Tuesday 31 July 2012

Julie Tuesday

Hi, Julie here, doing my very first post.

Mom dragged me to the Vet last night.I was not happy. 
 The first Vet I saw is on holiday, but I liked this Vet too.
She checked me all over and said I was doing very well.
I gained a whole pound and a smidge!!! Then she gave me 
two needles so I do not get Feline Leukemia.
She also gave me treats! Did I say she was nice?

She looked in my mouth and my eyes and decided that I was 
a young kitty, probably about 3 years old. She gave me 
a birthday month too. We all agreed on April 2009.
After all, what girl does not want to be younger,heehee.
The Vets will monitor my furs to see how they grow.
Some furs are growing back,mostly on my back.
We will watch it more for allergies  after I have my
spay operation in mid August. What I want to know is this,
what is a spay operation???
Hmmmm, I think I need more food. Hey Mom... !

Monday 30 July 2012

Monday Musings with Georgia

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! huh? oh,hi!!

I have been napping lots lately as it has been pretty warm.
Mostly,though, because Mom has been out doing things
away from home!!

She was away Thursday and again Saturday.
Needless to say, she owes us BIG time !!!!!!
Especially as this is our 1100 post !!!

There were a lot of entries and the parade was long
Here is a policewoman and police horse.

There were lots of woofies and some dressed up!

Lots of people were singing and dancing on floats!

All kinds of people promoting all kinds of things.
Mom giggled at this guy.
He's also going the wrong way, heeheehee !

Mom liked this guy's head wear. It is all butterflies!!

All in all, almost everyone was in the parade,

and everyone had fun !

We just made sure we got LOTS of attention when she finally
came home!!!!

To see what else Mom was up to, see Tillie
at House Panthers!

Monday 23 July 2012

Monday Musings with Georgia

 We all had a pretty good weekend here with lots  of Mom time.
We had lots of sunshine too and the temps were much cooler!

It is nice to relax on the porch when it is not humid.
 I am going to show you some pictures that explain why
Mom was home late on Friday night!
She actually made us wait for supper!
We forgave her though because she gave us some treats and 
lots of attention!

Mom stopped to see the Tall Ships in Halifax.
One of the ships was The Bounty.

When Mom was coming home she took the ferry across
 Halifax Harbour and saw the big masts of the 

This is the tall ship Larinda and it has quite a story.
What happened to it was sad, but it is now restored.

This is a short history.
It says it's home port is Boutilier's Point.
That's where our furcousins live!!!!!

Look, there is a tasty frog on the bow!!!

With all the scitches and attention, I am going to enjoy
plenty of naps today!!
Hope you all have a happy Monday!!

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Friday 20 July 2012

Friday Thoughts

We always like when Friday comes. That means Mom time.
During the week, Mom is busy, or into a book and we
do not get to visit much. We try to make her help us on 
the weekend. That is hard work friends!!
 That is why we like to snooze as you can see!

Julie likes to snooze up on this cabinet top.

Who me?????
Yes you Julie.

The cabinet has a space in the middle where Julie can look down.
She is reflected in the mirror. Thank heavens as one of her is enough.
She loves Mom,but is slowly warming up to us being around.

Oh how elegant, a foot sticking out!!

Kitty in a box. Can only be one kitty I know of...


That's right Georgia, I love to hang out in this box!!
It's roomy and cozy. Great for napping too !!

We purr you all have a fun weekend and a great place for napping!!!

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Julie Wednesday

Hi Julie here.  
My Auntie took this pic when I was still at her place.

Here I am at my new home, and I am not too sure about things.
 I gave come close to the other kitties, but then get nervous and
hiss at them. Mom says not to worry, making friends takes time.

I am happiest in mt nook. Mom put a mat here so it is 
much more comfy. It is great for sleeping.
 I would like to thank all  of you who welcomed me.
It made me feel happy to have so many friends!! 

