Wednesday 31 October 2012

Happy Spooktacular Halloween !!

BOO !!

A special message from the beyond...
Happy Halloween from the Rainbow Bridge !

Today Mickey and Misses Peach are celebrating their
They were smart to pick October 31

Monday 29 October 2012

Monday with Georgia

Hi friends, Georgia here. I am a tad miffed at Mom.
It was late when Mom helped us do our Friday post and 
I am miffed that she did not label things properly.

You see, when you read the post, it sounds as if "I" hurt
Tillie's ear!!! It was not me! It was Julie.
Those two are always staring and growling at each other.
They had a bit of a tussle one day when Mom was at work.
Good news is that Tillie's ear is mending.

On a positive note, this Fall has been warmer than we are used to.
It will be warm this week, but it will be raing all week.
Oh well, that affects Mom more than us,heehee
We will miss the sunbeams though.

On the weekend,Mom saw this daylily in the garden!
It is not often we have blooms this late in the season.
You can se from the brown on one of the leaves that we have had
some frost. The trees around the place musy protect some of the 
flowers. The trees are losing their leaves pretty fast now.

Want to see and hear more about Tillie's ear?
 Pop over to House Panthers.

Also, as a Tortie, I love to meet other Torties.
There is a fairly new Tortie blogger you should meet.
Feebee the Tortie from the UK.

Sunday 28 October 2012

Black Cats Rule !!

We are sad that many people still do not want to
adopt black cats. They are often the last to be adopted from
 shelters We hope to let people know why it is  a
wonderful thing to have a black cat in your home !

Tillie: We are playful and we love to share the fun !

Tillie: When the sun shines,it warms our furs and will make
your hands warm when you pat us.

 Tillie: We go with any decor.

Julie: We are always alert and wait for you to come home.
We also like to watch whatever you are doing.

 Julie: We are beautiful kitties!

Tillie: We are loving companions and  are a marvelous asset in 
any home that wants a beautiful friend!
We are like every other kitty, we just have black fur.
Shiny, soft ,warm black fur!

How about giving a home to a black cat next time you adopt.
You will not be dissapointed!

Our friends at Catsynth are hosting
drop by for a visit! 

Friday 26 October 2012

Finally Friday

Georgia:We are happy that it is Friday. Mom had a busy week
and we were not on the computer as much. That was OK
because I could catch up on my snoozing in my long,carpeted box

 Mmmmmmm!! I like this box. None of the other kitties seem to
like it as much as me,so I have it all to myself!

Julie: Since it is the weekend,Mom will be home and she can play
referee for Tillie and me.When Mom was at work Tillie and
I had a disagreement and I hurt Tillie's ear. Mom was not happy 
with me and we both got our nails clipped.
Tillie will show you her ear as soon as Mom can get a pic.
Tillie is not letting her taks pics.That is probably because she is
 mad  at Mom for bathing her ear and putting stuff on it.
Ummmmm, sorry Tillie.

Have a fun weekend!!!!!

Monday 22 October 2012

Monday Musings with Georgia

Hi there! Did you all have a good weekend? I did.
 Saturday was very windy and then it poured at night.
It was pretty warm though.
It was sunny and warm on the porch Sunday, yay!
I want to show you some pics Mom took earlier this month.
It was  October 8 and Mom was in the kitchen when she looked
out the window and saw dragonflies!

Come on, I'll show you.

Mom took these pics through the kitchen window. 
She saw 4 dragonflies at once! They were quite colourful.

Their wings are transparent.

The wings are also iridescent! Can you see them sparkle ?
I bet they would have been fun to play with, but I am not 
allowed outdoors. Darn.

How about seeing what Tillie and Julie are up to at
House Panthers !

Saturday 20 October 2012

Happy Birthday with "tocks" Derby !

Our friend Derby is celebrating his birthday today.
He likes tocks, and we are happy to oblige!







