Monday 10 June 2024

A good Snoozy Spot

Winnie: This chair is a pretty comfy place to sleep.

                                                I could sleep here all day...well almost all day.
                                              I do want to get up for my meals and playtime!!


Friday 7 June 2024

Happy Friday from Winnie

Winnie: Hi friends!
I told mum it was high time she helped me blog.
Good thing she agreed!
She needs the practise as she forgets things! MOL!!
Anyway, I am loving this place and as you can see I
really like this big sofa. 

         It is huge and L shaped.
I can see a lot sitting at the top.
There are lots of neat places to see in this place.
I am really happy to be here and out of the shelter.
I get along with my furcousins OK and there is no hissing.
The 3 of us just accept each other.

                                            That being said, I do like that I have my own 
                                             room with mum. Now all I have to do is get her to 
                                             be more consistent with helping me blog!
                                             That is a battle I think I can win!