You know that handsome kitty that lives in France?
His name is Genji. Well guess what?
Mom says that a new restaurant has opened up and guess what?

It is named after him!!!!!!!
Mom has not gone there, but we are sure it would be good.
Mom thought Genji would be happy to know about this place.

Well, if you don't mind, I think I will go spy on those other
kitties! I may hiss at them, but I cannot help wanting to 
look at them...from a distance, for now.
Purrs Julie.

Monday 16 July 2012

Monday Musings with Georgia

Happy Monday!! It was a hot,sunny weekend and today is a bit 
rainy and not as hot!!! I am laying in one of my fave spots.
It is a nook in the brick wall of the fireplace. It's cozy,
and safe as the fireplace is not working anymore.

When it is hot on the porch, 
I lay on the floor and have a nice snooze.
Mmmmmmm, feels good !!

Little Julie is still avoiding us,though she is getting less nervous.
Her fave place to hang out is the window!! 
She LOVES Squirrel TV!!!!! Maybe because she saw them up 
close when she lived outdoors.

Julie loves to hang out with Mom. She is pretty cute and has
 a little voice. She is slowly getting used to this place and us.
We have not touched noses yet and may not for a while,
but that is OK. We have lots of time.

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Friday 13 July 2012


Hi, Tillie here. As you know, it is Friday the 13!!!
That seems like a good day to introduce the newest
member of our family, Juliette. She  is a panther
like me!! We will call her Julie. Mom gave her that fancy
name so she could say "our pet Juliette".
Apparently this was  a real person.
What can I say, Mom is really weird!!!
Anyway, on to Julie!!

Many of you have seen Julie on our furcousins blog-Team Tabby

Julie appeared to be a stray, and was quite hungry.
She cried to our Auntie for food. As you can also see, her coat 
has patches of missing furs!

No one in the neighbourhood  knew of any missing kitties.
Both Mom and her sister wanted to help her as they thought
she was sweet and very friendly! 
Mom wanted her because  she loves black cats. Smart Mom.
Now we are back to having 2 black cats, 2 Torties and 2 tabbies.
 Food!!! I need more food!!!!!

 Mom brought her home Sunday night and Monday night
she went to the Vet. She had all kinds of tests and shots,
 and she is healthy!!!!  She weighed 6.1 1/2 pounds! Tiny!!
Yesterday, Mom let her out and we got to see her close up. 
It will be a while before we are best buddies as there was 
a lot of hissing on all sides.She takes it all in stride.
 For a tiny kitty, she has a lot of spunk!
She is enjoying window wiffs.

She is also enjoying Squirrel and Bird TV.
As a former outdoor kitty, she might see them as tasty! 
She has her own food now though.

Here she is curled on the shelf above Mom's desk.
See that stack of books? That is why we have a hard time
getting Mom to help us visiting and blogging.
They are not even books about cats!!!!! Sheesh!

Mom loves this picture.The expression,ears and the shape of 
her nose remind her of  Mickey. 

We will need more time to get used to each other, and we
have plenty of that!! Welcome home Julie!!!

Julie Stats::
Age : approx 3-6 years
Weight: 6.1 1/2 pounds
Sex: female
Felv and FIV free
Vet says she is healthy,just thin
Not spayed ...yet.
Status: Indoor kitty now
(also single) heehee

Wednesday 11 July 2012

Panther Wednesday

Hi, Tillie here to declare today panther day at our place!!
As you can see, I am a panther as I have lovely black furs.

My big brother Mickey was a very handsome panther!! 
He is celebrating his birthday(19) at the Bridge.
He was the one who taught me how good and tasty
 grass is!!!!Now I demand it a blade at a time too !!

Last but not least is Stray Kitty. If you have visited our
furcousins at  Team Tabby,  you have seen this little panther.

 HEY!!!!! Wait a minute!!! 
That stray cat is in  MY bathroom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mom!! What's going on??????

Hi everyone. I'm Julie, and I am a house panther.

Stay tuned...