Sunday, 15 June 2008

Uneasy Like Sunday

Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm, I see that fire is still burning. It looks bigger too.

They are evacuating people just up the road.

Well, they better not even THINK about asking me to move out!!!!!!

Oh Tillie,I don't think it will come to that!

The wind is blowing the fire away from us.

Helicopter & water bucket. The view from the front of our house.

The parking lot of the store just down the hill.

The roadblock was moved right here!!

Smoke across the lake. The fire trucks get water from here.

Close up.

In happy news,some of our early daylilies are blooming!!!!!!

Mom is happy and we are too!!


Sadly,this fire has taken some houses on the other side of the lake.
The fire is 15km long and 3 km wide. (~ 9 mi x 2 mi). The wind has been a big problem.
The fire is still burning.


Anonymous said...

Oh Mickey, the day lilies are beautiful. And oh my goodness, the fire sounds so scary. We Ballicai will purr and purr and purr that it will be put out soon and you won't have to evacuate. Stay safe, my sweet friends! We'll be thinking about you.

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

Lux said...

I hope that fire burns itself out quickly. Be safe!

Lovely daylily!

snowforest said...

What purrety lily ~ we hope that bad fire stays far far away from you guys and doesn't distrub you ~ purrs to all you guys :)

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Oh my beloved Moonshine! I am terrified for your family and the cousins!! Fire is our greatest worry. Now you are in such danger. It can not be possible! I pray the winds die down and your beautiful island will return to peace soon. This is a most distressful time for you and a worrisome one for me. I see you are on the other side of the lake and that is some comfort.
I am so sorry for the homes that were lost. It is a tragedy but thankful that no lives have been lost.
Not an easy like Sunday morning kind of a day. Maybe you can gather up all the cats and come stay with me for a while. Moe and Mindy too please!!
I'll be waiting with the tea kettle on!
Love your Sunshine

Praline said...

We will keep purring that the fire is put out so you won't have to leave the comfort of your house but also that other kitties and beans are safe.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Oh we are so worried about you! Please know that we are praying that the fires go out! We hope it will rain. Please be safe!!!



goldenshade said...

We heard about that fire yesterday but didn't realize you were so close. Please be careful. Wow, that is scary. I hope it burns itself out soon.

Purrs to you all and your mom.

Goldie and Shade

Parker said...

Oh I hope that fire goes away! I hope you stay very safe!
Smooches to you!

JB's Big World said...

Oh how scary! I hope you are careful not to let the wind bring the fire close to singe your furs!

Daisy said...

That fire seems way too close for comfort. Please stay safe, my friends.

Happy Father's Day to your dad.

Team Tabby said...

The wind is not strong today, we hope the fires will come under control soon. We are so thankful you are safe. We also feel bad for the people that lost their homes and the forest creatures that lost their homes and lives. Forest fires are scary.

Your beautiful day lily is so nice to see and such a lovely colour. We see that Mickey is keeping watch, he is a good mancat.

Mindy & Moe

Ana said...

Oh dear, we hope the daylilies are a sign that the fire will stop soon! Take care all of you!

michico*Adan said...

Oah Dear No....I hope the fire will be gone soon....that is very terrible.....

Hoping you and your all family is safe... :)

natume&Monaka said...

Hello, Mickey. It is serious. Is it all right?
Japan was Father's Day, too. It is the happiness of the daddy that there are Natume and Monaka and Shimajiro and Uri.

catsynth said...

Happy Fathers Day.

Please stay safe from the fire. We have lots of those here in California right now, and they are very scary.

Hopefully, the one near you will be contained soon. Sending good thoughts and purrs.

Boy said...

Oh dear, I'm puwwing and puwwing for all those people affected by the fire.

Praline said...

My mom told me to tell your mom that she gave me an extra belly rub today because of your comment.

TT said...

Oh I hopes that you all's remain safe and no wheres close to dats fire. I will purrs hard for you.

George Steppa & Shmoo,Mus,JR Man, and TT said...

yes be werry scard of the fire and stey cloce to u mammy she will make u save I love the Lilies ar beautiful will u wiff it for us we love to wiff them

George Steppa & Shmoo,Mus,JR Man, and TT said...

yes be werry scard of the fire and stey cloce to u mammy she will make u save I love the Lilies ar beautiful will u wiff it for us we love to wiff them

Cat Street Boyz said...

Hi Mickey, Tillie & Georgia! Boy we sure have some troubles! Fires are very scary, we will be purrin' for it to burn out and not go near your home. Oh, BTW....that wolf spider....our mommy would pass out if she saw a spider like that, it is one super scary critter! Mommy said it gave her the chills and belongs in a horror movie that she will not watch!!!Stay safe and don't go anywhere near that thing!!!!=^Y^=Ty & The Cat Street Boyz

The Devil Dog said...

The lily is beatiful, but we hope that the fire gets put out soon. We hope and pray you are safe.

Roxy & Lucky

Happy Father's Day

DaisyMae Maus said...

It's furry scary when fires are near our houses. We hope that yours gets put out furry quickly.

Happy Father's Day.

Kimo & Sabi said...

Happy Daddykitty's Day! be safe!

Eric and Flynn said...

We didn't know about the fire. Stay safe. We are sorry about the Beans who lost their houses. We hope all the animals can keep safe.