Saturday 31 May 2008

Photo Hunt-Self or Part of Self

Photo Hunters

The theme this week for the Photo Hunt is: Self/Part of Self

This week,we decided that the eyes have it!





Friday 30 May 2008

See you in the Delta Quadrant

We are very excited today! Our friends Karl & Ruis are getting married!
We get to dress up as Star Trek characters for the ceremony too!
The best part? The wedding is in outer space!!!!!!!!!!!
We're going to the Delta Quadrant on board Voyager!!!!!! Woot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check out our costumes.

Georgia & Tillie' Duras'

Mickey ' Worf '

Come on and join the fun!!!!!!!!!!!

See all the costumes at the reception!!

Thursday 29 May 2008

T13- Expressive Cats- #34- Special Breeds #2

T13 time again! This week I am showing Special Breeds.

Some of these 'special' breeds are purebreds, some are not.

I just think they are all special .

Maximillian(The Mad Burr-man or Birman ?)

Dr Tweety.

I do not know his breed,but look at that special face.

How could I not include him :)

Maybe he is a Ball 'o Fluff breed!!

Sam: Ragdoll

Seaborne : Turkish Angora

Whole lotta floof with those breeds,heehee (Sam & Seaborne)

Junior : Flamepoint Siamese (lovin' the bed!)

Tybalt : Blue Lynx Point Siamese (we think ;) )

Java: Snowshoe Siamese

Java's got it in the bag!

Spooky : Snowshoe Siamese


Kashim: English Shorthair

Othello: English Shorthair (soon to be groom)

Poppy Q: English Shorthair (with the Glam shot! )

Maxime: Persian

Empress : Egyptian Mau

Miss Kitty : Norwegian Forest Cat

MoMo: Norwegian Forest Cat

Luxor: Oriental Shorthair

Diamond: Russian Blue ( must be a relaxed breed,heehee)

Baci: Lynx Point Himalayan

Prince Muddy Paws(foreground) : Doll-Faced Seal Point Himalayan Persian

Mystic Angel Paws (Myst): Shaded Silver Persian

Bonus Pic: Quasi: MeezerMoggy
I had to include him after he left this cute comment
in Special Breeds #1
I prefer Moggy to Mutt. I'll leave Mutt to the dogs. No offence meant doggies :)

"What a bunch of pin-ups! Perhaps, although I am a "mutt,"
I can be featured if you do this again....Quasi "

Quasi is the author of a book!
"The World is Your Litter Box"

Did you miss T13 Special Breeds #1?
See them here !!!!!

Wednesday 28 May 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Happy Hump Day .




How long 'till the weekend ?

Tuesday 27 May 2008

Tuesday Toes

Hey, do ya wanna see some sweet toes??

These are my front paws.

Cute aren't they ,heehee!!

These are my back paws.

Nice toes Georgia...big too,heehee!!

I am sitting here waiting for grass!

I use my toes to make sure Tillie does not steal my grass.

See me holding some with my paw?

As it turns out,Tillie was snoozing.
You can see her toes too.

Monday 26 May 2008

Mancat Monday

Mancat Monday and I am enjoying some sunshine!

Oh,that sunshine feels so good! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

To all American kitties, have a good Memorial Day.

Sunday 25 May 2008

7 Useful Things Meme

I was tagged by the lovely Miz Allie Cat for the 7 Useful Things Meme.

1. Hand Warmer: When it's cold outside,Mom comes in and holds me and warms her hands.Good thing her hands are not frozen!

2. Pre rinse cat: I can lick the dishes before Mom puts them in the dishwasher. Well, actually,I just lick the ice cream bowl ,heehee.

3. Smile generator : Mom looks at me and smiles!

4. Mental Health Cat: When Mom has a bad day, I come and purr for her and suddenly she feels better! Mom also loves it when I run to greet her when she comes home.

5. Home Protector: I look out the windows and will meow at things that are outside. Sometimes,I will even machine paw the window to scare an intruder away!

6. Writer: Well,this blog does not write itself!

7. Ego Booster: I know how to make Mom feel good. She says you are nobody until you have been ignored by a cat!

Saturday 24 May 2008

Photo Hunt - Shoes

Photo Hunters

The theme this week for the Photo Hunt is : SHOES

Well, I do not wear SHOES. No self respecting cat does.

Mom, on the other hand , does wear SHOES. But not the " nice, pretty" ones.

Her SHOES are really worn out!! Look at these pictures!!!

Sneaker ( SHOES )

Garden boots. She calls them "Gumboots", I don't know why.

They are funny looking SHOES!

Here are everybeans favourite!!!!!!

Mom says these SHOES are "knockoffs".

I don't know what that means either, but thet are also worn out.

Look closely, you can see creases!!!!!!!!!

Now, look at this fine paw !!! No SHOES here !! I have pads and claws .

They never wear out either!

I do not see why beans wear SHOES , paws are much more practical !!!