Friday 27 September 2013

Finally Friday

Georgia: Sometimes I like to lay on the floor of the porch.

The floor is warm because the sun shines on it.

However, when it comes time to snooze, I like something
a little softer. This looks like a comfy spot.

The warm sunny couch on the porch is a nice place for Tiger.
It is kind to her arthritic hips.

When Julie is not being an active 4 year old kitty, 
she likes the porch couch too .

 Tillie and JJ also like the couch .
They also like each others company.

They get along very well.

Even Treasure comes on the porch to enjoy the sun.
We think everycat loves sunshine !

We purr you all get to see some sunshine too !
Happy weekend !

Monday 23 September 2013

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Mmmmmmmmmmm!
I do love a good snooze!

Mom says I have big feets!
What do you think?

They are a little bit dirty too, heehee
They are only big because I have extra toes!

As long as they get me around, I do not mind how
big they are or how many toes I have.

Tiger loves to sleep on the porch when the sun shines.
She is cozy warm !

JJ likes to keep an eye on the outdoors!
You never know what might come into the yard!

Treasure likes to hang around with Mom.
He likes the sunshine and weekends with Mom.
Well,heck, we all do too !

Tillie and Julie are doing the House Panther post.
Pop over and see how they enjoyed the weekend.

Friday 20 September 2013

The Day After!

Georgia: Well, we all had fun yesterday meowing like
pirates! So much partying,fun and grog!
We hope you all had fun too.

Now that it is over, we need a good long nap to recover.
Good thing Mom is working today, heehee






Have a super fun weekend !!

Tuesday 17 September 2013

Purrs for our friend Lapdaddy

Today, our friend  Lapdaddy (Dennis) is having surgery
on his back.

Our friends Hunny Bunny are worried and hope that
Lapdaddy will be OK.

We ask if you all would send purrs to Lapdaddy
so his surgery will go fine and his back will be fixed!

Monday 16 September 2013

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Well after all the rain we had, it is nice to see
the sunshine again! It is also nice to be on the porch.

The porch has so many windows there is a lot of sun.
It is the best place to hang out.
It's also a fun place to watch things too.

Mom went out and got some grass for the kitties that like it.
Treasure and I do not like grass. JJ loves it and can't get

Mmmmmmmmm,nom,nom,nom !!

 Tiger lives the sunbeams too.
A sunny spot on the floor of the porch, and she is
off to dreamland.

Treasure still prefers his soft padded bed for snoozing.
He will go on the porch when he wants to see what's
going on outdoors.

Here is Julie. What is she looking at?
Pop over to House Panthers and see.

Don't forget that Thursday September 19 is

Click the redline for more information!

Friday 13 September 2013

Finally Friday, the 13th !

Georgia: On Thursday we had a very warm day with a 
bit of rain and then sunshine!

Today,we are getting lots and lots of rain from something 
called Gabrielle. While  we miss the sun, we do not worry
about the rain as we are indoors.

Mom, on the other paw, will be out in  that rain.
It pays to be an indoor kitty !!
Hmmmmm, today is Friday the 13th !

Tiger agrees! It pays to be an indoor kitty.

JJ can still relax and enjoy the day.

Treasure likes the chair and is happy to be feeling better !

Julie would prefer to have the sun on her furs.
The rain also does not make for great TV.

Tillie: Mom why are you bothering me with that flashy box?

Mom,  this raspberry is for you !

We purr you all have a fun,and raspberry free weekend !
Unless, of course, you are giving them, heehee !!