Friday 28 September 2018

Georgia Says-Happy Friday!

Georgia: Well friends, we had a very strange weather week.
Monday was very cold. Mum almost wished she had
gloves for her commute to work!
Tuesday was warmer and Wednesday was  tropical!
Mum did not wear a coat, but took a raincoat with her.
We had heavy rain Wednesday and Thursday,
nut it stopped Thursday when mum was coming
Today is a bit showery, but the sun will be out when
mum comes home.
Then it will be the weekend  and the sun will be back!!
We are looking forward to that.

JJ is looking forward to those warm rays on his furs!

Julie is looking forward to more stretching in the sun.

She will be a happy kitty again.
See her happy toes?

What kind of weekend are you expecting?
We purr that whatever the weather it  involves

Monday 24 September 2018

Warm Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Time to get up!
I hear the porch is sunny.

Oh yes it is. Mighty nice too.

A good day to watch what is going on outdoors.

Even though it is now Fall, there is still
plenty of warm days ahead.

 JJ: I also am on the porch in the sunshine.
Here, I am framed by little sister Julie's tail!

I must say, these old bones love the warmth of the sun.

Makes a guy feel like taking a nap.
I think I will do that now.

Naturally Julie loved the porch too!

See more of Julie on the Porch!
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Friday 21 September 2018

Finally Friday !

Georgia: We all had fun on pirates Day and we purr you did too!
We spent yesterday recovering from catnip grog and
celebrating with our friends.
Today we are getting ready for the weekend.
 We are sure there will be lots of relaxing and some napping.
Mum is looking forward to that too.
It has been a busy week.
So, with that in mind, we offer our close ups.
Here is mine.



We'll be seeing you on the weekend 
to see what you are doing.
We purr it involves  FUN!!!

Wednesday 19 September 2018

Meow Like a Pirate Day!

Argh  mateys!!!
We be headin' across this harbour in search
'o treasure.
We hear there be goodbooty for the taking!

Thar be our target,a place called Halifax.

Yar! We landed safe and are upon the boardwalk.
Now begins our search.

JJ had ter stop by this picture.
Looks like there be lots 'o treasure hunters!

We be furthurin' our search.
There be none here!

Nor here!!

But wait!
What be this in our midst?

A fine bounty be ours!
There be fishies and tasty morsels and more!
We are successful in our quest!
Come and join us in our plunder!
There be plenty to share!

Now, we be takin' our booty and headin' home.
Successful pirates we be.


Monday 17 September 2018

Georgia Loves the Porch

Georgia: We had another warm and sunny weekend.
It was good to be on the porch.
I like to look out of the windows as Critter TV is good

I also just like to relax.
The sun feels so good.

Yup, the porch is a popular place.
It is just off the kitchen, so I can keep tabs on what
is going on in there.

JJ loves to sleep on the porch.
What makes him sleepy?
Sun will do it ...

Also bathing and grooming will do it.
He grooms Julie a lot, but he likes doing it too.

 Want to see more Julie?

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Friday 14 September 2018

Let's Get This Weekend Started!

Georgia: Once again the weekend is here.
We are excited and so is mum.
Our weekend is looking nice though the hots are back.
Good for us our place is cool inside.
We will,however, be purring very hard for all
people,pets and wildlife in the path of
Hurricane Florence.
We also send purrs to those that live in western Canada(Alberta) 
Some communities got...snow! Yikes!

Well, we do not want bad news  to affect  anycat or purrson
so we are sharing some close-ups

In my close up, you can see my black whiskers on one side
and the white ones on the other.

It would appear JJ is giving his opinion.
I think he is telling mum to hurry up and take the picture
and dispense some treats!

Julie: Did somecat say treats?
Yes please!

We purr you all have a safe weekend as well 
as a FUN one!!!

Monday 10 September 2018

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: We had a pretty nice weekend.
It was sunny and not as hot as it has been.
The mornings and evenings were actually
cool. That is great for sleeping.

The nice temps are purrfect for the porch. 
I even posed a bit for mum.That made her happy.
Humans are easy to please.

I am a bit sad the weekend is so short.
I like being on the porch and having
mum around.
But that's OK, we can snuggle at bedtime.

So, what is Julie doing?
Waiting for big brother JJ to give her a bath!
She could use it! MOL!

You can watch the grooming session  at

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Friday 7 September 2018

Finally Friday !

Georgia: Happy Friday friends!
We love Friday because it is the weekend and 
mum likes it for the same reason.
While it was a shorter week, mum said it was 
busy and felt long.
She is looking forward to snuggling with us.

JJ: I am ready for the weekend because 
I love sleeping on the porch.
I like sleeping in general,heehee.

Julie: I love weekends because mum is home.
I love mum and have to be near her.
I also like sunshine and it will be sunny this weekend.
It will also be a lot less humid!

What are you looking forward to this weekend!
We purr it will involve FUN !!

Monday 3 September 2018

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Hi friends and happy Monday.
We have been enjoying the weekend plus this extra day 
with mum.
It's good to be on the porch too.

JJ and Julie are here and JJ is giving Julie a bath.

JJ loves to groom us.He is not good at grooming himself, 
so mum has to help him out.

A while back, mum went to an open house at the Vet.
She bought tickets for prizes and won!
Look at the goodies!

Most things in this prize are for dogs.
There were a few things for cats though.
Mum has a co-worker who has a little dog.
They might like some of the goodies.

Julie gets bored easily and I can tell she
 is up to something.

Good grief!
That girl is just crazy!!!!

Why is Julie crazy?
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and see.

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