Friday 28 June 2013

Finally Friday with Georgia and Rocky

I am happy today for two reasons.
One, it's Friday and that means Mom all weekend.
Two , it is a long weekend and that means more Mom !!
Monday is Canada Day !!

I plan on doing lots of this!! Heehee!
I also plan on getting lots of scritches from Mom too.

I also plan to keep an eye on this guy!!
We call him Rocky Raccoon.
He is in the birdfeeder eating the seeds !

Here he is sniffing the air.
Mom took the pictures from the kitchen window.

He checks to be sure the coast is clear.

He looks at Mom to make sure she will not chase him.
She didn't!!
When the seeds are gone, he goes away,probably
to the next house.

Mom took a picture of the super moon.
We only saw it foe one night before the clouds came back.
The clouds and rain are back and will be with us
until Sunday! Mom hopes they change that forecast ! 

We wish you all a super fun weekend!!!

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Remembering Skeezix

When we first started blogging in August 2007, we posted 
more often as we had more time and blogging was new to us.
There were so many cats to meet and we had fun!
One of the coolest cats  was Skeezix.
At the time , we did posts for Thursday called
Thursday Thirteen and we featured many kitties that we knew
 and met .

This picture was Skeezix showing off his Christmas sweater.

Here is Skeezix with his beloved Mr Tasty Face.
Note the pink nails and Yankees hat(for his life coach
Jeter Harris) He also writes for Mousebreath.

You all know Skeezix loved Daisy the Curly Cat
(and often had to control his urjes)
One of our T13 posts was on couples and we featured this picture.
It was from July 17,2008

Those of you who knew him, knew he had quite an
imagination and opinions on everything !
One of our most favourite  posts was Skeezix giving
advice about what not to wear to a wedding 
if you are a bridesmaid ! It is too funny  and one of
our best remembrances of Skeezix.
It is "What Not to Ware: The Bridesmades Edishun"

Skeezix, we miss you dude.
Hope the party at the Bridge lasts forever.
Say HI to Mickey for us.
See ya on the other side someday!

Monday 24 June 2013

Sunshine and Cats = Snoozing !


Mom was up very early on Sunday and she took this picture.
The sun had  been up for less than two hours.
We enjoyed the sunbeams and Mom liked the 
sunbeams on us.

Later on, after breakfast, we went on the sunny porch.

 Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, that sun is SO nice!!!!!

Don't you just love sun!!

JJ likes the sun. It's great for snoozing.

 So does Julie!

Tiger mostly likes heat for her old,arthritic bones, so she stayed on
her heaty pad and had her sleep.

Tillie found the sun again in this spot and she claimed it!
Bet that sun feels good on the tummy !

Treasure enjoyed some quiet time on the chair where the 
sunbeams found him too.

We hope the sunbeams found you too !!

Want to see more pics of Tillie and Julie in the sun?
Go to House Panthers.

Friday 21 June 2013

Celebrating the 1st Day of Summer

Today is the first day of Summer and we are celebrating
with grass!!! YUM!!!
JJ and Tillie are checking out some fresh grass.

Tillie is already licking her chops as JJ gets ready for  a taste.

In spite of the face,JJ really likes the grass.

Even Julie had some grass and she liked it too !

Finally, it's Tillie's turn.

Oh grass, come to me!!!

Nom,nom,nom !

I think those kitties are crazy!!Grass?
Give me treats instead!!

Happy Summer everyone !!!!!!!

Monday 17 June 2013

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Well, we had our sunny weekend and it was great!!!

I spent time on the porch and inside where the  sun shines
in the window.

 I love to lay in the sun and play in the sunbeams!

Wheeeee!!!!!!!! Twirling on the floor.

I am a bit hard on the furniture,heehee !

JJ liked being on the porch  and you can see he is a little
sleepy, Warm days do that to you.

Tillie and Julie enjoyed the sun too.
Tillie shows off her many sleeping positions.
You can see it all  at House Panthers !

Friday 14 June 2013

Finally Friday

Georgia: The weekend is almost here and we are excited.
Mom says we will have sun all weekend!!! YAY!!
It has been very rainy so far this month and pretty cool too.
WE hope it will be warmer this weekend so we can enjoy
sun on the porch!

Tillie wants the sun.

So does Treasure.

Julie wants to feel those warm rays.

Tiger is ready to give the weatherman the paw if it is not sunny.
Trust us, you don't want to mess with Tiger!
She may be 16, but she is fiesty !!!

 One day last week there was what Mom calls "neat lighting"
It was natural light and JJ just happened to be sitting in it.
Mom liked the effect.

We wish you all a super fun weekend too !!!!!

Monday 10 June 2013

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Well friends, we survived that storm called Andrea.
Mom said it went inland a bit more, so we did not get the
huge amounts of rain we could have gotten. Whew!

It was a good weekend to hang out in this nook, hang out with
 Mom and grab some cozy snoozes with my siblings.

We should have sun today, but that darn rain will be back 
Tuesday.We are tired of rain. It means that the Bird 
and Squirrel channels will not be as good.darn!!

JJ enjoyed some time on the porch and Mom said he was in
 "good lighting". That's "Mom speak" when she has her camera.

Treasure did not care what was going on. He was enjoying
lots of sweet dreams! We all might join him too!

Want to see what Tillie tried to eat? 
Want to see what Julie did?
Go over to House Panthers!
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Friday 7 June 2013

Flashback Friday

Georgia:  Hi friends! As you can see, I am on the porch.
It is a great place to be,especially when it is sunny.

It is also a nice place for window wiffies!

 Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! Spring fresh! Heehee !

Julie enjoyed relaxing in the sunbeams too!

 Sunshine on panther furs feels good, she says.
Well, sunshine on any fur feels good I say !

Tillie was inside and she also found great sunbeams!

They feel wonderful on your belly too !!
Tillie is still working on her diet,heehee

Treasure enjoyed the sun and was willing to pose for Mom.
He is most often very eager to please Mom, and he likes 
to pose,provided he gets scritches.
He should ask for treats!!

Tiger and JJ were off somewhere snoozing.

Mom says we will be getting lots of rain tonight and Saturday!
Something to do with a storm called Andrea.  Dang!
Mom says the sub should be back Sunday, so we can get
on the porch again!!  Yay!!
We hope you all have a great weekend!!