Monday 31 October 2022

Happy Halloween !!!!!

Happy Halloween friends!!!!!!!!

 The scariest part of this Halloween so far ?
Mum doing my Halloween picture!
She needs to get used to doing things
like this in a laptop.
Mostly, she needs to remember to do these things in advance!
Oh well...MOL!!


Friday 28 October 2022

Being lazy in my fave spot!

Julie: Nothing beats a good snooze...right?


                                                        Nothing beats a little nap either.

Yes I still claim this space as my purrsonal
hangout. I can watch people go up and down the stairs.
Mum spends a lot of time here too.

                                                      I take advantage of her sitting here too.
                                                       Mum makes a nice pillow. MOL!!
                                                        Good thing for me he likes to read!



Monday 24 October 2022

My Favourite Spot

Julie: This is Mum's fave place.
It is in Auntie's house in the upstairs hallway.
It is a little nook with a sofa  and a little window
that I like to sit in as it looks out over
the street. She likes to read or do computer things.

You can see a curtain behind me.
The sofa converts to a bed if there was a need 
and the curtains offer a bit of privacy.
It makes a great reading/computing nook
and mum uses it a lot. Me too!  MOL!

This is my close up.
It is like a game with mum and I
She wants to take my picture and I do not comply. MOL!
I think we both like this game.

 On a more serious note, I had a visit with my Vet.
I have another lump  that needs to be removed.
I hope the surgery will be good like the last one.
I will  let you know when I will be having it done.
Not looking forward to that!!!

Friday 21 October 2022

A Nice Way to Spend the day!

Julie: Happy Friday my friends!
Yesterday was nice and sunny. As you can see,
I took advantage of those nice warm rays!
Good thing too as it is mostly overcast today.

                                                        It was so cozy and warm in the sun!

                                              As you can see, I get  very comfy when I snooze.

                                                 Sometimes a cat has to stretch out to enjoy
                                                          all those glorious warm sunbeams!
                                                       Ahhhhhhhh! Sunshine on panther fur! 

                                     Purrs you all find a nice sunbeam to warm your furs!

Monday 17 October 2022

Julie the Window Gazer


Julie: As you can see, this window is one of my favourite places.


This nook was made for me as it is quiet and out 
of the way. There is a sofa below me and I can 
have a snooze whenever I want.

Mum often sits on the sofa and reads, or plays with her 
phone or laptop. Sometimes, I sit on her lap
and get scritches. Sometimes I snooze next to mum as
she put my cat bed at one end.

In spite of my being here for quite a while, I am
still most comfy being here. I guess it comes from spending
many days home alone when Mum was working.
I am happy though as mum is with me all the time!
She is adjusting too to this retirement thing and getting
more used to doing my blog on a laptop
instead of a desktop(which she still likes as it is more
familiar to her) Gee, she is still learning new things! MOL!
All I know is that I am happy we are together more!!!!

How are you doing, my friends?

Friday 14 October 2022

Getting late to be doing this blog, Mum!


Julie: Mum, it's getting late. I think it is time for
us to go to bed!

The Mum: OK Julie. Just let me finish your blog OK?

Phooey! I want you to do that, but I want  to sleep too!
I'm tired Be fast OK ?

   The Mum: Gee! Guess I was not fast enough!

Come on Julie, let's go to bed!


Monday 10 October 2022

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!


                                               Julie:Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada.
                                             Yesterday, mum went to a sister's home to celebrate 
                                              with all her siblings. There are 6 siblings.
                                               They had a good time. I did not go as I am not fond 
                                               of travel. Not to mention that I do not like crowds.

                                              I did manage to get some laptime when mum came back.


                                                To me, this is my idea of Thanksgiving.
                                               I am thankful I am with Mum and for this comfy lap.

                                                 To all my fellow Canadians, I wish you a
                                                          HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Friday 7 October 2022

Tattle Tale Friday with Julie!

Julie: Well, another week has come to an end.
Today is Friday, but that does not matter anymore 
as mum is retired. I love having her with me all day.
Just think, belly rubs on demand!

                                                As you can see, this nook area is my fave
                                                place. I am getting ready to jump up on mum's lap.
                                                A good stretch before jumping is a good thing.
I do some exploring when the house is quiet.
Mostly, though, I just hang out with mum. As you
can see, she likes this nook too!

      After years of being on my own all day,
                                                            I am not used  to people being around all day.
                                                            I am getting better, but moving at my pace.
                                                            Right now, I want to make my place on mum's lap!!

                                                        As you can see, Mum is still figuring out the laptop
                                                        and how things work. That is why the sentences are 
                                                        weird looking. She is more used to the desktop. 
                                                        Good thing she has all the time in the 
                                                        world, she's going to need it! MOL!!

Monday 3 October 2022

Julie's Window

Julie: I am still sticking to this spot. 
Sometimes I venture downstairs, but usually
when it is quiet. In my other home, I was
used to quiet as I was alone all day while
Mum worked.  Now I am with
Auntie and Uncle and I am not sure about Uncle.
He is nice, he just moves more than I am used to.

I really like this window.
It is just my size and I can see the road below.
Below is the sofa mum and I sit on together.

Here is a tiny video of me .It is only 2 seconds.
Mum is trying out posting in Blogger.
Hopefully it works. Yup, you are never to old to learn.