Monday 27 March 2017

Morning Sunshine with Georgia

Georgia: Sunday morning was nice and sunny.
There was a nice sunspot and I had to check it out.
So did JJ.

I even did some poses for mum.

She likes when I sit in the sun and when my furs
get highlighted.
Mum, this is way too much highlight!
At least my face looks pawsome. MOL!

JJ was wandering around a bit before he went off
for a nap.

He is standing on this hutch.Inside the hutch you can see 
a picture of Earl the Squirrel and my angel sister Tillie.
I miss her even if she did chase me sometimes.

Julie,who also tends to chase me sometimes, also came to
check out the sunbeam.
Fortunately, she decided to go on the porch instead.
The picture in the background is mum's Dad.
It was taken a long time ago when he was young.

You all know how much Julie loves the porch.
Check out her porch time by going over

Just click the RED link.

Friday 24 March 2017

Finally Friday

Georgia:I am ready for the weekend.
After a week with  cool, snow/freezing rain,warm temps
freezing cold temps and coolish temps today I am 
looking forward to the weekend as mum says it will
be warm and cloudy on Saturday  and sunny on Sunday.
That means I might join Julie on the porch as it will be 
warm  for a change.

Gee, I hope that weatherpurrson does not change the forecast
unless it's for the better!

JJ: I like weekends too. Mum is around and I get lots
of scritches  and some treats.

Mum likes that I pose for her.
I like to please mum.
I'm a pretty easy going guy and don't get too excited about stuff.
Maybe that's why I managed to get to 19 years old.
Mum is not sure of my birth month, but this year, I will turn 20!
While I like to sleep a lot I do not feel like I am 20 .
I am still pretty healthy.

Julie: I love weekends and I love to spend time with mum.
I like to be near her and I sleep in her lap when she reads her books.
As you know, I also like my porch.
I really hope it will be warm this weekend so I can go out 
on the porch!

It IS going to be warmer on the porch isn't it mum?

Oh Julie, I hope so. I;m tired of the cold too.

Well friends, what are you looking forward to this weekend?

We purr it involves FUN!!

Monday 20 March 2017

Georgia's Monday Musings

Georgia: Hi friends.I hope your weekend was good. 
Ours was quiet and that was good for getting lots
 of scritches from mum. I liked that.

Last Tuesday we had a snowy,rainy and very
windy night. It was a bit scary.
The wind broke this tree!

This is a cherry tree that was old and had never been trimmed.
The ground around here has a lot of bedrock,
so trees cannot put down deep roots.
With the super dry Summer, the trees are all stressed.
That makes them brittle and branches break easily.
This is the 3rd tree this Winter.

That is one reason we are so happy to say...

My younger sister Julie has a few thoughts too.

You can see her over at House Panthers.

Just follow the red link.

Friday 17 March 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day !

We wish all our friends a

We also wish you all a FUN weekend!

Monday 13 March 2017

Georgia Says the Weekend Was Sunny but Cold!

Georgia: Oh hi! Happy Monday!
I am in my favourite spot, the floor vent.
It has been very cold this past weekend. 
We even had a light dusting of snow and some very strong
wind. I am thankful for the warm air blowing up  from the
floor vent.

Sunday was cold and sunny.
Mum saw JJ sitting up in a little beam of morning sun.
She liked the lighting and took his picture.

JJ thought he would show you his fine other side.

My sister Julie was in the kitchen.
Something outside caught her eye.

To see what Julie was looking at outdoors,
pop over to House Panthers!

Friday 10 March 2017

Let's Get This Weekend Started!

Georgia: Mum has been around with that camera again.
She was trying out some ways to deflect the flash so
we do not end up with laser eyes.

The results were not too bad.
However, we tended to not look into the camera.
The pilot light is our cue to look away,right JJ?

Julie: Are you done yet mum?
Come on...Let's get this weekend started!

Yup, the weekend is here.
Are you excited? What are you going to do?
Mum says it will be cold again this weekend, buy sunny.
Maybe we will try the porch again.

Whatever you do, we purr you have

Monday 6 March 2017

Georgia's Thoughts on the Past Weekend

Georgia: IT WAS COLD!
I spent most of the weekend here on this
nice warm vent.
It was sunny but it was cold and there was a wind chill!

JJ was not impressed with the cold either.
He hunkered down on some fleecy blankies.

Mum gad to go out in the cold to go to the Vet.
She went to pick up some meds that JJ and I are taking.
On the way, she saw these geese in the lake!

There were 5 of these guys.
I cannot imagine them in the water,let alone cold water!

While it was cold this weekend, we have had mild days 
and rain and lots of thick fog.
As you can see, it took away a lot of the snow.
We hope more goes away as it will be a bit warmer.

What did Julie, the Porch Queen, think of the weekend?

Pop over to House Panthers and find out!

Friday 3 March 2017

Finally Friday !

Georgia: It's finally Friday and I am happy.
Mum said that we should see the sunshine this weekend.
She also said it will be colder.
I don't mind the cold part as I am an indoor cat and 
we have a furnace that blows lovely warm air.

JJ: I am glad it's Friday  too.I will get lots of scritches and 
brushings from mum.Even though it will be colder outside,
the porch should be pretty nice as it is enclosed.
The sun shining in warms it up.

Julie: I'm glad it's the weekend because I get more time
 on the porch! I love my porch.
Sometimes at night, mum lets me out here.
I can hear mice running and I try to catch them.
When I do, mum does not want me to bring them indoors. 

I am ready for the weekend.
I am ready for the sunshine.
I am ready for the porch!

What are you waiting for this weekend?
Whatever it is, have FUN!