
belly rubs too !

 The weekend is here and as usual we are looking 
to have some FUN!
Today is mum's birthday(talking about OLD)
con so we should all be having some FUN!
Treats would be good too...right?