Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Strong Wind Blows Over Tree

We had another storm Sunday night.
We did not get any snow.
We got rain and very strong wind instead!

The sun is trying to come out,but it still too cloudy.

This is the tree that blew down.
If you look carefully, you can see the power line
that it fell on top of!!

Here is the line highlighted.

Highlighted again.
We were lucky,the line did not break,
so we did not lose power.
People down the road did.

There is a lot of bedrock around here,
so trees do not have deep roots.
This tree was old and was dying.
You can see ice where it broke!!!!

The men from the Power Corp came to fix the wire.

They had been fixing wires since 3AM!!!!!!!!!!
They came here in the afternoon.
I bet they really need a nap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bet they would like to see Spring too!!!!
Mom said it was cold outside.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Wow! When we had our huge storm, one of my patients was a lineman. He was working double shifts (16 hour day/nights) for two weeks--as were all the other linemen AND they had out of area crews come in to help. I think these guys are some of the hardest workers ever and I give them two paws up and a tail!

meemsnyc said...

Wow, trees falling down! That must be very windy indeed!

William said...

How scary! I'm glad you didn't get crushed or blown away!

Forever Foster said...

That must have been scary! A lot of our trees have shallow roots, because if they go deep they get away from the water. After we had lots of rain, they were really nervous that if there was a big wind, the trees would all fall down because the ground was so soft.

Stay safe!

Tracey and Huffle said...

It must be very windy for the tree to fall down! You are lucky you did not lose power.

Huffle Mawson

Leslie said...

Crikey mates! Purrs from the topcatrules girls. :)

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

That looks pretty scary!!

The wind was crazy over here too but we had snow and lots of it. It is still dark so I don't know the damage yet. It snowed all day yesterday and into the night!

So tired of all this!!

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Oh my beloved what danger you were in during that storm. The tree could have fallen on your sunroom! We sometimes get winds as high as 70 miles per hour...but so far so good this year.
I am working on our wedding plans a little bit but I am still so very sad about my friend Normie. I know I wish to ask Mindy to be one of my bridesmaids. She will be part of my family after all. How are you coming alone with your three groommen? (Mommy is being pushy and made me ask...something about she needs pictures and tuxedo sizes.) I love that you asked Adan to be your best mancat!!
I know I will have two beautiful catsister in laws soon. I was wondering if you would help me chose which sister to ask to me one of my maids of honor. You would know which would not mind wearing a dress, so please help me.
I know spring will be wonderful this year no matter when it finally gets here....
All my love, your SunshineXOXOXOX

catsynth said...

That sounds a lot like our storms the past two weeks. Lots of wind and rain. That's kinda scary when trees and power lines get knocked over.

Princess said...

Those electric wire fixers are very brave and strong to be out there. here we have not snow at all! just WIND and it makes a lot of noise.
It is pretty cold but I am sure you have much colder.
Stay warm dear kitties
purrrrs ~<3

Daisy said...

Did it make a loud cracking noise when the tree fell down? I would be very scairt! I'm glad you did not lose power.

Avid Reader said...

cold here too--but the WORST tree falls we had were after a floody time that followed a very long drought-- weakened so many tree roots.

oh Mickey I'm so glad you are safe and sound and the girls too. stay indoors!

Lily said...

NESTY NESTY wefur u just stey inside wher u ar save wif your bean

Mishkat said...

Yikes! We had really strong winds too, but nothing like that. Yay for the linemen! And glad you all are all right.

The Devil Dog said...

Wow, Mickey! That must have been some storm. We had a lot of wind last night. Mom could hear it hitting the screen. Glad you did not lose power.


Shadow / Molly said...

Yoo know it has been furry windy and cold here too. Not as windy as there though, we didnt as a tree fall. We are all glad yoo's didnt lose power and yer okay.

(paw waves to Georgia and whisker rubs) from Shadow

Team Tabby said...

Yikes Mickey! It was windy here too, but we did not lose any trees. We think we overheard your mom say before, that she was worried some of those trees were bound to fall on the wires. We are so glad you did not lose power or, perish the thought, tree fall on your cottage. We agree on one thing - we will be so glad when this winter weather is gone. Mom went out for a walk today and the 'trail' was slippery because it is still icy and there was a dusting of snow on top so she couldn't see the ice. With all the storms, those power line workers are kept very busy.

Mindy, Moe, Bono

THE ZOO said...

we had 2 old dead trees lyk that here and had them takin down several years ago so they no fall on owr howze, they were bery bery close. were glad yoo no lose electricity.

Thank You fur yur condolences.

Anonymous said...

Ohh ahh I am glad that no-one got hurted and you did not lose power and that no property was danmaged!
Is very hard weather there isn't it? woah! Wells I iz very glad you is safe!.. and I hopes you got to see all the happening outside! :)


michico*Adan said...

Oah My God, that poor tree!!!
I hope the spring could come to your spot quickly.
Recently we have extremely hot weather and don't know why~! It doesn't like February here at all.

Sunny's Mommy said...

It is very scary when trees fall down in bad weather. I'm so glad you didn't have any damage, and that you didn't lose power.

Cliff and Olivia said...

What a drama! We're glad you're OK.