Friday, 15 May 2015

Finally Friday, Long Weekend!

Julie: Hello friends and happy Friday!
We are happy as it is a long weekend and we get
an extra Mom day.
Mom says it is Victoria Day on Monday.

JJ: We like the extra Mom day as we get more porch time
and it should be sunny and warm!
Except for Sunday, it will be rainy.
We can us that day for snuggles.

Treasure: I am happy anytime Mom is home.
I like Mom and like to be around her.

Georgia: I am happy for the long weekend too.
I am happy I feel so much better and can enjoy it!
My friend William was hoping to see a poodle cut where
the Vet shaved my legs to take a blood sample and to put
 in an IV line.Because of my Tortie furs, my legs are 
Tortie tattoo'd and it is not easy to see the shaved spots.

This is a close up pf my legs. The pink brackets show the
shaved bits. Not too much of a poodle leg.
As a girl, I am glad it is not too noticeable.
Sorry William.

We purr you all have a super FUN weekend!!!


Summer said...

It sounds like you have a really nice weekend ahead!

Lone Star Cats said...

Have a great long weekend!

The Chair Speaks said...

Tell them it is the latest hair style. :)
Enjoy your long weekend and purrs from all of us!

Minni said...

Hey, happy to see you all :) We had holiday (Thursday) and now normal day and then weekend. I heard my staff talking that she will visit at small town where I was born, so me and Misse- cat will be alone together on weekend. Should be fun :)

Hilary said...

enjoy the weekend!!

Brian said...

We know you all will have a fun long weekend and we're sure glad you are feeling better dear Georgia!

Fuzzy Tales said...

We're looking forward to the long weekend as well. Take care; still sending purrs!

Marilia Bavaresco said...

So cute!!!!

Quinn and Angel brandi said...

Enjoy the extra day with mom! Georgia, keep up the good work getting all better!

Tamago said...

Glad you are feeling much better, Georgia. Enjoy extra time with your mom and have a wonderful holiday weekend!

MeezerMews&FrecklesWoofs said...

We get to Catabrate that Victoria Day here, cause meowmy is Canadian...she has that day off, too, Wonder of wonders!!

And then she was gifted to get Memorial Day off, too! Wowee!

Have a wonderfur time with your furmily!

Geaorgia, your leggings are spiffy, you are setting a new fashion statement, MOL!!

da tabbies o trout towne said...

guys....a veree happee long week oh end two all N mum two...hope sinz she will be HOME she will cook everee one a few hundred slices oh perch, trout N flounder...enjoy!!! XxX


Yay we are glad you get your Mom for an extra day to celebrate and Georgia we are so happy you are doing so much better!

The Swiss Cats said...

Have a pawsome weekend ! Enjoy your extra day with your mom ! Purrs

Flynn said...

Enjoy your long weekend!

Maggie from Stillness at Cherith said...

Enjoy your extra long weekend! =)
the kitty brats

William said...

Georgia, I love that torties are speckly underneath too and I *still* want to give your little legs kissies! I am so glad you are feeling better. Have a great long weekend, all!

Katnip Lounge said...

HURRAH for an extra Mom + cuddles day!

Georgia, we think you look like you have tiny UGG boots on!

Minni said...

Heyyy, how is your weekend? Thank you for your comment :) Now when I look at it, maybe Treasure looks a bit same as my BFF Misse cat, who lives in same house with me, here is nice pic of her