Friday 30 November 2012

Finally Friday

Tillie: Oh dear, the sun seems to have gone away.

Oooo yeah, a good stretch!! I must go see about that sunshine!

Well, I don't see it out the kitchen window .

Nope,not out the other window either!

Gee, I guess the clouds have hidden the sun.
What should I do now?

 Georgia: Sleep Tillie. Just sleep.
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :)

Today is the last day of  Mom's staycation. We loved having her 
home and she liked being with us! She will work for 2 weeks 
have another week off !!! We can't wait !

We purr you all have a fun  weekend !!

Monday 26 November 2012

The Eyes Have It !

Georgia: So there I was,enjoying a nice Sunday snooze 
and Mom comes along with that camera!

 She said something about taking pictures of our eyes.
Gee Mom, you see them all the time, why take pictures?
Mom: Because you all have such lovely eyes and I want to 
showcase them, and I need practice with my camera. 

 Mom got Tiger to open her eyes for a picture, 
not always an easy task! Hahaha!

Here is JJ showing off his big,green  eyes.

Treasure was more interested in having a nap,so he is showing
off his sleepy eyes! Hahaha!

Georgia: Oh,back to me are you? Well, OK.

Mom! How many pictures are you going to take?

Mom: Oh,this is a nice one.It will do for now.

Mom! Why are you still taking pics?
I would like to get back to my nap.

I am a bit crabbilated!
Picture this!

Want to see Tillie and Julie eyes?
Pop over to House Panthers.

We are very happy today,because when Mom comes home
tonight,she will be on vacation for the rest of the week!!!
She is staying home so it is a STAYCATION !!
Mom time...WOOT!!!

Friday 23 November 2012

Finally Friday_Sunseekers Edition

We are really enjoying this Friday as it is sunny and warm!
Tomorow will be rainy and Sunday will be rainy and cold!
Today is all about the sun !!!

JJ is asking Julie if he can share the sunny spot.

Julie does not mind.

There is plenty of room.

 Tiger loves the sun on her furs,

and Tillie does too ! Those dark furs soak up that sunny heat.

Treasure likes the sun beating down on his neck.
He is probably thinking about where to have his nap.

We also got an award that makes us happy.
It is for multi - pet homes and as there are 6 of us we
guess we qualify. It was given to us by our furcousins
at Team Tabby!! Thanks guys!

We will pass this award on to :

 also any of you who do not have the award 
and have many furbabies!

Have a super fun weekend !

Monday 19 November 2012

Musings with Georgia and a bit of Drama

Georgia: So, there I was,just having a nice little relaxing nap
when Mom and her flashy box come along. "Let's do a photoshoot
she says." So I said,OK as long as it is quick.

I moved onto a chair with a window behind me.
 I like to challenge Mom and her camera, heehee.
It's the price she pays for disturbing me.

Mom then decided to take a profile picture. She likes the
curve of my cute nose!

Oh no!!!!!!!
Tillie and Julie are growling at each other again!!
Wonder if they will get together and fight!

Oh, I can't watch this!

Oh wait! Did Mom threaten with the squirty bottle???
I HAVE to watch this!!
Mom has used that bottle a few times already with those two girls! 
Hahahahaha !

Yeah, I'm watching you Tillie!!!

Yeah? Well I'm watching you too Julie!!

Tillie and Julie: Gulp!!!!!!! Let's growl later !!!

See Tillie and Julie on the porch!
They are silly House Panthers !

Friday 16 November 2012

Nip Friday Fun !

Georgia: Oh boy the weekend is here and that means  we have
two Mom days! We are starting the weekend early as Mom
has given us some catnip from our furcousins garden !

Oh excuse me, my mind is getting fuzzy...

Tillie: Oh yeah Georgia,this is pawsome stuff!!!
Oh ,I gotta suck up that heavenly nip smell !

Ahhhhhhhhh. Now I can sit here a bit and just chill out!
Can you see bits of the breen catnip leaves on the ess?

Look at Julie rubbing her face! This makes Mom laugh.
She does that too, when Mom rubs her belly.

She is one crazy panther who also loves the nip!

JJ got wind of the catnip on the ess and came running!
As you can see, he is really loving his fix. 
We will be a bunch of relaxed kitties this weekend !

Tiger: This is what I plan to do all weekend.
Mom said it is going to be sunny  !!!

Treasure: I am going to soak up the sunbeams too!! 
We had rain this week and some record setting high temperatures.
 We saw sun on Thursday afternoon so I am ready for more. 
It will turn colder this weekend but it will be sunny, 
and the sun makes the porch so warm. Mmmm,I love it.

We hope you have a sunny ,war, fun weekend too !!

Monday 12 November 2012

Monday with Georgia

 Georgia: I like this carpeted shelf.  It is  very comfy.

I just need to get settled

Treasure: Georgia, you look pretty relaxed up there.
maybe I should curl up on another shelf!

Tiger has a nice comfy ,cozy spot for snoozing.

JJ is sitting by the ess. I bet he is watching the drama
going on between Tillie and Julie!

We hope you all have a fun and cozy week !!
Pop over to House Panthers if you want to see
the panther sisters,Tillie and Julie.

Sunday 11 November 2012

Remembrance Day in Canada

Today we observe Remembrance Day by honouring 
the men and women who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms.
We also honour those that continue to serve.

After  a service in Ottawa,people put the poppies they were wearing
 on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It is a way of
saying  thank you. Services are carried out in communities
throughout Canada.

The poppy we wear was inspired by the poem
"In Flanders Fields".
In other years,special coins were made to honour our Veterans.

Thank you to all our Veterans who have served
and those who continue to serve.