Monday, 18 June 2018

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: I was sitting on the back of this chair and 
mum took my picture. She said I had a nice profile.
I think I look good from any angle.

We enjoyed our weekend and it was quiet.
Mum did lots of reading and cleaning.
JJ and Julie enjoyed some porch time too.

Julie was feeling lazy on Sunday and wanted  a snooze.

Julie did not really want to be disturbed so she 
looked at the camera and them mum went away.

On Critter TV,  we saw Chippy Chipmunk 
hanging off the birdfeeder,

and then Earl the Squirrel sitting on top of this tree.

We also saw the usual assortment of birds.
It was a quiet weekend, but we enjoyed it 
because mum was home.
We purr you all had a good weekend too.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Cats and Critters

Georgia: Gee, another Friday is here!
I am happy because mum will be home for the next 2 days.

JJ: I am happy that because the days are longer mum
can spend more time taking pictures of the critters
that come into our yard. That means she leaves me alone.

Julie: I am happy the weekend is hear as I love to sit in mum's
lap when she reads and she reads a lot.
It also means way more porch time !

Here are some of the critters mum saw.
Some pics are not too good as the windows have
not had their outside cleaning and she had to shoot into
the sun ,especially with the groundhog.
They are very nervous critters and run off id they see mum
in the window. Mr Raccoon...not so much.
there is only 1 bird.

Chippy Chipmunk and Crow

Young Groundhog

Rocky Raccoon being bothered by flies.
We say better him than us!

*$#@*! flies

I hope those flies are gone!

Humph! I need a rest.

Young groundhog.
Mum tried to fix the pic so you can see him better.

Mum has seen only 2 young ones and the mum this 
year. Last year she saw 5 young ones.

What do you see from your windows?
We hope you enjoy any view you have and in the process 
you have FUN !

Monday, 11 June 2018

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: I like sitting here and looking out of
the window. The nice breezes are pretty good too.

I hang out in the computer room a lot because mum
spends a fair amount of time here.
She also gives me lots of scritches and I love that.

As it is finally getting warmer, JJ likes to hang out
on the porch. He loves the couch out there.
It is a good place to sleep he says.

He is hoping mum is bringing him a snack.
She will bring him his supper if he is still there
at suppertime.

Julie was on the porch too.
She had a small,unhappy episode on 
Saturday, but she is OK.

To see what happened to Julie,
pop over to

Click the red link.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Finally Friday!

Georgia: We are happy that Friday is here again.
It was a busy week for mum and we look forward
to getting more attention than this past week.
She says she is ready to enjoy our company too.
Even the weather will be warmer.
We are keeping it simple today with some close ups.
Here is mine.



Mum had to include this thrift store find.
It is a gallery wrapped funky painting of three cats.
Mum liked it's whimsey.

Also our friend Summer and her purrson made
this badge to remind humans(and us) that 
June 24 is World Cat Domination Day!

Click the RED link.

Finally, be sure to have  a FUN weekend !!!

Monday, 4 June 2018

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Mums are not always nice when they take our pictures
I mean, here I am having a bath and she takes this pic!
Not very nice,right?

Needless to say I did not want to look at the 

I finally did a bit as I know my friends
like to see me.
I'm still a little embarrassed though.

JJ really enjoyed the sunshine we had on Sunday.
It was pretty windy though
Saturday was rainy.

Julie joined JJ  for some serious sun worshipping.
Sun on our furs feels so nice.

Mum noticed some guests outside.
A mama duck and her ducklings.
She could not bet a very good picture of them .

Here they are on their way back to the river 
which feeds into a lake.

Look who mum found on the porch!!!!!!!!
Earl: Um lady, do you have more seeds?
Mum told him to go outside before a certain cat (Julie)
sees him.

Want to see Julie's weekend?
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(No squirrels were injured  by mums or cats)

Friday, 1 June 2018

Finally Friday !

Georgia: We are all demonstrating the art 
of NOT looking at the camera.
Mum spends time doing other things and realizes
that she has not taken any pictures of us all week 
and Friday is blog day and it is evening.
We were all delighted to not cooperate. MOL!

I'm thinking of those treats I have not gotten yet.

JJ: I'm thinking I am ready for a good snooze,
but I would also like some treats first.

Julie: Treats!! Did somecat say treats? Where!

Meanwhile,in the pre-dawn hour mum looked
out the window and saw Rocky Raccoon !
Here he is trying to get the seeds in the wire
bird feeder.

He also checks the ground for more seeds.

Have you seen any neat critters this week?
If so, we purr you had FUN while you did!!

Monday, 28 May 2018

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Oh my, the window is open and the air
smells so nice and fresh.

While it was sunny, mum said it was a bit windy outside.
While she was out changing the Hummingbird feeders,
a Hummer came along and got upset because mum 
was looking around and taking too long to change the feeder!

Ah well, she did finally get the feeder changed for the hummer.

JJ also enjoyed the glorious sunbeams.

They were so nice, he fell asleep.

Julie was having some fun watching the goings on
from her high perch.
That's not all she did this weekend.

To see more of Julie's weekend, pop over to 
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Friday, 25 May 2018

Let's Get This Weekend Started!!

Georgia: While this was a short week for mum due to the
holiday on Monday, she said it still felt long.
So she is happy the weekend is here.

So am I! I love having mum around.
 She gives pawsome scritches.

 JJ: What?! The weekend already?
Yabba Dabba Do !
I'm ready!

Julie: I'm ready too because that means porch time
and Critter TV!

I love to see the wildlife outside.

One evening this past week I saw Rocky Raccoon !

We also saw a baby squirrel!
It was young and had not learned yo be afraid of humans yet.

He did find the sunflower seeds she put out.

Oops! Now he is starting to get nervous.
He's running away.

He probably thinks she will try to steal his seeds !

How about you. Did you see anything exciting this week?
Did you at least have FUN?
We purr your whole weekend is full of FUN !!