Wednesday 24 August 2011


Hi, Tillie here. I am reflecting on things.
As you know, our dear Sisterkitty-in-law
 Misses Peach, went to the Rainbow Bridge
Monday. That makes us very sad.
But, we have our memories. For example...

Mickey met Miss Peach in the Fall of 2007.
Mickey visited Miss Peach at her home.

Love blossomed, and they married
on Halloween! 
They were very happy until Mickey 
went to the Bridge March 11, 2011

Now, they are reunited!!!!!
While we are all happy for them,
 we feel lonely and sad,because we miss them so much!
We know we will meet again someday, 
we just miss them today.

Met Fall- 2007
Married- October 31, 2009
Parted by Mickeys'passing- March 11, 2011
Reunited at the Rainbow Bridge- August 22, 2011
By Miss Peach passing.

The Broken Chain

Author: Ron Tranmer

We little knew that day, 
God was going to call your name. 
In life we loved you dearly, 
In death, we do the same.

It broke our hearts to lose you.
You did not go alone. 
For part of us went with you, 
The day God called you home.

You left us beautiful memories, 
Your love is still our guide. 
And although we cannot see you, 
You are always at our side.

Our family chain is broken, 
And nothing seems the same,
But as God calls us one by one,
The chain will link again.


We will be offline for a short time. 
Mom is abandoning us to go to  Ottawa.
She is visiting her sister. 
Something called vacation. 
She is going with her sister and other family.
Mom will be away about a week. 
We will try to visit you. 
We will see if we can get on the computer.
Our sitter is pretty easy going, heehee
Try not to forget us, OK??

Tuesday 23 August 2011

Cat Talk Time

Those fine ladies over at Zoolatry came up with a fun idea!
Take all the cool words that have been made up to
describe what we kitties are doing and show a picture
of us doing it !! heehee
Here are our pictures. Enjoy!!

Cat Pile


featuring our dear brother Mickey  who is at 
the Rainbow Bridge

Be sure to stop by Zoolatry and leave your comments
on their blog too . Then we can come visit you!!

Monday 22 August 2011

Monday Musings with Georgia

Hi!! Georgia here, just relaxing on the porch.
Do you remember on Friday we told you
that Mom did a very silly thing when she was
taking pictures in the dark?

Mom figured that it was too dark to take pictures
without a tripod to hold her camera.
Later when she was looking at some
 pictures in her camera, she looked at her exif data.
This is a program her camera has to tell her 
what exposure,shutter speed and so on, that she
was using.

This is an example of Exif Data. 
You can also download programmes,
but Mom has one in her camera.
It was when she was looking at this,
that she noticed a BIG error she made!!!

Mom's lens comes with something 
called Vibration Reduction (VR)
This helps reduce some  camera shake
when shooting in low light while hand holding
the camera.
Somehow Mom managed to turn the VR to OFF!!!!
We all giggled because Mom's face was a bit red
from embarrassment,hahaha
Now that she turned it back on, there should not
be any more fuzzy pictures of us,
unless we are moving!
Silly Mom!!

Speaking of silly, why not pop over to
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Friday 19 August 2011

Friday Close Ups

YAY!!! It's Friday!!!! That means Mom time.
We are happy about that because Mom was busy this week.
She was doing stuff  around the house and not helping
us visit much. Then, one day, Mom and her sister went 
out to do some shopping.Then, they went to meet Mom's 
sister's hubby near his work as he had an after work meeting.
Did they come home ? NO!!!!!
Not for a bazillion hours!!!!!!!
They did some picture taking!!
It was very dark when Mom finally came home  
to give us our dinner. It was 10:30 PM!!!!!
We will be having a talk with Mom this weekend!
We purr your people are behaving better,heehee






Mom and her sister were taking more pics of the 
construction hear Mom's brother -in - law's work.
The big crane is up and working.

Progress is being made.

They went up to the top floor of  B-I-L's* work
which is 4 floors, and looked down and took more pics!
Did they then head home...NO!

They took pics of the sunset,

after the sunset,

and in the dark!! They played with their camera settings 
to see  what they could get when it was really dark!

See how dark it is!

Later when looking at the pics, 
Mom discovered a very silly thing!! 
I will tell you about it  soon. Mom
was a little embarrassed at what she did.
We bet she will be doing a bit more
camera manual reading this weekend,haha
In between giving us scritches!!!!!!
Have a fun,fun weekend !!

