Monday 29 August 2016

Mancat Monday with JJ

 Hello friends. It's me JJ.
I am your Mancat for today.
My brother Treasure did a post,now it's my turn.
Like him, I am 19 years old and am in pretty good health.
I had some blood stolen by the Vet on Thursday .
I have  Hyperthyroid  and she was pleased with the results.
There is no change in my meds.

My hobbies are eating and sleeping and looking for scritches.
I get along with everycat. Mum says I am very laid back.

I like to be on the porch and I share it with Julie.
We get along really well.
The sun feels really good on these old bones.
I like to spend a lot of time here.
Sometimes mum even brings me treats!

Speaking of Julie, she is posting today at
House Panthers.

Pop over and see her.

Friday 26 August 2016

Finally Friday Close Ups !

Georgia: We are happy today is Friday.
Mum will be around more and we like that

JJ: We also like the fact that it will be sunny and warm.
That makes for pawsome sleeping!

Julie: You know I love my porch as much
 as I love being close to  mum.

Treasure: I like all the scritches mum gives me.
I love attention and I get lots.

We  purr you all have a FUN weekend !
Get lots of attention,scritches purrson time and naps!

One more thing:
Thank you all dear friends for helping us celebrate 9 years of blogging :)
We are happy to have met you and look forward to continuing the adventures with you!
The Cat Blogosphere friends are the best!!!!

Wednesday 24 August 2016

Our 9th Blogoversary!

Well dear friends, we have made it to 9 years!
We are pretty amazed we have blogged that long.
There have been many changes over the years too.

Our big brother Mickey started this blog in 2007.
It was a new experience for him and for mum.
We did not always know how to do things or how they worked.
Other bloggers were helpful then and they remain so today.

We have met so many pawsome friends too. 
That is the best part about blogging.
That is why we will continue to blog.

We purr you will join us in celebrating our 9th year.
Thank you all
 for being a wonderful part of our experience!
We look forward to more years of sharing adventures with you.

 Big purrs, Georgia, Julie, JJ and Treasure
and mum Nancy

Monday 22 August 2016

Mancat Monday with Treasure

Treasure: I do not often get a post by myself but today is 
one of the times I am posting.
I like sitting here and looking out of the window.

 I  often see squirrels running on the deck railing.
This deck is in the back of the house and there are lots of trees.

I am about 19 years old and have pretty good health.
I have no teeth, they were stolen a few years ago.
Mum says I have some matted furs and she is always 
picking at them!  I don't like that.

Mum says  am a really nervous cat. Not sure why, I just am.
I do like to snooze, and will let mum give me scritches.
Sometimes I like to sit and howl for no reason.
Maybe to show that my lungs are still pretty good. Heehee.

Well, it was nice visiting with you, but I think I will
have a nap now.
Have a good Monday.
I will see you again Wednesday for a special anniversary!

My little sisfur Julie has a post today.
You can see her at House Panthers.

Friday 19 August 2016

Let's Get This Weekend Started !

Georgia: This weekend I will play on the porch.

I might even play with this string again.

It was pretty fun.

It was hard to grab with my paw though.

While the string may be fun,

I may decide to just sit and watch what ever  happens
this weekend.
That's the best part of definite plans.

What ever you choose to do this weekend,
we hope FUN is a big part of it!

Wednesday 17 August 2016

Black Cat Appreciation Day with Julie!

Julie :  Happy Black Cat Appreciation day! 

Yup, I,m a bit late, but here I am !

Monday 15 August 2016

Rainy Day at Mickey's Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Sunday and today were a bit rainy.
We did not mind as the rain helped the people fighting
some forest fires in our province.
Rainy days are good for snoozing, not that
Treasure and I need an excise! MOL!

JJ was on the porch.
He loves it out there as much as Julie.

He says is is a purrfect place for snoozing.
It certainly looks comfy enough.

Julie enjoyed her time on the porch too.

You can see more of her day at House Panthers.

Friday 12 August 2016

Finally Friday

Georgia: Mum said we might see some rain this weekend.
She says that would be a good thing as we have forest fires
The fires are not near us.

Resting is something we kitties know about.
We will most likely do some resting this weekend.
I am up on this shelf mum pot on a wall.
I like it as it has great views.

Treasure loves sleeping an beds.
They are soft and comfy .

JJ loves the porch.
Mum put extra  padding and towels on an old couch. 
That makes it purrfect.

You just know that Julie will be on the porch!
She loves it the most. There is so much to see.
She loves mouse hunting out there too if they are silly
enough to come in.
She also loves to watch Critter TV.
Well, we all do as it can be good.

Especially when this guy is on!
We love the Earl Show!

Whatever is going on where you live, and we purr it is all good,
we wish you all a FUN weekend!

Monday 8 August 2016

Porch Fun with Mousies!

Georgia: We have these pawsome mousies.
Mum marinated them in catnip.
WOW! Do they smell good!

So fun to play with too!

Intoxicated with joy!
Mayne a little catnip too, heehee

JJ enjoyed a mousie too!

He had that mousie up in the air and playing wildly!

Oops! Maybe too wildly!

You know Julie had fun too!

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Friday 5 August 2016

Lazy Days of Summer

Georgia: We have been enjoying our staycation with mum.
We have enjoyed lots of snuggles,scritches and plenty of 
warm sunshine.
Here is a picture taken in the early morning.

With my head in the shade, I don't have to squint.

Julie has also enjoyed snoozing in the sun.

Naturally, she loves to sleep on the porch.

So does JJ.

Treasure is the only hold out.
He loves this blankie on a bed.
He does not like being disturbed.

We will enjoy this weekend as mum goes back to work
on Monday. She does not mind as she still has vacation
left. We like that too.

Whatever you do, where ever you are
we wish you all a FUN weekend !

Monday 1 August 2016

Monday Funday !

Julie: Last weekend, our Vet had an Open House.
Mum went and bought raffle tickets on this basket
and she won!
Here I am posing with the basket.

Georgia: Look at the goodies. There are a few things for a dog,
and things for cats! Mum will give the doggie stuff to a friend.

Mmmmmmmmm, this stuff looks good. I see treats and toys.
Mum likes the bag of Dental cat food.
Guess we will be getting some of that.

This is the contents of the basket.

Mum also spent some time in town.
The Buskers are here.
These are some young people enjoying zip lining.

They are brave!

While touring a ship in the harbour,mum took this picture.
There were lots of people there!

Any celebration does not get started until there is a
bit of "Chaos" 

When it was time to leave,mum crossed the harbour on a 
ferry just like the one in the picture. That one is headed to Halifax

Today is "Natal Day"
That means it is the birthday of the city of Halifax.
Today, Halifax is 121 years old!

Pop over to House Panthers.
Julie has a few more pictures.
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