Saturday, 8 September 2007

CatNip Meme

I was tagged by Bendrix for this catnip meme. So here are a few answers.

'All you catsters out there have to do is just list 5 things you do
whenever you're on the nip, and don't forget to tag some friends! Let's find out
just how whacked out some of us get.'-Bendrix

  1. I love to smell the plant.If it's dry catnip I'll smell that too.It's what cats do.

  2. I eat the nice succulent leaves, or lick the dry stuff(it's still good !)

  3. I like to roll around in the nip,especially with my chin.Ahhh,the aroma!

  4. I flatten my ears and show off my"wild cat"look.Mom seems to like that.I can attack things in this state.

  5. I guard my nip.Tillie & Georgia have to get their own.Nip is serious stuff.

Because I will not leave nip(plants in general) alone,Mom keeps it outdoors in summer. Here, it is hiding in some ferns.She sometimes brings it in to let me drink in the wonderful flavor!

Georgia snuck out on the porch and got herself a leaf.Mom is big on sharing. Arghhhhhh!!!!!!!
At least there are plenty of leaves.We might even dry some for later(winter)

When is 'later'? Is that tomorrow or after supper?


Dragonheart said...

Wow, you are very lucky to get fresh 'nip! Both of my humans have black thumbs, so any plants they try to grow just die.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

We haf nip dat grows at da bottom of our hill in da back yard. It was one little patch when mom started now it is a great big patch. Mom dries it in da garage and den puts it in bags.

Daisy said...

You were nice to give Georgia one of your catnip leaves. I do not like fresh catnip, only the dried up kind. But I do not know why.

Parker said...

Fresh nip is the best. MMmmmm, I wish I would have been there!

Henry Helton said...

I do the same things when I am on the nip.

Chairman Mao said...

hehehe, I wanna know when "latur" is, too! Momma sez that word to me, too, like "you can have some more stinky goodness LATUR," and I'm nefur sure ecksactly when that is cuz it varies! Beans can be so konfusing!

I liked readin' yur catnip meme! The fresh nip sounds superduper.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

The Devil Dog said...

Hi Mickey, I am glad you got some fresh nip. From everything Millie says about it it must be delicious. I was sorry to hear you had the sniffles and I am very happy you got better so quickly. It's been really hot here, so Lucky & I are taking it easy. But I'll be back to my normal self tomorrow, when it is cooler.