Monday 31 December 2018

Happy New Year's Eve!

We wish you all the best for 2019!!!!!!!!!

 We raise out Niptinis to welcome another
year of visiting friends.

We are happy that you all have visited us this
past year and we look forward to visiting you
in 2019 !
We still believe in the cat Blogosphere!
We believe in FUN !

Purrs from,

Georgia,Julie and JJ

Friday 28 December 2018

Finally Friday Reflections

Well  friends, another year is drawing to a close.
As with most years,there was lots going on
In mum's family there have been additions and passages.
We are all getting older, but we still have lots to look
forward to  as 2019 approaches.

Georgia is giving an impression of an action shot.
Mum wants her to be more active so that is something
 she will work on with Georgia in the new year.
She will be entering her 16th year in 2019 and 
mum wants her to be healthy.

JJ is thinking about his 22 years.
He thinks he has had a pretty good life and looks forward
to sunny days and relaxing in a sunbeam.

At 9 years old, Julie just wants to hang out with mum
 and be wherever she is. Since mum rescued her 
and brought her home, she thinks mum is her person.
As long as she has mum and her porch, she is a happy kitty.

Naturally,  we are all happy cats when we think of
all our friends in the Blogosphere.
You are all amazing and we love following you.

On Christmas morning the sun was shining.
There were also small snowflakes falling.
As the sun shone through them, they sparkled
like diamonds. This picture shows the snowflakes, 
but sadly the sparkle does not show up.

As December draws close to an end and a new year
approaches, we often get reflective.
We reflect on the past year os memories
and wonder what is in store for the coming year.

On thing we will be reflecting on is our friend Tommy

Tommy was a wonderful,gentle friend to cats,dogs and people.
He loved to run in the fields chasing his ball
with his #1, and he loved his kitty family.
We love this picture taken on Christmas Day.
You can see the joy in Tommy's face
as he enjoys his present of a  prosciutto bone.
That shear joy is how we will remember him.

Sadly, Tommy had bad news during a Vet visit.
Yesterday, December 27,2018 Tommy
passed away, and walked into the light.

We are so sad for his family and we will miss this gentle soul.
Tommy, you will always be in our hearts.

Tuesday 25 December 2018

Merry Christmas Day!!

The moon on Christmas Eve

Christmas morning moon

Christmas Day sunrise

Christmas wreath

Christmas morning cats-Georgia and JJ


 We wish all of you a very happy
Christmas Day!

Friday 21 December 2018

Happy Winter Solstice !

Georgia: Well it has been quite the week.
The snow we had last Friday was washed away by rain.
Then on Tuesday, we got more snow!
Now, today and Saturday we are getting more rain.
Lots of rain, up to 50mm (2 inches) !!
We celebrate the first day of Winter with rain.
(click the red link above.There is a recipe for mulled wine)
Saturday will also be a Full Moon  known as
the Cold Moon. (Except our Saturday will be rainy)
The good news is that Christmas Day will be sunny.
Mum likes that as it is a travel day for her as she 
visits with family.

With the shorter days, it is pretty dark when mum gets home.
That does not make for good picture taking.
We do not mind, but mum does.
It also means she has the camera out all weekend!
However, these pictures were shot last night.

As you can see, we are all pretty much in cozy mode.

Sleeping time is getting close and we are ready for that.
So is mum and JJ.

Julie is sitting beside her bed.
She has not decided where she wants to sleep yet.

Here is our Christmas card.
We wish all of you a


And,naturally really FUN weekend too !

Monday 17 December 2018

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: We had a pretty quiet but good weekend.
Mum went to a Christmas party Friday night .
Saturday she went to see her Grand-Niece who is 3 weeks old.
Then she spent Saturday night and Sunday with us.
 I did some lounging on this soft blankie.

JJ was on the porch on Sunday. It was mostly sunny.
He enjoyed that a lot.

Naturally Julie was on the porch too.
She spent lots of time watching the wildlife.

There were birds and ducks eating seeds.

