Monday, 11 December 2017

Monday Musings with Georgia

 Georgia: We had a pretty quiet weekend but it was fun just the same.
Mum stayed in with us as it was pouring rain outside.
I got lots of scritches and mum brushed me.
I love getting brushed, it feels so good.

JJ:  I enjoyed my weekend too.
Mum brushed me in order to keep fur matting under control.
Matts are not fun,especially when mum works to remove them.
I also had lots of good naps. I like those.

Julie had a good weekend too.
When she was eating breakfast,something outside
got her attention.

Maybe it was Earl!

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Friday, 8 December 2017

Let's Get This Weekend Started !

We 3 Cats: While mum is on the computer doing up
the blog, we keep her company.

It is easy to dictate when we are comfy. 

She does our bidding quite well and follows instructions.

That allows us to enjoy lots of snoozing time.
See, it pays to have well trained humans.

Given the cool forecast for the weekend and
precipitation that may include rain and possibly a bit of
that white stuff... we may be doing a lot more of this.

Whatever  your weather, we purr your weekend
is  FUN !!!!!

Monday, 4 December 2017

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Well, mum was gone most of Sunday.
She went to the annual Tea and Tour
put on by her sister's church.

She had a lot of fun helping prepare the food plates for people.

Julie: As good as the food must have been, I was glad 
when she came and gave me my regular supper.

As promised the did bring some sandwiches home.
We did not like a lot of them though.
Yup, we're a tough bunch! MOL!

Here are some pictures of the houses mum toured.

The hall before the people come.

The people enjoying the pre-tour lunch!

Now that the tour is over, we are happy to have mum back home.
We are also happy she had a good time.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Finally Friday at Mickey's Musings

Georgia: The weekend is here!
Mum will be around a unch.
She will be away most of Sunday as it is time for her annual
Christmas Tea and Tour.
That means mum will be hanging out with her sister and
visiting some houses decorated for Christmas.

JJ: That's right Georgia.  There is a luncheon served.
Little sandwiches and sweets and then houses to visit.
Our Auntie's church has been doing this for
over 20 years.
Mum and Auntie have been going for a lot of years too.

Julie: For the past number of years, they have been helping 
out with the tea and lunch and then going visiting.
We do not go, but we wish there were tasty treats for us kitties.
Maybe we can convince mum to bring home 
some ham and chicken sandwiches for us.
We are sure they would be tasty .

What are your weekend plane?
We purr that a lot of FUN is involved!!

PeeEss: If you click on the "tea and tour" in the  labels
below, it will show pictures of some previous tea and tours.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Lazy Weekend with Georgia

Georgia: We had a pretty quiet weekend.
JJ and I spend some time snoozing in this cozy spot.

We have other spots as well, but we like it here as we
like to sleep together.

We had a good weekend and it was pretty quiet.
Mum was doing other things and did not bother us too much.

Even Julie was pretty relaxed.

You can see more of Julie's weekend at

Just follow the red link

Friday, 24 November 2017

Finally Friday

Georgia: It's Friday  and that is good.
It means the weekend will begin.
Please excuse me for not looking at you.
Mum gave us some treats and I cannot resist.

JJ : That's right Georgia. Treats are such things.
We look forward to them after supper.

Julie: I love treats too. I also love hanging with mum,
scritches,the porch,naps,warm floor vents,toys,snoozes...
Well, you all understand.After all most of you are cats !!

We all like fun too.
We hope you do too.
Have a FUN weekend !

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Happy Thanksgiving America !

To all of our American friends,


from your Canadian friends

Monday, 20 November 2017

Lazy Monday at Mickey's Musings

JJ and Georgia are having a  big snooze on a very snuggly
It is pretty cold outside so  it is good to  be in a warm spot.
We are very happy !

Julie is just hanging out and looking around the place.

All in all a pretty quiet Monday.

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Friday, 17 November 2017

Finally Friday Close-Ups

Georgia: The weekend is here!! We are excited about that.
Mum is going to a little party tonight and when she gets
back, we will have her all to ourselves.
Saturday will be nice and sunny, so we hope we can get
more sunshine pics.
Sunday  is supposed to be rainy,just like it is today.
These close ups are from a day that we had sunshine.

JJ: Mum likes these pictures as there are cool shadows in them.
It makes the pics more dramatic.
We think it makes us look pawsome.

Julie: Whatever the pictures look like, we are going to  enjoy
the weekend. That's what weekends are for.
Well, that and the porch and treats and scritches and belly rubs...

What do you like about weekends?
We purr that whatever you like ,you  have FUN !!

Monday, 13 November 2017

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Oh Hi! I am having a drink of water.
It is nice to drink water as the air at this time of year 
is pretty dry so it is good to stay hydrated.

My big brother JJ also came over for a drink,

JJ and Julie were on the porch for a while Sunday morning.
When the clouds came and blocked the sun, they came in.
It is warmer in the house as mum turned the heat on.

JJ knows that he will get back on the porch again.
He likes it out there  about as much as Julie.

When it got cool, Julie came in and lay under the credenza.
The floor vent is next to her and she is loving the warm air.
I don't blame her as I like to sleep on the vents
myself. I think I will go and find one now!

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this link :  House Panthers