Sunday, 16 August 2009

Easy Hot Sunday

Oh Hi Mom!

It's hot today!!!!

I think I'm just going to take it easy here.

It's too hot!!!

I don't know what to do.


Yes, it IS hot!!
I need to find a cooler place.

Fridges are pretty cool, but I still feel hot!!
Mickey, it's cool IN the fridge.
Oh! Well I guess I'll just take it easy up here.


JB's Big World said...

On the fridge not in the fridge is a good idea. Be careful up there!

catsynth said...

It's going to be hot here today, too (though not nearly as hot as where you are), so I suspect Luna will be a bit lethargic as well.

The Kitty Krew said...

Hot here, too. Hard to find the energy to do anything, isn't it? *sigh*

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

The Island Cats said...

We got the hots and stickies here today too! Mom put the cold air blower on and it's cool in the house! We hope you can find somewhere cool too, Mickey!

Anya said...

Its hot weather here to ,
The best there is go sleep all ..
Enjoy the sunshine ....

Kareltje =^.^=

SeaThreePeeO said...

We's hopes it cools down for yous soon.

We's been lucky and had some nice weathers. Very unusual during a british summer.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I hate it when it gets too hot!

Cory said...

We are not fans of the hots...we are going to get there in the next couple of days! Take it easy!

The Monkeys said...

It was so hot here too! We hope you keep cool

William said...

Ooh, I hope you kept cool! We're still kinda warm here--low to mid 90s--but we're finally out of the really hot month! At least there's a chance it cools down at night.

Reese =^..^= said...

I like to get up on top of my fridgey too.

Anonymous said...

It's a hot summer everywhere! Here in PA we're going down into the basement where it's coolest.

Lorianna said...

Hi Mickey, Georgia and Tillie! How are you three sweet kitties? I have not been getting around to visit much this summer. :( I have missed you!
I hope dear Mickey is feeling super wonderful. Are you ready for your wedding?
It is very warm here this weekend too. We are not so far away, being in Michigan. My kitties are quite warm and they are napping away.
I hope your week is a happy one!


Hot and Muggy here! We are all laying
upside down to keep cool too. When
we go on the refrigerator, we're
naughty, scratching the wall paper
and noseing our way into the cupboard
to see what's in there.....?