Purrs, Tillie

* B-I-L = brother in law

Wednesday 17 August 2011

Whisker Hump Wednesday

Hi!! Treasure and JoyJoy here.
This is our very first post without
Tillie and Georgia.
Today we are honouring that fine Mancat
Kismet,  who recently went to the Bridge.
Skeezix wrote a magnificent obituary
that you should read!!!
Kismet coined the terms "Mancat" and
"whisker humps"
As a tribute to Kismet, we are showing
off our fine,Mancatly whisker humps!!!!!
Be sure to leave your link at the
Cat Blogosphere  so we can come and see
your whisker humps!!


my whisker humps 


my whisker humps

Oh, one more thing:

There is a new kitten that has started blogging.
She just revealed her true name, Darby,
and she is beautiful.with lovely markings!!

Monday 15 August 2011

Monday Musings with Georgia



Mmmm! Monday's are hard to deal with sometimes!!
Lucky for me, I can take as long as I want to wake up!!!

Want to see what Tillie is doing

over at House Panthers??

Friday 12 August 2011

Friday Close Ups

When Mom and her sister go out together,
they often get home a bit late for supper.
They feed us right away, then make coffee.
Then, when we are finished eating, Mom
torturers us with that flashy box!!
We do not always play along and the result is
less than purrfect pictures, heehee
So today, here are our slightly blurry, 
poor quality colour close ups!!

We are not too happy with Mom!
She should be taking pawsome pictures of us!!!

In happier news, it is sunny today!!!
It will be sunny ALL weekend!
The rain will be back Monday.






Wednesday 10 August 2011

What Mom Saw

Hi, Tillie Here. As you know, Mom and her sister
often go out together to do things like shop,explore
and take pictures.
We are happy they like to take pictures of things other
than us!!

Mom and her sister were near Dalhousie University
to meet up with her sister's hubby. The University is
having a new building constructed, It will be the
Oceans Excellence Centre
There are big machines  on the site ans Mom took 
some pictures of them. Here is a big,noisy rock
pounder. It is breaking the hard bedrock .
Bet that bean goes home with a headache, heehee


This metal structure on a big concrete base
will become a huge crane to lift heavy things.
That place does not look very pretty right now.
I guess it will take a long time to build.
Mom said it should be finished in 2013.

Oh no!!! Here comes Mom and she has that
flashy box and she is looking at me!!!!!
 Gotta go now, see you later!!!!!!!!

Monday 8 August 2011

More Fun in Bora Bora

Hi, Georgia here and I am sailing!!! 
The other kitties are in the hut 
enjoying the yummy food we have.
Tillie is lazing on the deck, she does not like water!
Since Mom was busy this weekend, it only makes
sense to stay here and have fun.
There are plenty of our friends here too,
including our furcousins Moe & Mindy!!
(scroll down to the post)
 Are your folks too busy for you? Come to Bora Bora.
 Well, I have to go and explore with my boat!!
Have  great day!!!

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Friday 5 August 2011

Purrs and Purrayers for Sick Friends

There are quite a few kitties needing our purrs.
Some beans too. Please check the Cat Blogosphere
for the latest updates.

in the USA

Thursday 4 August 2011

Travel Thursday - Bora Bora

Our friend Gracie got a bit miffed at her folks.
It seems her Mom was not helping her blog
and visit!! This sounds familiar to us too.
Just because it's Summer,that does not mean
our beans can go off to do "their own thing"
and leave us kitties high and dry napping 
on the couch!!
What a nice place :)
We will join her there and stay until our
beans decide to help us visit our friends'.
We suspect this threat will not last long. 
Mom would be lost without us and will give in to 
our demands. Besides, we know she has the treats!! 

Georgia and I are relaxing near our lovely hut.
As you can see, there is a nice boardwalk that
is safely above the water. That way, we will not
get our furs wet!!!!

Look at our beautiful room !!! 
Lots of windows(every cat loves windows)
 and a nice BIG bed for all 5 of us !!!
Room for some friends too !
Oh, we will have a great time here.
Gotta go!! I thing I hear Gracie calling...
Time for some fun with our friends!!!

Come and join us!!!!!!!!

Thursday in the Garden with Georgia

Hi,Georgia here. We have been admiring 
the gardens'of many of our friends.
I thought that I would show you some flowers in our garden.
Mom does not garden much, but she did
move some daylilies around one year.

This is a little rose. 
It is the only rose in our garden.
The flowers are quite delicate.

This is a flower that seeded itself.
It grows tall and is pretty.
Mom cannot remember what it is,heehee

This is a white foxglove .

This is a pretty yellow daylily.

Mom likes this daylily as the petals
are long, like fingers.

This lily is called Stella Doro
It is the only one Mom can name,

This daylily is very pretty !!

This is looking down the driveway. 
As you can see,there are lots of 
daylilies and iris plants. I told
you Mom was lazy,heehee
There are also some hostas and .ornamental grasses.
The grasses are still quite young and not very showy yet.
We hope you enjoyed our garden. 
I may show you other flowers as the season
moves along,though I am not too
sure what blooms in the Falll
around the garden,heehee