Monday, 28 January 2013

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: What a nice day it is! I am happy when Mom is home.
We had a fun weekend. I was looking out the window at the snow.
Can you see it? It is on the roof of our little shed. Mom says
it is still super cold,but the deep freeze is coming to an
end this week.

I bet all the birds and squirrels will be glad to see the end of
 this cold spell too. Mom puts out seed for them .

This window looks out onto the porch. It is pretty cold out
 there  even though it is enclosed. It is not heated. darn !

Tiger is having a good snooze.

JJ is on the bed with her.
He wanted a close up so you can see how handsome he is.

Treasure is sitting on the carpeted shelf . From there, he can
 look out of the window I was standing in. That window faces 
the river. We cannot see it very well because of all the 
trees between the house and the river.
Sometimes we get to see squirrels when they run through 
the trees!

Mom saw Earl the Squirrel on the deck in the backyard!

Even though she was indoors, I think Earl saw her too!

If you want even more viewing pop over to
House Panthers!
You will find Tillie and Julie there.


Mr Puddy said...

Look like you all have a purrfect day : )
and Earl looks so cute !!!!

The Island Cats said...

It looks like you all had a great weekend. We did some birdie and squirrel watching too.

Nerissa said...

Looks like you all had EXCELLENT spots for spending a chilly day. Excellent, snuggly WARM spots. purrs

Prancer Pie said...

Earl looks yummy, er, we mean happy! You kittehz are looking good. Happy Monday!

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

You are all looking good, kittehs! Ooh, and we think Earl sees all of you!

Sparkle said...

That was nice of Earl to come out for a bit of Squirrel TV for you!

The Furries of Whisppy said...

We wish we had Squirrel TV! We have Tupai TV but we think your squirrels look so plump and cute!

Hannah and Lucy said...

We love how Earl the squirrel is looking right back at you. It looks as though there is some sunshine on getting onto all your lovely furs. Hooray for the deep freeze ending this week - ours has just ended too.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

The Chair Speaks said...

You all are so happy and contented. Earl looks very well fed.

da tabbies o trout towne said...

earl de squirrel kinda looks like rocky de squirrel, hhhhmmmm...wunder if they bee ree lated.....da ya see any moose 'round !!""

haza happee monday N stay warm :)

Brian said...

We don't care much for that cold stuff, it makes my whiskers shiver!

ABBY said...

Brrrrr that looks very cold to us we are so glad you are all indoor kittens. What a great weekend you had!

meowmeowmans said...

YOu kittehs sure are looking beautiful (as always)! Hey, that Earl sure gets around. We saw him at our house, too! :)

catsynth said...

The snow is pretty, but it looks quite cold. That last picture of Earl the Squirrel is quite funny :)
It was cold here, too, even in LA over the weekend!

William said...

Earl is looking pretty chubby!