There was a bunch of ducks over near the driveway.
As you can see, a lot of our snow has melted.
Most of it will be washed away as it is
raining this Monday.
Tuesday may be cooler again with snow flurries.
The weather is still up and down.

So far, no big storms and we purr it stays that way !

Friday 14 December 2018

Finally Friday !

Last weekend  we had snow and sun.
This is what it looked like at 4PM.
This weekend we will have rain one day
and sun the next and the temperatures will be 
much warmer!

Georgia: Needless to say, we hope for more sunny porch time!

JJ: Yes, I would love sun and heat.
With the enclosed porch, I often get both.

Julie: I love my porch. It is a pawsome 
place to watch the wildlife outside.
I see squirrels,ducks,crows and lots of other birds.
It is quite entertaining and FUN.

Do you have good views where you live?
WE purr your views are FUN too!

Monday 10 December 2018

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Friday afternoon we had some snow.
It came down in big,fat fluffy flakes.
By evening the flakes were smaller and
a lot wetter and stayed on the ground.
Mum said it was a slippery ride home.
Later the temperature dropped and the snow 
got a bit harder.
Good thing mum went out and shovelled tha walkway 
and a path to the bird feeders.

Saturday and Sunday we had sunshine!
It was pretty nice as there was no wind and
 we got to go out on the porch.
The snow on the trees was pretty.
The bare tree in the foreground is dead.
With all the wind we have been having,
it kept losing branches.
Guess there will be some tree trimming this Spring.

We enjoyed lounging on the porch.
JJ loved soaking up the warm sunshine as did I.

Julie always loves being on the porch and she spent
time watching the squirrels.

Earl made it very easy for her!

Yes, we enjoyed our weekend!

Yes, Julie has started licking again.
Mum says she will try some Bag Balm 
She uses it on her feet. Maybe it is the dry air. 
Last time she did this was last December.

Friday 7 December 2018

Finally Friday Flashback!

Georgia: Mum only worked 3 days this week as Monday
and Tuesday were vacation days.
She was lazy too and did not take pictures of us.
Therefore, we are sharing pictures from this time 
last year.
I liked drinking water then as much as I do now.
That's a good thing as Winter tends to be much
dryer than Summer.

JJ standing on his bed. He likes napping there and 
from this elevated position, he can  keep an eye
on things that are happening around the house.

Julie was having her breakfast. This is her normal place 
for dining. This is also where she sits in the evening to 
watch for mum coming home.

We did not have any snow last year at this time.
Now, we have a dusting on the ground.
Today is sunny and the temperature is not too bad.
We will be having flurries and sun for the next
few days an the temperatures will not be
too cold. We may get on the porch or stay inside
with the heating vents.
Either way we will have FUN !!!
What are you doing this weekend?
 Hope it will be FUN!

Monday 3 December 2018

Monday Musings with Julie

Julie: I was a bit miffed at mum this weekend.
She abandoned me!!!!!!!!
She left Saturday evening and came home
Sunday night!
OK, she did leave us food, but that's not the point.

She went to her sister's place and they  were helping
to get ready for the annual Tea and Tour hosted
by Auntie's church.
After eating, people go to visit 3 houses all
decorated for Christmas.
This was the 23rd year!
Mum said it was great fun and she did miss me.

OK, so I guess it was only for 1 night and she did 
come back and give me lots of cuddles.
I just like having mum around a lot.

Georgia: Julie is such a drama queen!
Here I am proving to mum that I am not
a fussy eater. I ate most of my wet food and 
am eating my dry.
Just because I don't always finish my food
does not make me fussy...right?

JJ: I always finish my food! I like food!
I think Georgia is fussy, but if I can finish her food,
I don't mind at all! Heh!

Georgia is a pretty good snuggle companion though.
And, for the record, we are happy mum is back.
Yeah, Julie is a bit of a drama queen when it comes 
to mum.She thinks mum is hers when we know 
she is ours. Silly girl.MOL!