Tuesday, 28 August 2007


Mom's sister, Mrs.Quilter,is a very busy lady.She looks after her house,Mr.Quilter and TallSon.

But most important she has two cats.Guess they are my cousincats.

This is Moe

This is MindySometimes, if she is too busy to get them supper on time,they have to get it all by themselves!!

Mrs.Quilter likes to sew.She made a bag out of dishtowels that is reversible.

Mom what does reversible mean?
It means you can turn it inside out,and change the color.
Can you turn me inside out?
Good,I think that would be messy!


Anonymous said...

...Pssst, it's me, Moe. I think our mom is way too stingy with our Temptations & Meow Mix treats, but I know where she hides them......in the upper cupboard in the kitchen. I know how to get up there and open the cupboard door, heh, heh. Mindy gets me to do all the dirty work, so she can pretend that she is PERFECT!!

~~ Moe

B-rad said...

Hi Mick - You are a fine looking fellow, if I do say so myself - not that I like boys or even girls for that matter.

Although we've never met, I'm one of your furcousins, too. My name's Bradley and my staff include a couple of real softies, Mr. Gray Hair and Mrs. Dyed Hair but my real nemisis is Sports-boy. He's 15 and the most fun to spent time with. I love it when his friends come over and we all hang out together. They call me B-rad.

I saw Mrs. Quilter's reversible bag and thought it looked comfortable enough to nap in. I think reversible means you can either sleep in it or on top of it.

Take care, Mick,

Cheysuli said...

I don't think folks would want to turn you inside out! I think you look fine just as you are.

It was nice to meet your friends.

Daisy said...

Moe and Mindy are very smart to serve themselves dinner. And I see they were not stingy with the serving sizes, either!

I think reversible means if you get one side dirty, you do not get in trouble for it.

Jimmy Joe said...

That is very impressive of Moe and Mindy to be so self-sufficient like that. Moe is a super orange color, too! My momma likes Mrs. Quilters stuff. I think it needs some more fur on it.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

Samantha & Tigger said...

It's so mice to meet Moe and Mindy and we are so glad they can fee themselves, if the need arises. Don't tirn yourself, you are great just as you are.
Your Fl furiends,