Friday, 17 August 2018

Finally Friday and Staycation !

Georgia: We are all happy today.
1,because it's Friday and that means weekend
and 2. because mum is on  staycation for a week !
We will celebrate by doing some close ups.
We suspect mum may have her camera out over
the next week and a lot of that time it will
be pointed at us.

That being said, here are our close ups!



We will be having fun and we know mum will too.
How about you?
What kind of  FUN will you be having ?
Good FUN or naughty FUN ?

Monday, 13 August 2018

Georgia Says it was a Hot and Lazy Weekend

Georgia: After supper, mum often gets on the computer.
I like to keep her company.

Sometimes during the day, I like to go into
 the computer room for a nap

It is quiet in here and usually Julie free!

 Yes, that does make me happy!
It means she is not annoying me.

JJ loves his place in front of the old fireplace.
Being in the living room, he can keep an eye on
pretty much everything. He can also enjoy
a good nap.

Julie is a sun seeker!
Especially when mum is close by reading.

You can see more of Julie's weekend at

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Friday, 10 August 2018

Cats and Critters, the Friday Edition

Georgia: Mum says we are in for another hot and sunny weekend

That means I get to have my baths on the porch.
 I like that,because mum usually brushes me too.
I love getting brushed.

JJ decided that Julie needed a bath.
He is a big groomer here.

None of us mind  grooming by JJ.

It is so relaxing!

Critter TV was pretty good too.
Mum caught this hummer on a wire by the house.

She caught it escaping too !

Earl the Squirrel has  been hanging around a lot.
He got on the porch a couple of times and mum talked to him.
She told him it was best if he did not stay as there were cats.
What?! Did she mean us?! Sheese!
Well, Julie would have given chase that's for sure!
Earl has taken to hanging outside on the deck railings.
He is hoping for nuts.
We think he is nuts!

He does all kind of stuff to look "cute"

Julie: Do I look miffed?
I AM miffed.
Mum won't let me chase that darn squirrel !!!

What FUN will you be having this weekend?
WE bet it will be good.

Monday, 6 August 2018

Monday on the Porch with Georgia

Georgia: We are enjoying our extra mum day.
I think mum is too..
We are all out on the porch.

I can watch Critter TV.

Mostly I like to relax.
The other thing about being on the porch, 
mum often brushes me out here
I love getting brushed!
My furs feel nice and soft now.

JJ: I like being on the porch too.
It is sunny and warm and my old bones love that.

I even like to share the couch with my younger
sister Julie.
We get along really well.

You can see more pictures of Julie at

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Friday, 3 August 2018

Finally Friday Long Weekend Close Ups!

Intensely Georgia

Judicious JJ

Black Velvet Julie

Dynamic Daylily

Squirrely Earl !

Why the long weekend?

It is our city's birthday,otherwise known as

So, with that in mind,let's have FUN!!!!!

Monday, 30 July 2018

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: We had some rain this weekend.
That is OK as we needed some and since we are
indoor cats, it does not matter to us.
We did miss the sunbeams though.

I like to hang out with JJ.
He is a good nap buddy.

Mum took some pictures in the yard.
She says there is a wild display of fungus.
Here is some bu a tree stump.

Here is Earl showing the size of the fungus on this dead tree.
See all the holes?
Those are squirrel apartments.

This plant is a Yucca
Mum moved it to this location a few years ago.
Our plant seems to bloom every 2 years.
Some plants can bloom every year.
Since this plant gets more sun and is not fighting
with other plants, it started blooming.
It never did in the old location.

As usual, Julie enjoyed her weekend.
Yes she is on the porch.

To see more of Julie on the porch,pop over to

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Friday, 27 July 2018

Finally Friday

Georgia: Well, it is Friday once again .
We are happy that mum will be home all weekend 
and she is happy too. It was a pretty hot and humid week.
Not having to go out in the heat makes mum happy.
Good thing as she can spend her indoor time
brushing my furs!!

JJ: I am looking forward to random scritches and lots 
of naps in comfy places. There are many spots to choose from here.

Julie: I love having mum home because I love to
follow her wherever she goes.
She fives me lots of scritches and belly rubs.
She is also happy to report that my belly furs are growing 
back.I'm happy too as I will not be visiting the Vet!
Bring on porch time!!

Mr/Ms  Groundhog:
That human keeps looking at me.
Good thing she is indoors because I think she  really
wants to take my leaf!
Well, she is not going to get it!
I will run and hide.

Whatever you see out of your window we purr
it brings you joy.
Also, as it is a weekend... have FUN !!!

Monday, 23 July 2018

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: About 10 days ago, I went to the Vet for my
semi-annual check up.
I did pretty well, but I had to go back as they wanted a pee
sample and I would not give one to mum.
The Vet also said I had some raised enzyme levels in my
liver,but nothing to get worried about now.

She did call back to say my pee was pretty good. Whew!
Now I can relax a bit,though mum wants me to 
get up and move around more.
I just may do that as she will likely bruse me and I 
love getting brushed!

JJ: As the resident old fellow,I enjoy snoozing.
I also enjoy eating which pleases mum.
I'm trying to decide if I should go wandering or sleep more.
It is a little rainy outside, but at least the thunderboomers
of this morning are gone !

Maybe I will sleep on it for a bit.
At least until it's supper time. 

What is Julie doing?

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Friday, 20 July 2018

Cats and Critters Friday!

Georgia: The week is finally winding down and I know
mum is happy about that.She said it felt like a long week
but I know she only worked 5 days as usual.
Silly humans!
Anyway, as we get this weekend started, we will 
stary with some close ups of us and some of our
Critter TV.

Yours truly!

 JJ in a sunbeam.

Julie looking straight at you .
She normally does not pose for the camera.

Critter TV
Mr Groundhog, caught with a leaf in his mouth.

3 young raccoons out for an evening snack.

Two Northern Flickers(mum thinks but is not sure)

Have a pawsome weekend friends
and have FUN too!!!!!!!!!!