Monday 29 August 2022

Monday Musings with Julie

Julie: Mum was busy with the phone again.
She saw this bunny in the back yard.
Mum says there are lots of bunnies around
this area.

                                                  I am still spending time on this sofa in on the
                                                                        sofa upstairs.

                                                I find it really cozy and comfy for snoozing.

                                                            I do sit on the downstairs sofa.
                                                     I am most comfy if it is just Mum and Auntie.
                                                             I am still nervous around Uncle, 
                                                            but I am getting more relaxed.
                                                All in all, life is getting  more normal for me.  
                                                    Soon, I hope I will be totally relaxed ;)

                                 That's OK  because mum is still getting used to posting
                                                    from a laptop and not a desktop.
                                                      There are some differences...MOL!

Friday 26 August 2022

My Fave Spot!

  Julie: I am liking this setup in the upstairs
hall. I can sit and look out this window ...

                                                                then plop on this nice sofa


I think this works very well for me and I like that.
I am getting more comfy about being here
and going downstairs. However, I still
prefer upstairs. I really like this sofa as
this is where mum reads her books.

                                                      She can also reach over and give me
belly rubs. How pawsome is that?!

Have a pawsome weekend friends!!!!

Monday 22 August 2022

Adjusting takes a while

Julie: Oops! Sorry for my tongue being out.
It is for mum, not you, my friends!
Mum is always after me to pose and I like to pretend I don't
like to do that. Naturally I want to have my pals
see me.

As you can see, I really like this sofa.
There is a small window just above and the sun shines
on this sofa. Some days it is quite nice and some days it
is hot!

Most of the time it is very comfy and I like it a lot.
When I need peace and quiet, say for a snooze,
I simply go behind the sofa. No one bothers
me then! I get to have a peaceful snooze.

 I am getting better at going downstairs to find mum.
I have just spent so much time alone when mum
was working I am not used to other people being 
around. It takes a while for me to know their manners
and patterns(footsteps, mannerisms)
I am pretty happy though. I love having mum around 
all the time and she likes it too!
Sometimes she goes out and gets me some grass!
I really like that!
Well, enough for now. See you later in  the week.

Friday 19 August 2022

Hanging Out and Things Mum Saw!

Julie: Mmmmmmmmm!
Wonder what that is....?
It's a different smell.

 Guess that makes sense since this is a different place.
There are all kinds of new smells at Auntie's place.
I think it will take a while to get used to this.
That's OK I have lots of time.

I am getting braver. I go downstairs and I am 
getting used to Uncle.
I do miss my place though. I guess that's normal
as I lived there longer.
We will see what happens. The main thing that I
like best is having mum around all the time!!!
I think she likes that too!

Mum goes walking everyday and sees interesting things.
                                            There is a huge yard along the road that has some animals.
    They are cool too. A family of goats!!
They were curious...just like mum.
That was the highlight of the day(except for me MOL!)

 Purrs you all have a pawsome weekend!!!!!

Wednesday 17 August 2022

Black Cat Appreciation Day with Julie


Julie: Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!!!!

                                                                Consider adopting a Black Cat.
                                                  We are not bad luck, just cool cats with black fur!

Monday 15 August 2022

Monday with Julie


Julie: As I get more familiar with this new place
I am moving around more. I am still nervous
but getting better about other people being around.
I do like this pawsome cat tower.
It belonged to my late cat cousin Mindy

I can look out the window and see people going for their daily walks
and cars going by. I even get to see critters.
Maybe I will get used to this place.
I have already found a safe hiding spot for napping.

                                                     Yup, one paw at a time. MOL!

Monday 8 August 2022

Thoughts on Monday with Julie

Julie: Mum likes to read in the upstairs hallway.
There is a nook  with a sofa just under a window.
I like to sit with mum when she reads there.

There is a window behind us that looks out
on the street .It is a small  window just my size.
I am slowly getting used to this place.
Mum wishes I would come out of my room more
and maybe come downstairs.
It seems in my older years, I am used to the quiet
of our place. Auntie's place still feels strange.

Hey! At least I'm not hiding...much!
I do like to go behind this sofa for naps though.
It is quiet and no one will sneak up om me.
All in all I am pretty happy and I know mum
is happy to be spending her days with me.
We both like this retirement thing!!!

Friday 5 August 2022

Happy Friday with Julie

Julie: Happy Friday friends!
I am sitting here waiting for mum to get my breakfast

                                                      Sometimes I have to go downstairs
                                                            to see what is taking so long .
                                                    Usually it's because she is making a coffee.
                                                       I will then eat my breakfast downstairs
                                                      while she gets the coffee and her own breakfast.
                                                 I am still nervous, but I am getting more comfy.
I just do things in my own time!
Purrs you all have a pawsome weekend!!!!


Monday 1 August 2022

Still Getting Used to my World!

Julie: This is one of my fave places to sit. 
I have some great views from here.

From this sofa, I can see through the railings if the staircase.
I can see who is coming up or going down
the stairs. My room is just to the left(your left)
in this picture.

 Yes I am getting more comfy, but still prefer to be
upstairs unless it is really quiet downstairs.
I sometimes go down there looking for her ;)
Uncle moves differently than Mum or Auntie.
A bit more quickly and  his voice is a bit
deeper and excitable.
Mum says it is just a bit more exuberant and
Guess I am more used to lighter and softer tones
and slower movements from mum.
Anyway, I am doing quite well and I'm
pretty happy.
I really like having mum around all the time.
I think she likes it too!!!