Wednesday 30 January 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Thanks to Zoolatryfor this picture.

Tillie & Georgia close together!


Tuesday 29 January 2008


Georgia's view of the ducks on the lake is improved.

No more big tree!

Tillie enjoys the sun on Sunday.

Tillie's toes enjoy the shade.

This is my Halloween pose. Why am I showing it here?

Because Halloween,the cat, tagged me for another meme.

It is the 7 strange things meme.I did this a while ago but will toss out a few more strange /wierd/random things.

1. I am a lover not a fighter. I do not like confrontation.

2. However, if you hiss or whap Mom,I will hiss and whap you. I did that once to a neighbour's cat at our old apartment.

3. I only like Mom.I will hang out in the closet with a sitter in the house.

4. I like Doritos Zesty Cheese.

5. I like Grammie's house.It has stairs!

6. I have used my claws to poke a hole in a metal screen and get out! I was caught soon though. Dang!

7. I know I have mentioned this several times,but I love,love,love grass! Everytime Mom goes out,I expect her to bring me grass. What do ya mean it's under the snow?!!

Monday 28 January 2008

Mancat Monday

Sunday was sunny but cold. Inside,on the porch, it was warm. Mom says it's gonna storm today.

The Weather Channel says we should get 5-10 cm (2-4")snow, then lots and lots of rain.
(4C = 39.2F) Sounds messy, I'm glad to be an indoor cat!

At least we do not live out west. It is COLD! (-27C = -16.6F)

The blue numbers are wind chill temperatures!!

Sunday 27 January 2008

Ducks on Sunday

I like to sit on the porch and look outside.
I often see Earl the Squirrel and lots of birds.
If I look further, I can see the ducks on the lake across the street.
They are sitting on the ice next to open water where the river empties into the lake.
The river runs under the bridge.

This picture was taken on Wednesday morning.

The sun was trying to shine and is was very foggy.

Most unusual for this time of year.

It has been a week since Caesar went to the Bridge.

I show this picture as this is how we remember him.

A happy boy with a love of cottage cheese!

Saturday 26 January 2008

Photo Hunt-Old Fashioned

The theme this week for the Photo Hunt is : Old Fashioned
This "record player" is Old Fashioned by today's standards.
This is an Old Fashioned light fixture. It does not work.
Smoke detector does!
Tillie is lounging by the Old Fashioned storm windows.

Friday 25 January 2008

Friday Memes

I've been tagged!!!!

Yup. Diamond Emerald-Eyes tagged me :)

It's nice and simple, all you need to do is tell everyone 3 things that are new with you! Link it back to Tigmut'hep and the purrson who gave it to you (Diamond Emerald-Eyes) and pass it on to 3 more kitties you'd like to know more about! :)
So here goes, the 3 things that are new with me are:

1. I moved my sleeping spot yet again. Actually, I move it a lot. I now sleep on Mom's bed. At night, I even sleep up by her pillow! That is new, heehee

2. Recently, I have been bugging Mom to let me outside. That snow looks neat. She says it's cold, but I want to see for myself. I am not having success :( She just looks at me and says "No" Dang!!!!!

3. When I go out to the porch, I have to run really fast because Georgia likes to practise her Whapping When I go by,Georgia tries to whap ME!!!!! Dang little sisfurs!

I,Georgia,was tagged by

Holly for a meme.

And here are the rules:Post a link to the kitty who tagged you (Holly), and post the rules on your blog. List your real name, how you got your real name, nicknames you like/tolerate, and nicknames you wish your humans would stop calling you. Tag several kitties, and write a comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

Real Name: Georgia

Why: I was adopted as a kitten by an older lady and she named me after one of her friends.

(Mom adopted me when the older lady went to the Bridge)

Nicknames:Georgie Porgie (I don't know why,I'm not a guy )
Tweety Pie-cause I'm cute, but Mom says it in a high,baby voice. It's so embarassing.
Tweety Toes- again with the voice!
Georgie Girl- Well,I am a girl
Dive Bomber,Hit'n Run-I like to dive into the covered litterbox,scratch all the litter into a pile,then shoot out of the box as fast as I can and run to another litterbox and repeat the action.
Baby Girl- cause I'm cute :)

Georgia wants me to do this meme too.

Real Name: Tillie

Why: Same as Georgia

Nicknames: Mama's little baby girl- I'm spoiled. So!!!!!

Tillie Toes- I don't know why the obsession with toes.

Tillie Ums- ?????????

Sweetie Pie- That silly high,baby voice.

Little Roundums- I do not like this name!!

For both of these memes, we tag any cat (or dog )that would like to play. Just let me know so I can read your answers! Yup,we're lazy,heeheehee! We just don't know who has not played yet!