Friday 31 August 2007

Thoughtful Friday

A Light in Silence & Remembrance
Also in rememberance of Moxie,brother of Tillie & Georgia who went to the Bridge March 28,2007

Thursday 30 August 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Since I am new here,I will give 13 things about me.
1. I am a short hair black cat
2. I am 14 years old
3. I love to eat Grass
4. I have trained Mom to feed me grass,1 blade at a time
5. I love to be brushed
6. I love Temptations( who dosen't?)
7. I like to chase string
8. I like to sleep on the TV(it's warm)
9. I like to sleep on the newspaper
10. I am a good climber
11. I like to roll in catnip( well duh!any cat likes that)
12. I like stinky goodness
13. Home is wherever Mom is

Wednesday 29 August 2007


Today was kinda hot.Just a day to lay on the porch and watch the nature show.There are always squirrels fighting over sunflower seeds and peanuts.Man,are they loud,too!! They don't play well together. Every once in a while we get to see something new.Chipmunks!! Not nearly as common as the squirrels. Also,not nearly as squirrely either.Hahaha!
Mom calls him Alvin ;-)

Tuesday 28 August 2007


Mom's sister, Mrs.Quilter,is a very busy lady.She looks after her house,Mr.Quilter and TallSon.

But most important she has two cats.Guess they are my cousincats.

This is Moe

This is MindySometimes, if she is too busy to get them supper on time,they have to get it all by themselves!!

Mrs.Quilter likes to sew.She made a bag out of dishtowels that is reversible.

Mom what does reversible mean?
It means you can turn it inside out,and change the color.
Can you turn me inside out?
Good,I think that would be messy!

Monday 27 August 2007


Yesterday I showed a pic of me playing on my quilt

This quilt was made by Mom's sister,Mrs.Quilter.They are both readers of Millie's blog ( ) When Millie's Mom started to make her gizzy quilts,she posted a step by step "How To" ( ) That is how I got my quilt.

Mrs. Quilter made a quilt for Mom,and I am NOT allowed to lie on it.She dosen't lie on it either.

Know what? She put it on the wall!! Silly Mom.

That's me in the window(heehee)

Sunday 26 August 2007

Sunday Siblings

Georgia is 4 years old. She has a sister,Tillie

Mom calls her "Little Roundums"

Do you think the word "diet" can be far off?

While they are cute girls,they are too young for me.

They like to explore,chase and play.

I ,on the other hand, like to relax and contemplate the world around me.

Now,if Mom brings me some grass, I can be pretty rambunctious as well.

Hey,I'm older, not ready for the "old cats basket" ;-)

Hey Mom,what are you doing!!!!Oh man,caught acting like a kitten!
Not fair,you had your fingers under my quilt.Oh what the heck,I like
to play with Mom.

Do you like my quilt? I'll tell you about it tomorrow.I think I'm gonna have a nap now.

Saturday 25 August 2007

Just a few pics

Hi, I just wanted to drop in and add a few pics of Georgia and me.

Hey,I'm taking a bath !
What?? Mom,I'm busy!
I'll finish when you go away.
Hope all you kitties out there had a good day.
Over the next few posts I'll tell you more about me.
Bye for now.

Friday 24 August 2007

Mickey,a Black Cat

Hi,I'm Mickey and I am a black cat.I like to read lots of other cat blogs.They seem to be a good bunch.Of course, what else would you expect from cats ? I am 14 years old and very new to
blogging. But there are lots of fine cats out there to give me a paw when I need it.
I expect that the first few posts will get my whiskers all twitchy,but all will calm down soon.