Wednesday, 7 September 2011

What Mom Saw

When Mom was in Ottawa on her vacation,
she visited a most interesting museum.
 This is located across the Ottawa River
 in Gatineau,Quebec
This fountain is just to the side of the main entrance.
You can see the Ottawa River in the background
 as well as the Parliament Building(tall steeple
known as the Peace Tower) in Ottawa, Ontario

The fountain viewed from below.

Inside on the first floor is the "First Peoples Hall"
 This sculpture is on the back of our
$20 dollar bill.

It was created by Bill Reid and is called

Just a tiny bit of the things Mom saw 
on her vacation.


Katnip Lounge said...

We hope Cats were included at the museum, humans are just uncouth savages without us Cats' influence.

The Monkeys said...

Our Mom has been there too and she just loved it! We love seeing the photos!

Cat said...

Looks like you had fun!!!

Mr Puddy said...

MOm said that's great sculture !!! she love it, but Me ? I think in the same way as Katnip Lounge : )
Thank you to share with us
and Please have a great day

Prancer Pie said...

That is an amazing fountain! Your mom saw sum great things on her vakashun. Thanks fur sharing! xoxo

michico*Adan said...

What a nice place for traveling~!

Fuzzy Tales said...

Our mom LOVES going there! It's the most awesome spot to be, just wonderful. She once saw a special exhibit of kimonos, a man's life's work--they were of a landscape scene through the seasons. It was a Japanese man who did this art and it was beyond imagining, truly gorgeous.

Did your mom take pics of that glorious ceiling, as you head up the stairs? The last time our mom was there with her dad, a couple of years ago, she lay on the steps and took pic after pic! :-)

Admiral Hestorb said...

It looks awesome and my mommy loves things like that and goes to whichever wherever one she can.

ABBY said...

Wowie that was pawsome!
What great pictures, we love the fountain.

Fluffy and Heather said...

Oh dear! We are Canadian but we are ashamed to say we've never been. (To be fair, we are Torontonians...) Perhaps we'll check it out when we travel over to Canada next year - it looks worth the visit!

Athena said...

That looks like an amazing museum! Wonderful thing to do on your vacation!

The Island Cats said...

What a cool place!!

catsynth said...

The fountain looks really cool at the museum!