Saturday 26 December 2020

Boxing Day Is a Windy Day!!

Julie: Well, Christmas is over for another year.
Mum spent Christmas with family at a sister's home.
I got to stay in my home and I liked that
She came home that night.
It was cloudy and there was some rain, but not too
bad and pretty mild mum said.

Today, however, it is still mild, but really windy!
I am happy to be indoors as I do not
want to get blown around!

Mum made a video of the wind.
Later in the day, we got more rain.
The temperature is going down too,
but Sunday should be sunny again.


Friday 25 December 2020

Merry Christmas!

Julie: It's almost midnight on Christmas Eve!
I must clean up to be fresh and pretty for Christmas Day!

There, I think this will do.
I wonder when Santa comes?

 Wishing everyone a very


Monday 21 December 2020

Christmas Week!!!!

Julie: I have a new spot  where I love to hang out.
This is the spot where I did my Christmas card.
The light is warm and there is a felt cover on this desk.
It has a few sparkly things on it, but it is still
pretty cozy. If I look toward the block, I can see into
the kitchen. I like that . MOL!

 Yup, this is a well placed desk and perfect for me.
We cats are smart about finding great vantage points.
I can see whenever mum goes to the kitchen. Since she likes hot drinks, 
that's pretty often! MOL!

Just a few days until Christmas! I am looking forward to having mum
home with me for  a few days too !

Friday 18 December 2020

The Last Friday Before Christmas Friday!

Julie: I am happy.
I'm, always happy when mum comes home from work.

I follow mum around as she changes into comfy(PJ's) clothes.
As you can see, I'm always ready for any potential belly rubs.
I get them too !

I don't always want to pose. I want more belly rubs!
Oh well, at least she's home and I will have her
for the weekend!

Last night, mum had to come home is a snowstorm.
It was not too windy, just snowing.
There will be gusty winds overnight with more snow.
The prediction is between 15-30cm(6-12 inches)
overnight. This is what mum found when she came 
home last night.
By morning, the storm will be pretty much over.
The forecast is for temps to rise through the weekend
and then rain and 10C(50F) on Monday!
Such is life in Nova Scotia!

 Yup! I am very happy to be an indoor cat!
The weather is always purrfect.
While mum hopes she does not have to shovel too
much, I never have to worry about that.
I wonder if I should try stepping in that white stuff
after the storm. Mum says my paws will get cold!
What do you think?
Would it be FUN?

One week until Christmas!! WooHoo!!!
Now that will be FUN!

Monday 14 December 2020

Happy Monday and a Christmas Card

Julie: I did not get much in the way of outdoor time
this weekend as it was cool and rainy on Saturday
and cool on Sunday. I only got to sit out as long as 
it took mum to fill the birdfeeders.
It you look closely, you can see me giving mum a raspberry!

When I went inside, we decided that it was time
I got my Christmas card ready.
Feel free to take this card for your collection.
As you know, I do not pose very often. Heehee!

I purr that you are all doing well and looking forward
to Christmas!
Mum and I enjoyed our week together and I am 
looking forward to  the new year when mum has
more time off!!!!!!!!

I  like having mum at home.


Friday 11 December 2020

Happy Friday!

Julie: Oh what a FUN week I had with mum!
I think she really enjoyed it too. We still have the weekend.
Yesterday as a strange day. It was cold with a
rain-snow mix and then the sun came out!
Can you see how much I enjoyed that!!

I love laying in the sun. It's cozy.
It makes me feel sleepy too.
I also got some belly rubs and I really liked those!
I also helped mum with decorating so I really
enjoyed this sunny nap.

Mum goes back to work on Monday
I will miss all the belly rubs and attention.
Well, at least during the day. I will get plenty of
them in the evenings !

 For now I will enjoy today and the weekend!
It will be be sunny and I will most likely enjoy more time 
here. We are still tweaking our decorations and we
will work on my Christmas card.
That will be FUN!!
What will you be doing this weekend? 

Friday 4 December 2020

Let's Get this Vacation Started!!!!!!

Julie: I am excited. Mum said that when she comes
home, she will be on vacation for a week!!
Can you imagine? A whole week with mum
giving me belly rubs?! I can't wait!

I think mum is about as excited as I am too.
No wonder. She gets to spend time with me! MOL!

 So, instead of having a FUN weekend, I get to have a FUN week!
Now that's pawsome!!!!!!!!!!
I wish you all a FUN weekend too.
What plans do you have?