Monday 26 February 2018

Monday with Georgia

Georgia: Just having a stroll across the rug.
Checking out the living room at the same time.
Looking over here...

Looking over there...

Looking up at mum.
Hi mum!

Posing nicely for the camera.

Now...what do you suppose Julie is doing?

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Friday 23 February 2018

Let's get this Weekend Started!

Georgia: Well, we had a warmer week with rain so almost 
of the snow is gone. Only where it is piled up can you see any
and the piles are not big at all.
Today is sunny and we should have daytime temps  in the 
warmer range through next week(0 to 5 C ) with sun 
and maybe some rain. Not typical February temps for us at all !
Naturally this mostly affects mum as we do not go outdoors.
We are warm and cozy all the time.

As you can see, I am quite cozy on this blanket.

Julie is cozy sitting on the chair.
She hopes mum will put the camera away and sit and read
so she can curl up on mum's lap.

JJ also loves the blanket. He is hoping he can convince mum to
give him some treats. As the oldest cat here(20) he is
not worried about calories. He just wants junk food .
Mind you, we all do .

Mum might be away part of Saturday to go to her
nephew's house warming.
That's OK, we will get plenty of snuggles when she comes back.

As always, we wish you all a happy and FUN weekend.
Any plans? Let us know.

Monday 19 February 2018

Holiday Monday with Georgia

Georgia: Hello and welcome to Monday. I am happy
because mum is home because it is a holiday
knows as Heritage Day.
I am looking forward to extra scritches and brushings!

JJ is pretty impressed as he thinks his colouring  matches the floor!
Well, he is right!

We enjoyed lots of sun on Saturday.

Then we got snow(but not a lot) on Sunday.

It made the trees look pretty.

Earl the Squirrel did not mind the snow.
Mum put out seeds and he found them

Mum found the squirrel's footprints in the snow too.

This is our yard ...for now.
Today is sunny and Tuesday is going to  be rainy!
What a strange Winter so far!

Julie is enjoying the extra mum day too.

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Friday 16 February 2018

Finally Friday !

Georgia: We are happy because it's Friday!
Not only that, it is a long weekend too as we celebrate
Heritage Day is a day we honour  remarkable people,places 
and events that have contributed to this provinces unique heritage.
This year we honour Mona Louise Parsons
You can read her remarkable story by clicking on the red link.

We will be sure to enjoy this weekend with the extra mum day.
Today, we are doing close ups and we hope you enjoy them.




We also purr you all have a FUN weekend
no matter what you are doing!

Monday 12 February 2018

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Some weeks we have snow,other weeks we have rain.
This week we had rain and most of the snow is gone.
This Winter has been very up and down with 
the weather. We do not usually have more rain than snow.

Since it has been rainy, I have spent more time snoozing
and hanging out with mum.
I would probably do the same think if it were snowy.

JJ often keeps me company.
He likes to keep an eye on mum too. 
He is very hopeful that she will have treats for him.
She only gives them out after breakfast and supper.
Still, he remains hopeful, because you never know...

Here is Julie being hopeful too.
She is not looking for treats, she wants out on the porch!

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Friday 9 February 2018

Let's Get This Weekend Started!

So, what's going on here?

A fresh bowl of water!
We love water and drink lots.
This makes mum happy as water is good for us.
Georgia loves her water.

After a nice drink, JJ decides to find a cozy spot on this bed.

Julie is just hanging out.
When it is bedtime, she sometimes sleeps under mum's bed.
Sometimes she sleeps on it with mum and JJ and Georgia.
Then things are really cozy!

We may get lots of nap time this weekend.
It looks like there may be more rain  Saturday night
and Sunday.
Mum will most likely sit and read a book.
That is purrfect for Julie, she loves to sleep on mum's lap.

What are you all doing this weekend?
We purr it involves FUN!

Monday 5 February 2018

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Well, Monday is here again so another week is starting.
As an indoor cat, I do not mind that it is Winter.
The climate indoors is quite cozy.

I have many comfy places to sleep and a great companion
in my big brother JJ.

Outdoors is another matter.Saturday was very cold.
On Friday it got warm during the day,then the 
temperatures dropped quickly at night.
There was a "flash freeze" and now the snow is as 
hard as ice!
Mum still went outside to put  out birdseed.
These ducks were happy.

It is not easy to tell from this picture,but the 
landscape is frozen solid.
The forecast for today(Monday)?... Rain!
Rain and frozen ground do not mix well.
Mum should have a fun time getting to work
We will think about her as we  snooze indoors. MOL!

Here is Julie doing her best(and succeeding) at not
looking at the camera!

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Friday 2 February 2018

Finally Friday

Do you know what is wrong with this picture?

How about this one?

If you guessed that they are NOT pictures of us
on the porch you are right!!!
Mum got sick last weekend and was in bed.
We did not get on the porch at all!
Then, when she felt better(Tuesday) we had a blizzard!

We did a lot of this.
Nurse Georgia

and this Nurse Julie.

Thank goodness it worked and mum is 98% better.
She still has an annoying cough and a little bit
of a runny nose.

The weather was just as sick, well strange.
It snowed, was sunny  then it rained.
Friday it will  rain all day then snow some overnight.
Saturday will be colder, but sunny!
That means porch time as mum is feeling better.
Paws crossed we get to have some FUN this weekend!
We purr you all have some FUN too.

Mum, we purr you stop coughing. It spoils our naps!

Oh by the way...
Happy Groundhog Day !

(we don't think our guy will see his shadow...yay)