Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Terrified Kitty!!!!!

See that lump under the covers?

Yup!! That's me, Tillie.
We had really bad and loud thunder
and lightning last night!!
I was scared and so were some other
kitties!! JoyJoy and Tiger did not mind
so much.
Mom had to turn the computer off so we
could not visit. Besides, it's hard to visit 
from under the covers,heehee !!
We were lucky because we did not loose power.
It was a long night though!!

I hope that thunder does not come back!


Mr Puddy said...

That's very cute hiding from da thunder , Tillie
Boy style, I go under da bed : )

Forever Foster said...

Thunder is not fun! I would have hidden too! We're glad you did not lose power, that would be no good.

The Monkeys said...

Thunder is definitely scary! We had that same storm (loud and heavy rain) on Monday afternoon. Mommy was at work so she didn't see us under the bed!

The Island Cats said...

Aw, poor Tillie! We don't like the thunder boomies either!! Hope they are done now!!

Fuzzy Tales said...

Tillie, we're sorry you were so scared! Storms don't bother us too much, but they sure bother our mom. It's kinda funny to see her all upset...We're like, "WTF is your problem?" LOL.

The Chair Speaks said...

We know how you guys feel as we always have loud thunder; the power always go off. We always hide because it's so loud!

Debra Taylor said...

Our kitties don't seem to run from the thunder - surprised they don't since they run from the vacuum! Sorry you had to be scared - certainly no fun. Have a great day!

For those reading this, check out my cat blog archives for some interesting stories about the cat colony I manage.
Debby in Arizona

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Well I think you found a good place to hide. I hope the thunder is gone for good!

Team Tabby said...

Oh Tilly, you as well!!

We went into hiding too. We don't like the booms, well Moe and I don't. The other three didn't seem to notice!


Sparkle said...

Wow, Tilly, that must have been an awful thunderstorm! We don't get them much here, but I do not like what I hear!

meowmeowmans said...

Poor Tillie! We understand ... we don't like thunder, either. :(

Ginger Jasper said...

sorry you were so scared and hope the storms are gone now.. we had thunder today too and lots of rain but I dont mind at all.. Hugs GJ xx

ABBY said...

Oh Tilly we understand none of us likes loud boomies either.
We are glad you are all OK!

Athena said...

I don't like thunder eifur! I'm glad you finded a good place to hide!

William said...

Oh, Tillie, I don't blame you one bit. I hope you're having a more peaceful stretch of weather now!

Kwee Cats said...

Awwww, Tillie, hey, us strong, hero-type manly Kwee Mancats won't let that awful thunder bangs get you! Don't you worry, we are out here and, you may hear them, but we won't let them get you!
(((Hugs))) sweet Tillie.

Brian said...

Yep, those boomers can be so scary sometimes! I hope they leave you alone!