Monday, 16 July 2012

Monday Musings with Georgia

Happy Monday!! It was a hot,sunny weekend and today is a bit 
rainy and not as hot!!! I am laying in one of my fave spots.
It is a nook in the brick wall of the fireplace. It's cozy,
and safe as the fireplace is not working anymore.

When it is hot on the porch, 
I lay on the floor and have a nice snooze.
Mmmmmmm, feels good !!

Little Julie is still avoiding us,though she is getting less nervous.
Her fave place to hang out is the window!! 
She LOVES Squirrel TV!!!!! Maybe because she saw them up 
close when she lived outdoors.

Julie loves to hang out with Mom. She is pretty cute and has
 a little voice. She is slowly getting used to this place and us.
We have not touched noses yet and may not for a while,
but that is OK. We have lots of time.

Pop over to House Panthers and see how Tillie
spent the weekend and more pics of Julie!


Cheysuli and gemini said...

It is good to see that she is settling in! Enjoy your snoozing spots.

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

Ooh, you have a new sisfur? Welcome Julie! My sissie Charli is fascinated with squirrels too cos she came from outside too!

Sparkle said...

You have some awesome places to hang out, Georgia!

The Island Cats said...

We're sure Julie will come around soon!

Oui Oui said...

Julie is such a cutie! We are glad she is settling in. You really found some nice places to snooze, Georgia.

Thanks for coming to our Gotcha Day celebration. It was good to see you there.

brandi said...

It has been really hot here, too. But I have tile floors if I want to be cooler. And the air coolie thingy has been on for a lonnnnnng time.

Prancer Pie said...

Julie is such a pretty house panther. We're so glad she's there. Stay cool!

Laura and Taffeta Rose said...

Your napping places both look really cool, Georgia! We know it will take a while for Julie to get used to you all, but, in spite of squirrel TV instead of real live squirrel, we bet she is happy to be inside in a safe and loving home with fresh food to eat. Purrs to Julie!

There still hasn't been any banging on our roof, sigh.

Laura & Taffy

Hannah and Lucy said...

Julie will soon get used to you and will soon be tearing around and joining in the fun.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Cat said...

Kitties can always find the best places to keep cool!!!

Brian said...

You both look very happy and comfy!

catsynth said...

Julie is so cute! We're sure she will eventually warm up to the rest of the family.
Enjoy the nice snoozing spots :)

Eric and Flynn said...

We are glad Julie is settling in.
We haven't had any hots here, but at least it didn't rain yesterday. It is raining again today though.

Katnip Lounge said...

You have so many nice snoozing spots! We hope Julie starts to explore them soon, paws crossed!

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock said...

We're glad to see that little Julie is settling in. These things always take time an requite patience on all sides.

The Chans

The Misadventures Of Me said...

The mom snuck a peek at Juliette last night - she finks she does remind her of Mickey too! Welcome to yer new home Julie - you'll love it there!

Fanks fer comin to my purrthday - I hop yoo all had a blast!

Sir Trooder Lioncourt

Georgia, its nice and cool here, wud yoo like to snooze near the cold air vent wif me?

Whisker rubs, Shadow

ABBY said...

We know that Miss Julie will fit in right nicely.

Beautiful picture of you in the bricks.


meowmeowmans said...

You're both so pretty! We are glad Julie is settling in. :)

Forever Foster said...

Hi Georgia! That ledge looks like the perfect size for you.

Welcome Julie! We couldn't believe how much she resembled lovely Mickey. She looks like his little sister. We are very happy that she is now safe and sound inside with you. We think under Tillie's guidance she will have that same lovely thick panther coat in no time, too :)

Anonymous said...

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