Friday 19 October 2012

Finally Friday

Another Friday is here again.It has been a funny week with
rain and sun. Today is sunny but we will have rain all weekend.
The porch is nice and warm in the sun, not so much when 
it is raining, so we will hang out in the house in our favourite spots.
The best thing about a weekend is that Mom will help us visit more 
of our friends!


Tillie: Did you say supper is ready ?

 Julie: I live belly rubs and scritches!
Wanna give me some ?

 Tiger: I love sleeping in any place that is comfy and warm.

 Treasure:  While I like scritches too, I also like to play THoE!

 JJ: I'm pretty laid back.I have a good life and I'm happy.

We wish  you all a fun weekend !

Monday 15 October 2012

Nocturne Musings with Georgia

Hi friends. It's Monday again and that means Mom is going to work.
It also means I cannot spend the day on the porch. Darn!
Oh well, it is going to rain today, so I may as well find a cozy
spot in the house.

Saturday night, Mom and her sister (Aunty N ) went out to
an event called Nocturne (Art at Night). It was a pretty cool
night, but they dressed warm and had lots of fun.
One of the first events they saw was a group of fire dancers.

This girl has a flaming hula hoop !

Gee!! She did not even burn herself!!

The performance was very good and ended with the finale below.
The guy with the fire was the fire eater. You can see him
 making huge flames by expelling an accelerant. Hopefully a safe one 
for him to have in his mouth  !! It does make a great show though! 

 On the waterfront, there was a movie exploring the isolation 
and enormity of the sea. 

 The screen was two small containers on a barge on the harbour.

Maybe another day I will show a few more pics.
 Tillie also has some Nocturne pics.
Pop over and see them at House Panthers !

Friday 12 October 2012

Finally Friday

Well, it's Friday again and we are happy. It has been a 
cool week with rain and  some sun. Saturday will be
sunny but cold! Then the rain will return. Good thing
 we are indoor kitties as we do not worry  about the
weather. We only want the sunbeams for our furs.
Last weekend when Mom went  to visit another sister,
Auntie I,for Thanksgiving, she got to meet the newest
member of the family.

This little four month old cutie is Black Betty !

Here she is walking with her Dad,Mom's brother-in-law's brother.
She is going to her pen for a little exercise.

Black Betty likes to run around! That is probably because she was in  
transport for almost a week to get to her new home!
She loves it here and loves her dad.

This fine fellow is also boarding at the same farm.
He has his own pen to romp around.

Mom saw a little barn kitty who was very shy.
Mom was not able to get close to her.

Mom is happy Saturday will not be rainy because she
and Auntie N are going to  Nocturne again ! She said 
they enjoyed it last year and this years events also look 
exciting. It will be cool so they will have to dress warm.
October 13 is also our Grammie's birthday!
She will be 88 years young!

We hope you all fave a fun  weekend, 
maybe an exciting one too! heehee

Friday 5 October 2012

4 Day Weekend !

So we are just about at the first weekend of October!
Fall has arrived and we are seeing the leaves change colour 
and fall to the ground.

Sometimes, the leaves land on the branches of evergreen trees.

For those of us that live in Canada, it is Thanksgiving weekend.
Mom is having a mini vacation too,by taking today and Monday off.
Oh boy!! Mom time!

Well Georgia, we will have Mom time but not all weekend.
Mom will be visiting family  too, for Thanksgiving.
Still, we will see more of her and we will get more scritches!

Oh boy! I am ready for anything that means Mom will be here
 more. I really like being around Mom !! I love Mom !

Yes Julie, that's why Mom calls you velcro kitty. We know you 
love her, but she is our Mom too.

Treasure and JJ:
Hmmmmmm! A long weekend and Thanksgiving! Bet that means
food. We like food! We like eating food! Is it ready yet?
Are we having roast beast? Will you share Mom?
We really like food!

On Monday October 8,we are celebrating Thanksgiving!
We may not be able to  visit you as much.
We wish a to all our Canadian bloggers a