Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Playing with Luna Moth

Luna at the window. June Bug is next to Luna.

Close up of Luna at window. Too bad about the green debris on the window.

Where did it go??????

Oh!! There it is!!!!!!

Dang windows!!!!!!


catsynth said...

We of course like the name "luna moth." :)

And those are some interesting albeit unspectacular facts about Mickey. Luna does have at least one in common, she is fond of sitting (or even napping) on dirty laundry.

Ana said...

Hehe, seems like you had a great time with Luna Moth! :-)

goldenshade said...

You are so lucky to see that moth! The PM loves them but has never seen one in person. She has one on her business cards and when she took the "Find you daemon" quiz on The Golden Compass website, her animal spirit was the luna moth.

Very beautiful.

I bet very crunchy too but the PM would REALLY be mad at me.

purrs, Goldie

dennis said...

Dennis is impressed with your Luna Moth.
William looks like a twin for sure! People say Ched looks like my twin, but he has a different face and weighs 14 pounds less. You and William make better twins.

topcatrules said...

Mickey - mom screamed and woke us all up. She will have to be much more attentive to the titles! She will look at them harder next time.

She had to close her eyes and just take a guess at which post to write the comment on. I think mom is a scartey cat!!