Friday, 5 June 2009

Friday Close Ups





michico*Adan said...

Today, Tillie's photo is the most attracted to me~!
It's just great~!!
All of you looking very handsome, and pretty~! Kiss kiss kiss~

Anya said...

You are all three so beautiful :)
We love your friday close-ups.
Tillie is soooooooo Black,
its a realy black Cat.

(Kareltje is orange/white, but he has a little little black dot on his head .... LOL ;)
I make a shot from his dot, you will see it !!!

puurrsssss to all of you

Tracey and Huffle said...

Lovely close ups as always! Happy weekend kitties!

Huffle Mawson

The Creek Cats said...

Gorgeous!! Happy Friday!

Parker said...

Oh I just love your close-ups!

Cory said...

Oh I can't resist....kiss kiss kiss!!

Mishkat said...

Wonderful close-ups! I love Mickey's expression today, and the sisfurs look beautiful!

Jasmim said...

Very very beautiful !
I loved it !

Jas & Gi

The Island Cats said...

Another Friday of great close-ups!!

Grrreta said...

Your close-ups are always such gorgeous pictures. We hope you had a wonderful Friday.

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Hello my beloved Moonshine! Oh I can get lost in your eyes...There is nothing more dear to me than sitting on my new hairy blanket with you by my side. I have decided to pack it for us when we go on our honeymoon together. Who knows, it might be chilly where we go. I am feeling stronger each day. We take life one day at a time here...each day is precious. I know that my mommy would do the same thing your mommy is doing. We know in our hearts all will be well. The cozy cottage motto says, "It is not the days of your life that are important, but the life in your days that really count" We have some plans to make now don't we....I am dreaming about a long white gown and some fancy shoes. I see you handsome in a tuxedo waiting for me...mommy needs to stop being so busy and help me gather a list of things to do for our wedding. Is it fashionable to have a wedding planner? Mommy planned her wedding to Lapdaddy for two years all by was purrrfect in every detail.
All my love...your sunshine XOXOXOX