Wednesday 30 March 2016

Goodbye Dear Monty

Like most of the Cat Blogosphere, we were saddened to hear
that Monty crossed his rainbow Bridge.
We gave many fond memories of him and of all the fun we had.
It is always sad to say goodbye to a fine kitty
 and we send lots of purrs to his family.
Teach the Bridge gang how to do the Q Monty !

Monday 28 March 2016

It Was a Nice, Snoozy Weekend !

 JJ: On a day that is overcast and a bit rainy,
the best thing to do is have a nice snooze!



As usual, Julie takes a while before she settles
down for a snooze.

To see what Julie did before her nap just
pop over to House Panthers.

Friday 25 March 2016

Lazy Good Friday

Today is Good Friday and Mum is home with us.
It is cool this morning and there is a little freezing rain,
but it will warm up by lunch time and change to rain.
So what is a kitty to do on a rainy day?

Georgia loves to sleep on the floor vents with warm air
blowing into her body.

JJ is  nice and cozy in a pile of blankies.

 Treasure is also snoozing on the blankie.

Julie: Yup, the rain makes a kitty tired.

Mum let me have a little snooze on the dryer.
The laundry room is always warm, but I can only
get in here when mum is around.

On Monday, we had snow, but not as much as was predicted.

Today, most of the snow is gone again.
The coming week will be warmer , so most of  the remaining
snow will melt.
We look forward to seeing the grass turning green.

We purr you all have a FUN weekend!

Monday 21 March 2016

Man-Squirrel Monday with Earl and Julie Ladycat

Julie: Well, the other cats are all having a nice snooze,
 so I am doing the Monday post here and also
As you can see, it was sunny on Sunday.
Today, we are getting a mixed bag of weather.
There will be snow,ice pellets,rain and snow.
Guess I'll be joining the nappers.

Earl dropped by early Sunday morning to get the sunflower
seeds mum puts out.
He's lost his head over the seeds! MOL!

He chews through those seeds pretty fast!

Easier to access when you get in the stump.

Guess he's going to be busy for a while.

This is what our yard looked like Sunday.
I'll show you what it looks like today when mum
gets home from work,

Since it was sunny on Sunday, I had a blast on the porch!
Check it out at House Panthers.
Click Here !

Friday 18 March 2016

Finally Friday

Georgia: We have had an interesting week.
We had sun,rain, a snow shower last night and rain again today!

I think I will turn around.

We should have a nice,sunny weekend though.
I am happy about that!

JJ: I like being on the porch too.
This cabinet smells neat. Inside is where mum keeps all
the sunflower seeds that she puts out for the critters.

Julie: I am looking forward to the weekend too.
You all know how much I love sunshine!

Treasure: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
Sunshine heels SO good!

We are happy it's the weekend!
Have a FUN one friends!

Monday 14 March 2016

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Sunday was a mix of sun and cloud.
While the temperatures were above freezing, they were not
warm enough to be on the porch. I chose to look out
of the living room window instead. It overlooks the porch

We did have some critters visiting for the  seeds mum
puts out.

I decided that this cat tree was a comfy place to
watch Critter TV.

JJ was also in a lazy mood and spent a good part of the 
day having a snooze. Here, he is deciding his nest move.
 He went back to sleep.

Treasure went out on the porch for a bit but did not stay out.
Here he is coming back inside.

The snow we got Friday is melting fast!
Mum did not bother to shovel as it was not very deep.

She did go out and found these day lilies emerging !
Spring is showing signs of coming. Woot!

Julie enjoyed catching some sunbeams too.
She also got to see Earl the Squirrel.

You can see more at House Panthers.

Friday 11 March 2016

Random Pictures on Friday

Georgia: Mum likes to take pictures of us and  she takes lots.
We are pretty sure your purrson takes lots 
of pictures of you too.
These are some pictures mum found when going through
the pictures she took over the past couple of weeks.
She caught me having a nice stretch.

Here is Treasure walking toward her.

JJ having a nice snooze on the porch.

Julie eyeing mum from her box.
She says "I've got my eyes on you" !

Mum took this picture Thursday night.
As you can see, the snow is melting.
However, we are getting snow and ice pellets today.
It should stop by the afternoon and then we will
have a sunny weekend!
Bet that sun will melt any new snow.

We purr the weather is good where you live.
Either way...have a FUN weekend !

Monday 7 March 2016

A Good Weekend Was Had by All!

Georgia: As you can see, Mum was right. 
We did have a snowstorm on Saturday with snow
and big wind! The only good thing, mum said,
was that the snow was light and powdery and easy to shovel.

She was right about Sunday too. It was sunny!
The sun is warm and is already melting the snow.

I enjoyed some time on the porch.

I also watched Critter TV.

It was a good day on the porch.

JJ and Treasure  enjoyed the sunshine too.

JJ loves the warm rays on his furs.

Treasure wanted a closer look at Critter TV.

Julie, as you can see, also loved the sunbeams!

You can see what else she did at
House Panthers!

Friday 4 March 2016

Finally Friday!

Georgia: It's the weekend again JJ. 
That means we get more time on the porch!

Mum: Not until Sunday Georgia. It's going to snow
a bit on Saturday.

Snow!We don't want snow!.

Neither do I sweetie, but it will not be too bad.
At least I hope it won't. But it will be sunny Sunday
and it will warm up a lot next week with sunny days.

Treasure: Well, I prefer sunshine, but I will take mum time.

Julie: Wake me when the sun comes out.

While we will be getting some snow on Saturday,
we will have some sun on Sunday and it will warm up more 
as the week goes on and melt that snow.
Regardless of what kind of weather you have this weekend,
we purr it is a FUN weekend !