Saturday, 25 August 2007

Just a few pics

Hi, I just wanted to drop in and add a few pics of Georgia and me.

Hey,I'm taking a bath !
What?? Mom,I'm busy!
I'll finish when you go away.
Hope all you kitties out there had a good day.
Over the next few posts I'll tell you more about me.
Bye for now.


Daisy said...

Hi Mickey! Nice to meet you and Georgia. Welcome to the cat blogosphere. I hope you have lots of fun.

The Devil Dog said...

Oh Mickey, you are too cute. We must be related somehow, being both black and adorable. I like reading your comments. Lucky was happy too. I am glad you like our sleeping photos. We have more, believe it or not. Glad you have your own blog now, so I can chat with you. I am glad your mombean rescued you from that terrible prison. I was never in one of those. Later I will show you pictures of me two days old. That's when mom & dad knew I was theirs!