Monday, 5 August 2013

Celebrating Natal Day with Mom

Georgia: Today we get to have Mom home for an extra day!!
That is because it is Natal Day where we celebrate the 
birthday of the city of Halifax.
What we really like is having another Mom day!!
Come on Mom, I want some scritches!!!

JJ is so happy to  to have a snooze knowing that Mom
walks by often to give him pats and cuddles.

Tiger is up and ready to be spoiled by Mom !

Treasure loves to snooze and will soon be up and
following Mom around looking for his pats!

Join Tillie and Julie over at House Panthers
as they also are enjoying an extra Mom Day !

Have a pawsome Day!!!


Quinn and Angel brandi said...

Have a fun Natal Day with your mommy! Do you get extra noms, too?
Hope so!

Team Tabby said...

An extra day with your mom, how awesome. Enjoy the extra cuddles and treats!!


Swami Zoe said...

Happy Natal Day and napping with your mom! Me-Ommmm

The Furries of Whisppy said...

Any extra Mom day is worth celebrating! May your day be filled with scritches, pets and treats! :)

Happy Natal Day!

da tabbies o trout towne said...

guys...happee birthday halifax N heerez ta eatin plentee oh halibutt in yur honor !!! enjoy de day home with yur mom guys ~~~~

Maxwell, Faraday and Allie said...

Mowzers, we think WE should institute a Natal Day here! Mommy come home! It's a HOLIDAY!

Brian said...

Happy Birthday Halifax! Have a super duper day with Mom!!!

Colehaus Cats said...

Is that like an extra scritch day? Sure does sound like it! Happy B-Day, Halifax! Purrs...

Mr Puddy said...

Happy Birthday Day off mom is so jealous !
Now she at work ....tee ...heh
Have a fantastic day kitties !
Miss you guys and cuddle from me

Katie Isabella said...

Happy Natal Day dear ones. Love your beauty and sweetness.

catsynth said...

How fun to have a holiday for your city. Enjoy the extra mom time. And we like Tillie and Julie's card :)

William said...

Hi Georgia! We hope you all had fun on Natal Day! 'Course, we think any day that's a mom day should be a holiday anyway!

The Island Cats said...

We hope you all are having a great day with your mom!

Sparkle said...

How awesome that you get to have a whole day of your human catering to you - are you sure it wasn't a group of kitties who created Natal Day?

meowmeowmans said...

Happy Natal Day to the City of Halifax! And happy More Time With Mom Day to all of you! :)

The Chair Speaks said...

And extra 24-hour of mom's love is awesome! Purrs and headbutts!