Monday 27 April 2015

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: I am enjoying a lazy Monday.
I like this soft blankie and since Mom is at work
this seems a good place to hang out.

My brother Treasure thinks it is a good idea too.

When Mom is working on our blog, JJ likes to
snoopervise. He is pretty good at that.

We thought we would show you our Spring progress.
This is Coltsfoot. It is one of the first things to bloom
after the snow melts.

This is a tiny flower. Mom planted it some years ago
and cannot remember what it is called.

As you can see, not all of our snow has melted.
This batch will take longer to melt as it  was
where Mom shovelled the snow from the driveway.

 The long garden by the driveway also has snow .
This Yucca plant has emerged within the past week.
We will be having more rain this week, so more snow
 will be melting. That is great as some kitties here
are looking forward to getting grass to eat.

Julie was having some fun on the porch.
Why not see what she was up to.

See Julie at House Panthers.

Friday 24 April 2015

Friday Close Ups with Guests

Today, for your viewing pleasure, we give you Close ups!






(first one mom has ever seen . she was excited)


Monday 20 April 2015

Georgia- An Award and Questions Answered

A very long time ago End of March)
those pawsome kitties at Lone Star Cats gave Georgia this
pawsome award!

I am finally answering the questions.

1.  What are yer favoritest toy?  
Nip stuffies, crunchie balls, da bird on da wand, balls, track toys??

Georgia: I really like nip stuffies and the wand toy!
 I feel so happy after playing with da nip,heehee
 Gee, I need to get Mom to refresh some of my toys!

2.  Does ya evfur gets peep food?  How does ya goes about gettin it?  
I are always lookin for new strategeries.

Georgia: That's easy. Tuna! Mom is good about sharing that.
          As for getting it, Julie does the work of convincing Mom to share
         and we all benefit.Sometimes I get to lick out the cereal bowl.
         Believe it or not, we do not bother Mom for food.Must be because
         she is away from home for 12 hours a day. We have breakfast, supper and a bedtime treat.
         We don't always get human food, but when we do, it's because Mom will share.

3.  How does ya feel bout pupses?

  Georgia: When I was younger, there was a woofie here. He was pretty rambunctious
           so he had his own room. He was also pretty old and has been gone a long time now.
  We are not sure what it would be like to have a woofie now.
           We kinda like our current setup, though Julie and I do not always get along.
4.  Who are yer famous cat role model?  
Garfield, Bucky Katt, Grumpy Cat, well, who are it?

   Georgia: Some of our role models are blogging cats that have passed on or do not blog anymore.
   We liked a cat called Skeezix. He was a cool dresser! WE like Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub as they show it is possible to overcome physical problems and still have a great life.
            We also like Summer, because she goes out in public! We also like Bailey Boat Cat
            because he is brave and lives on a boat! Yikes, all that water.
Actually, we like so many kitties in the Blogosphere!They all inspire us, including you!

5.  Are ya a finicky eater or a gobbler?
    Georgia: I pretty much like food.Mom has been stingy with my portions lately
              as she says I am not active enough. In other words I am on the dreaded diet.

6.  What are da most embarassin thing ya has evfur done?

    Georgia: Well, I like to get in the nook in our brick wall.
             I like to rub my cheeks on the bricks and Mom caught me licking the bricks!
             I can't help it, they has a flava.
             That's all I will confess to right mow.

7.  Has ya ever eaten a weird non-food item?  Whut wuz it?

    Georgia: I am not much of a nibbler. Outside of licking bricks I don't eat weird stuff.
Well, maybe I do bite screens when they are already torn,heehee
             Sometimes I lick and bite(lightly)  Mom's fingers when she gives me scritches.

8.  How do ya deal wif da pawpurrazzi??

    Georgia: I have been with Mom for so long that I just close my eyes
             or look away.That drives Mom nuts, but I like to make her work for the good pictures.
             She tries to be sneaky but I am smarter than she is. MOL!

9.  Does ya keep your secrematary company while dey duz your typin for ya?

    Georgia: Oh yeah. There is a bed in the computer room and I like to hang out there.
             It's nice as I can get lits of scritches.
             JJ gets on the desk and tries to scratch his cheek on Mom's hand when
             she is using the mouse. He also stands in front of the monitor.
             Mom sometimes has to put him on the floor  or with me. Heehee!
You can  see him here.
10.  How do ya feel bout water?  Duz ya like it, hate it, or wanna play in it?
     Georgia: I like water. When I was younger, I would lick the water coming out of the tap.
              Now, I like to drink lots of it. I even like to lick the top of the water bowl.
              I do not play in it though, and do not want to have a bath in it!

11.  Who are your BFF?

     Georgia: I like JJ. He is a very easy going cat and likes everyone.
              He is good at grooming us too. We sometimes sit together 
              and sleep together. I also like Mom.
I also think I have an admirer.
A certain original member at this blog, WMD ! ::blush::

My sisfur Julie is noticing something very interesting.

Pop over and see her at House Panthers.
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Friday 17 April 2015

Let's Get This weekend Started!

Georgia: We will be looking forward to another sunny weekend.
That will be pawsome as it means porch time!

We will get to look out the windows and see the snow disappear.

JJ will look forward to more snoozes in his favourite box.

Julie will also enjoy relaxing time in her box.

Keeping an eye on Mom.

And anything else that might happen.

Lots of Critter TV to keep Treasure amused.

What did you see Treasure?

He climbed a tree.

He can check us out from his high perch.

We are looking forward to a lazy weekend.
We purr you all have  a FUN one too!

Monday 13 April 2015

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: I like to snooze and I especially like to snooze
in the glorious sunshine.
It is nice on the porch and the temperature is warm
 as the porch is enclosed.

JJ likes to snooze in a box.

Treasure likes to move around,sit for a bit and move again.

We especially were happy to see the snow melting.
This pic is from March 29.

This pic is from Sunday

From March 29

From Sunday.
The snow is going fast as we are finally getting Spring
like temperatures! WooHoo!

 What does Julie think of the past weekend?

You can see her at House Panthers!

Friday 10 April 2015

Finally Friday, and That's a Good Thing

Georgia: Hmmmm, this post looks like it will suffice.
I think I need a good stretch and then enjoy the
upcoming weekend.
Mom says it will be warm and sunny by Sunday!
We have been having some sun and cloud and rain.

Julie and JJ were very interested in the outside one day.
What held their attention?

Earl the Squirrel!

Good thing there is a screen in that window!

What are you going to do this weekend Treasure?

I am going to sit in this window and watch the snow melt!

Now, back to my exercise...

Oh, that felt good.
OK! Lets get this weekend started!

We purr you all have a great and fun weekend too !