Monday, 25 June 2012

Monday Musings with Georgia

Hi friends!! There are lots of nice spots around our place 
where we can have a nap. I will show you a couple of
places I like. This first one is inside the wood storage
part of the fireplace.This fireplace is old and is never used,
so Mom has the other part blocked off. This part has some boxes 
inside and they are cozy to snooze on. 
Can you see me behind JJ ?

The armrests of chairs are also good places to nap.

They are soft and padded.

Mom can sit in the chair and pat me too!!

It is most relaxing here.

Really, this is a great place to spend an afternoon !!!!

Tillie  asked JJ for a favour and he said yes!

Pop over and see them at House Panthers!


Katnip Lounge said...

A snooze AND pets? Sounds like a winning combo to us! We like your hidey-hole, too.

The Chair Speaks said...

That's a nice hiding place, JJ. :)
We love the 2nd and 3rd picture. It makes a lovely potrait! Purrs!

Prancer Pie said...

That does look comfy, is there room for more? We can be there in a jiffy.

Sparkle said...

You have some awesome napping spots, Georgia!

Au and Target said...

We'll be right there to join you!

Fuzzy Tales said...

The inside of the unused fireplace is a great idea, rather cave like and cosy!

Maybe we all need to teleport over for a nap pile today!

Hannah and Lucy said...

You have some great places for your naps.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Forever Foster said...

A comfy spot with patting potential is excellent napping real estate. And we love your fireplace hideout!

Brian said...

Comfy and happy, that is purrfect!

catsynth said...

The arm rest looks like a great place to nap. Luna enjoys that, too, so she can both rest and get pets. :)

The little cozy spot in the fireplace looks good, too - we see Georgia peeking out!

ABBY said...

We think you look like a princess on that chair.


Eric and Flynn said...

That is a good hidey hole that you've got there.

The Island Cats said...

You have some great napping spots, Georgia! Happy snoozing!

Laura and Taffeta Rose said...

You kitties sure have some splendid places for napping! We like that fireplace hideout a lot. Wish my woman had chair arms like that, all comfy and soft. Prime places for attention. Have a snoozy week, Georgia!

Laura & Taffy

Team Tabby said...

Hi Georgia, you have some lovely snoozing spots and it's always an extra when your mom comes and give you some pats as well. Did you enjoy the rain we got today? Glad we are inside cats.


Repositório said...

what a beautiful girl you are, do youn know?

meowmeowmans said...

Excellent napping spots! Any room for us? :)

AttieCattie said...

hi there Georgia! i does sees you back in that hidey-hole. you looks so verreh pretteh!